Friday, November 19, 2010

Samson Plays Spa Helper (Could Masseur Be Far Behind?)

SaysSamson Says:

Aha! Mommy just got the basin out and is getting ready to soak her feet.

Let me inspect them. Hmm, the nails look a bit long and

when I look closer, I see some dirt too, so it's high time for a good soak.

Maybe I should help to rub them clean.

No, Mommy didn't like that idea, so I guess I just lie down and wait for her feet to get a good soak. Let her do all the scrubbing if that's the way she wants to be. I'll just relax and pretend I'm at the spa.

Now she's done with one foot and she lets me lick it a little. I bet that felt real good!

Then I go and fetch a nice big towel for her, so she can get good and dry.

Mommy tells me that people with diabetes, like her, must dry carefully between their toes. And then they have to put on a special cream so their feet don't crack! A lot of fuss as far as I'm concerned, but good doggie that I am, I go fetch the special cream.

Mommy loves these samples she gets for free at her Diabetes Support Group meetings. She tells me they're called Neoteric Diabetic Skin Care, Oxygenated Advanced Healing Cream. (Boy those were some looooong words for dog like me!) Woof, woof, I'd say, I'm glad I got it right, cause Mommy recommends this cream for anyone with cracked skin or diabetic feet. She says it's wonderful and healing. So I got to plug it for her.

That's all for now. --- After all that hard work, I'm off to take my nap. Thank you for visiting!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup.


  1. Samson it was a pleasure coming to see you tonight ~ I am so glad you are taking such good care of your Mummy ~ Ally x

  2. Samson, are you for hire, cutie-pie?
    Not only cute and fluffy, but a spa specialist??

  3. Hi there Samson!
    Glad to see that you are making sure Mommy takes good care of here feet! You're such an attentive dog and a big help to your Mommy!
    PS: Tell your Mommy that I am half done and will be better soon!

  4. Samson, you are so helpful!! My sister is a diabetic, and also many of my customers here are diabetic. This information will be passed on... And how sweet you are to take care of your dear Mommy so lovingly.

  5. Just love that pup! How attentive he is! :)

  6. Samson, you are a good dog to look after your Mommy like you do! You deserve a treat.

  7. Looks like Samson is taking good care of Mommy, Inger! You have a wonderful guy there!

  8. What a good doggie you have there! Wish mine took care of me as good as yours does! He sure is a beautiful dog!

    Have a Great Day!

  9. Samson, you are a good dog! Keep taking good care of your Mommy. I'm sure your tlc makes her feel better.

  10. Oh Samson, what a good boy you are. You deserve a very good tip since you took care of Mommy so well and made sure she got her special cream. I feel certain there are several jobs out there you could snatch up in a heart beat but then again, you couldn't take care of your number one gal if you were out at another spa or salon :)

  11. I never thought of it, but I'll bet those Samson licks really add a bit of special healing...:)JP

  12. He looks like such a good friend.

  13. samson is quite the partner! now, if you can just get him to apply the cream... and, that's great you can get that cream for free at your meetings. yay!

  14. Samson Says:

    Woof, woof, thank you all you nice people for giving me such kind feedback on my blogging. I try to be a good doggie, but sometimes I mess up (on Mommy's carpet)and I like to help my Mommy. I now my licks have healing powers and I lick both Mommy, Angel and Soldier where they hurt. Thanks and have a great weekend.

    Your Samson, the Samoyed Pup

  15. What a wonderful helper you have there, so cute...and great advice with it.

  16. Glad you are taking time out for the important things like taking care of your feet and hands now that cold weather is settling in... and Samson looks like a great help... who needs a towel with all that lovely white fluffy fur to dry on.... just rub his tummy or back! Saves on laundry! Enjoyed the post from Samson's point of view! I miss Princess' posts.

  17. Dr. Samson, you have such a good bedside, I mean panside, manner. I think many physicians could learn much from you, good boy.

    Your mommy is a very lucky girl to have you for a caregiver! ;)

  18. Aaahh! Pampering the Queen is one sure way to live the life of Glee! Go for it Samson!

  19. Samson is such a helpful doggie - I love when they play in the water! Samson is also a beautiful dog!

  20. Well, I'm glad that you were there to help your Mommy, Samson! What would she have done without you?


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