Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life is Good!

Thank you all for your comments. Since I'm alone so much, interacting with you is something I'm looking forward to every day. I just love to read both your posts and your comments to mine. I didn't reply to the last comments because after I came back from my road trip, I was totally exhausted. I went to bed real early, but I was still so darned tired yesterday, I just rested all day, feeling pretty useless. I feel better now and I've accomplished a few things today.

So on Thursday, I took off down the mountain in the Jeep. I was a little worried about this new experience, but the windstorm had subsided and the weather was gorgeous, so off I went. I played the Eagles Greatest Hits over and over and it didn't take long before I started to feel like I was much, much younger and much, much happier than I had been in a long time. I can't sing AT ALL, but I love to sing along when alone in a car and what's better for a road trip in the desert mountains than the Eagles?

As for the Jeep, I think it's best to be both tall and young, or at least in good shape, if you're going to drive one. It fit me and my long legs perfectly. It's easy to drive, but I wouldn't go too fast in it, and of course easy to park. I just loved it! What's not to love about a vehicle that makes you feel young and happy?

It was much warmer in Bakersfield and very pretty early fall weather. While waiting my turn in my endocrinologist's office, I got involved in another woman's trauma. I had just had a trauma of my own, seeing a poor lost young dog trying to cross a busy street and being completely unable to help it. I hate those things; I never used to be as upset about seeing lost dogs in trouble as I am now.

So I arrived at the doctor's office in tears more or less. But then there was this woman. She said she had had Type 1 diabetes for 43 years, since she was one, so she must have been no more than 44, but looked much older. She had forgotten her glucose meter and the doctor would not see her without the meter. Like me, she had an insulin pump and the doctor can't make the proper adjustment without seeing the test results from the meter.

So this woman was crying and crying but her friend went back to her place to get the meter. I was sitting right there, so I got her some tissues and tried to calm her down. She had to walk with a walker, she was overweight, she smoked (terrible under any circumstances, but even more deadly if you have diabetes), and she told me her blood sugars were super high because she was getting epidural injections for her back problems (steroids tend to make your sugars go very high). I was listening with sympathy, I guess, because before long she began to tell me ALL her problems: her son, who was unemployed and uninsured, had been tentatively diagnosed bipolar, but no one would give him any medication for his disorder; and her son's girlfriend was expecting their baby any day. Then she said she was also bipolar, but on medication; and she suffered from a personality disorder, and something else that she mentioned, but I didn't ask her to clarify.

And she had no idea how to adjust her pump settings herself – not even a temporary adjustment, until she could see the doctor. I asked her if she had a user's manual – she said her son had packed it away in the garage. Phew, that was a lot for me to absorb and while I felt bad for her, there is just something about people who cannot or will not help themselves. I have been around life long enough to know that there is little you can do, but listen, as I did. And for a time I forgot about the lost dog.

My visit with the doctor was good. My three-month average blood sugar levels were lower than at my last visit, which was great and unexpected. They have been too high though, so he adjusted my insulin pump settings.

The drive back home, up the mountain, was uneventful and I was soon home again, greeted by happy dogs.

And by my husband, who had cooked good food and baked a carrot cake. It doesn't get better than that. He was thrilled that I liked to drive the Jeep, really happy about it. He's now back in LA again, but it's ok for now, more time for me to catch up with all of you.

I am sort of glad I met that woman because she made me see very clearly that, although I may have had a difficult time lately, what I'm going through is really nothing much at all. So life is good!


  1. Hi Inger, glad you like your jeep. I kind of feel the same way about my car. I got a mini cooper convertible back in August. It makes me feel young and happy and that is exactly what I had hoped for :)
    I know what you mean about listening being all you can really do. Sometimes people don't want to change things or do what it takes to change things. It's never easy and sometimes easier just to stay with what you know. You are a good egg lady :)

  2. I'm so glad your trip went well, even though there were those 'road-bumps' along the way! Like you, I also worry and worry when I see a stray dog that I can't help, and like you, it sometimes takes a conversation like the one you had to realize that maybe things in my world aren't so bad after all...I'm also glad that your visit with your doctor went well!! Enjoy your evening!!

