Monday, November 8, 2010

Samson Steals a Bone

Samson Says:

Mommy's friend, Judy, gave us some bones and Mommy put them way up in the cabinet. I mean, did she think we didn't know? Finally, today she remembered and gave them to us.

About time, I'd say! When I got it, I threw the bone up in the air and chased it. I was sooo happy! I just couldn't decide where to settle down with it.

I ran from the round red rug to the carpet to the love seat where I settled down for a serious chew!

But that Soldier, he just stood around with the bone in his mouth for the longest time. Like he didn't know he was supposed to chew it. I mean it's not the first bone he ever got.

Then he walked around, looking and looking. Aha! Now I know what he was up to.

He was looking for a place to bury it. That corner didn't make it, but

then, finally, he decided to bury it behind the grill.


He covered the hole up pretty good, but he didn't fool me. Here he is walking away – I bet he thought his bone was safe – from ME!

Ha, bone will ever be safe from ME! When Soldier wanted to come in the house, I snuck out and ran around and around, sniffing. It didn't take me long to find the bone and dig it up. I'm the best digger they have around here after all. Here I am, walking away. Can you see the bone? It's sticking out from my mouth.

Yep, here I am with the bone. It was a great bone, thank you Judy! Mommy says to tell you all that we're not usually quite this dirty around here, but it rained all night and then I dug a big hole next to the door and made the doormat very dirty. Mommy says if I'm not careful, she thinks I'll make a good mop with all the hair I got.

Have a nice rest of the day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup!


  1. That is a riot! Samson, you tricky boy! Poor Soldier!

  2. So cute! Oh those dogs and their digging and their dirt! :)

  3. So glad to see I'm not only one who does the exact same thing as your puppies. I feel so much better now. It's called DNA!

  4. Soldier is just like my dog Dawson. I give him a bone and the first thing he does is bury it. lol!

  5. Haha....what characters come through in these 2:)
    Opposites attract- they must get along very well:))

  6. Oh Samson, you didn't! Poor Soldier!

  7. Samson, you cheeky thing you! Can't fool you one bit!
    Dogs with bones...they each have their own ritual.

  8. These guys are cuties. I always appreciate it when my dogs bury their bones in the couch cushions, or under my bed pillow.

  9. Oh Samson, you are a sharp boy. How smart to go out and take that bone for yourself. I would say you would make a good detective!

  10. Looks like that kept them busy for a while. Thanks for sharing.

  11. cute post! glad you got a little rain and hope it's cleared now for some sun. poor soldier... has he figured out his bone is gone yet?

  12. Samson!!! You ARE like my Bud!!! Princess always hides her bones for rainy days, and Bud immediatly goes behind her and steals them. They usually end up getting in a tussle over who the original owner of the bone is...

  13. Sioux used to do the same thing with her "chewies" as Soldier did... only, she'd bury them in the laundry basket. She seems to have outgrown that.

    So cute, the both of those doggies -- Mommy must be so proud of them! :)


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