  3. what a whirlwind

    it is hard not to empathise with someone who is on the same journey as you but is having troubles.

    My personal favorite road music is Paul Simon's Graceland and his Rhythm of the Saints

  4. A very positive way to look at things Inger. Sometimes when things are hard, they could be so much worse. Glad you drove the Jeep!

  5. I am glad that the trip in the jeep along with the Eagles went very well! Good choice! Great that your sugar is down! Happy to be home with your kids, I'm sure!

    Glad that horse ride went so well!

  6. Oh my goodness, that poor lady! That poor dog! What a crazy day you had, and you came out of it feeling good about life. Good for you, Inger, way to go! I'm glad the jeep is working out for you so well. Things are looking up.

  7. So glad you enjoyed your drive in the Jeep! My brother-in-law has one; it's fun to take a ride in! Also happy life is good for you; I LOVE reading your posts!

  8. Inger - I am so glad your trip was OK, I was a little concerned for you. The dog story is sad, we have two that were "dumped" one out here and one we found at my work. We just love them!!!

    It was very kind of you to listen to that lady's story, sometimes people just need to vent and yes, I agree, hearing other peoples stories does tend to put things into perspective.

    Your husband sounds like a "keeper".
    Carrot cake, how great is that???

  9. Hmmmm...carrot cake:) Do you have any left?:))))

    Glad your trip was a good one...glad you're back!

    Have a good "rest of the weekend":))

  10. Oh, Inger! What a way to make applesauce out of mushy apples! :) Yes, I've had those kinds of experiences too where you get sucked into someone else's drama whirlpool for a bit. And I'm glad you made it back out safely and with an even better perspective of your own situation. You can send good thoughts to folks and like you said, listen and care. But they must first help themselves. God bless her and her family...

    Glad your results were good and that you enjoyed driving the Jeep! And how sweet was your husband to welcome you home w/ great food (and happy dogs too!) AND glad you took time to get some rest! That's a good couple of days.

  11. Hi Inger, yes,what is it they say about thinking your own problems are unsurpassable until hearing about some one else's? I can just see you in the Jeep playing The Eagles!! Way to go!

  12. inger -

    what a great post (well, not for the other woman and dog, but you). it's so good to see you up! hope you enjoy a beautiful sunday with those dogs! you deserve the break as you've been going through a lot it seems so glad you are feeling positive. :)

  13. Good to hear you drove into town by yourself Inger. Just a matter of time to get that fear under control. The Jeep sounds like 'fun' to drive. Ron always wanted one.
    People who don't know how to help themselves and get caught up with the drama of it're correct, all one can do is listen. I f they don't 'see' what they are doing and take ownership, well there is nothing you can do for them that will help.
    Yes, life IS good eh?
    Great post.

  14. Amy: I dated a guy back in Princeton when I was young, who had Mini Cooper. That brings back a lot of memories from fun times in younger days.

    Kim: Thank you, Kim. I know you must feel the same about dogs and sometimes it doesn't seem to help no matter how many dogs we manage to rescue. It is still so horrible to see them lost and confused.

    Upupaepops: I'm not familiar with those songs. My other favorite road music is Willie Nelson's 16 Greatest Hits CD with Angels Flying Too Close to the Ground, and City of New Orleans. I love to sing along to that one too.

    Farmchick: I'm soo glad I liked the Jeep. No way did I think I would.

    Sharon: Thanks and I'm glad all went well too.

    Terry: I'm glad things are looking up, for sure.

    Jeff: I am sooo glad you enjoy my posts. I love to write them, that's for sure.

    Terry: I'm sorry you were worried about me. I usually am able to rise to the occasion, but I do tend to worry. My husband love to cook and that's such a blessig.

    Dawn: I had to send it back to LA with him because he decided to include raisins. A lot of raisins. And with diabetes, cake is bad enough, but raisins is worse as they raise you blood sugars very fast. But it was good, I did try it.

    texwisgirl: I never heard this applesauce thing. Lemonade, of course. But you are right, sometimes you meet someone who raises your awareness like this woman did. Unintentionally, of course, but it worked for me.

    Liesl: It was a fun trip. I will like to have that car to drive here.

    Hopeful: Thanks, and you are right, I seem to have turned a corner toward the positive with the help of a disturbed woman and a Jeep. How weird is that?

    Jim: Thank you, Jim -- you guys should get a Jeep. I don't know about you, but I know Sophie would look sooo cool in one!

  15. Oh, I hate this not having time to visit with my friends regularly. Hugs to you. It's so difficult to listen to other people's troubles, knowing that you can't do anything to help. But, you did help, and I'm glad you know how big a help a listening ear can be.

  16. "I cried because I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet."

    Sounds as if the lady in the doctor's office was a good reminder of how much worse things could be.

    Bur I'm still worried about the dog.

  17. Thanks for stopping by. I loved your post today. All we have to do is look around a little and our problems aren't so bad after all.

    I love that you love doggies, so do I. I have two of the sweetest little angels from a rescue shelter.., I'm glad no one wanted them because I sure do. They truly make my day, every day.

  18. Louise: Hugs to you too. I haven't been around much myself, but spent today getting caught up on the blogs. It's such fun and I enjoy checking out new blogs too. I swear I never had this many friends in my "real" life, loner that I basically am.

    Vicki Lane: Me too -- I just can't forget dogs in trouble, running in the streets, all lost. Horrible.

    Beverly: Mine make my day too and they also take such good care of me.

  19. Carrot cake? That must be some husband. Glad to hear that you are ok with the jeep and did well at the Doctors.

    Stories about dogs like the one you wrote about can give me a stomach ache. It's hard not to want to save them all.

  20. Inger,

    Excellent post. I've had so many similar impromptu "shoulder to cry on" encounters with people, especially at doctors' offices. And I always come away feeling that no matter WHAT I am going through, there are many who have it much worse!

  21. Inger, sorry I'm just now catching up with you today -- was a very busy weekend. The lady in the dr.'s office reminds me of one of my sisters -- they are very frustrating people to talk to. It's always someone's else's fault.

    Anywho -- so glad you made it back home safe, the Jeep ride was pleasant (I love the Eagles too,) and your puppies were there to greet you.


  22. You surely were run through a wringer that day. My emotions and nerves would have been on a roller-coaster ride - but, you seem to handle it very well. What an angel you were to that woman. We just never know how much our actions do, or don't, help others. I had to laugh about your singing in the car. That is the only time I sing, too! All alone in the car driving down the road just singing away. I guess if anyone should notice, they would think I was "funny" (to put it nicely).

  23. Lori: It never gets any easier to see an animal that you just can't help, does it?

    Judy: You are so right, I just needed to be reminded that I was lucky I didn't hit my head when I fell and broke my shoulder and then that only my car was totalled, and I was not, in the car accident. That woman really helped me get thing in perspective.

    Nancy: I'm sorry about your sister. The woman I met reminded me that life is good. To be exposed someone like that a lot would be more difficult of course.

    Barbee: You are so great, you always put a different light on things. Of course I thought that nothing I said reached her, but then, you never know. I hope she gets better. It's so much fun to sing in the car, isn't it?

  24. Hi,
    I'm glad you had a good doctor's visit. That is very good. Also, your very kind hearted to listen to the other person's problems. That is nice that she thought she could talk to you and even nice that you listened.
    Have a nice day!

  25. Thanks for comments for thought, for sure. Commented on my blog today in reply.

  26. Wow! Great your sugars are low and you are feeling better. You go girl and drive that jeep and sing as loud as you want. That was very good of you to listen to that lady, but I know it is draining to to do that. And very wise of you to realize there is nothing you can do to "fix" her. Sad, but true. You take good care of yourself and be happy! Carrot cake sounds yummy!

  27. Inger, it's too bad we don't live closer! I too love my Wrangler & the Eagles Greatest hits! It certainly was an emotional day for you, sweetheart!...:)JP


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