Monday, November 22, 2010

On a Cold and Foggy Morning

I went outside early to clean the dog run, bring in some wood, and take a few pictures.

Most of the snow melted yesterday, a windstorm blew in overnight and it was very cold and windy outside.

My husband took a lot of wood from the woodpile to the house for me before he left the last time. Today, I brought in the last of that wood. Those of you who know about my injured arm and shoulder  can see I'm doing better. I'm using work like this to build up my strength. I do the physical therapy exercises too, but those I see as a necessary evil.

As I was cleaning the dog run, I noticed Samson discovering the joy of eating and playing with ice.

Chores done, I took the camera and went for a short walk. I came upon the neighbor's steer -- hardy critters that seem totally unbothered by any extremes in the weather. Sorry the pictures are so dark, you can hardly see them. 

This cloudy day in the canyon is for me a welcome change from the eternal California sunshine.

This raindrop photo pays homage to my blogger friend Jabacue whose blog, Ocean Breezes, you can check out here. A while back, he took the most beautiful photos of raindrops on a bare tree branch that made a lasting impression on me. I doubt I would have even noticed these raindrops, coming off the roof of our shed, if it hadn't been for those photos. I had so much fun trying to capture one or two and, as you can see, success! Nothing like Jabacue's though, but still fun.

My trusty old clothes-line in winter. You can barely see it either. Oh well, lesson learned -- this light calls for a camera adjustment.

After much ado, success!! Why do I forget how to do this from year to year?

After all that, what's better than to sit down and write a blog post with a favorite cup of hot tea? Rachael gave me this cup and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

I'm also looking at these apples, because today is a good day for baking or cooking. Cold outside, but cozy in here with the fire warming up the house. The apples are going bad....I don't know what to do with them, but I'll figure something out after lunch.


  1. Glad you are getting stronger, but also taking time to sit down with a cup of tea! Enjoy that overcast, almost snowy California while it lasts! :)

  2. Looks like a day to be cozy...exactly like mine today. Your sky looks just like ours.....
    Don't you love these days...(as long as they don't come around too often:)
    Apple crumble?

  3. Loved the pictures especially the one of the open fire ~ when apples go bad here I put them out for the birds and they love them ~ Hope your week is going well ~ Ally x

  4. I'm glad I have made a lasting impression of someone!!! lol
    The landscape around your home is breath-taking. Those apples are waiting to be made into apple sauce.

  5. Your surroundings look very much like mine today, Inger -- minus the mountains, of course. Gray and drizzly and damp. And yes, I have a fire going as well -- does wonders to take the chill off, I must say.

    I have my drink of choice by my computer too -- coffee with cream and sugar. I like your raindrop picture -- I'll have to try that sometime, if I remember to, that is.

    If you had chickens, they'd enjoy those apples. I bet Beverly has a recipe for you. :)

    Hope you and your kids are staying warm.

  6. Beautiful pictures Inger! You must be so cozy in your warm abode snuggled by the crackling fire with Samson and Angel, and enjoying a hot cup of tea. I love the scenery, a little envious though. I can almost smell those apples baking from here. Enjoy!!

  7. texwisgirl: This is my time of year, so I will be enjoying it.

    Dawn: apple crumble sounds great, but I already sliced them and I'm baking them in the oven right now. I'll let you know how they turn out.

    Ally: I have two apples I will put out for the birds and the ground squirrels (if they are still awake -- the squirrels, that is). They love them all fall long.

    Jabacue: I still see a coffeetable book in my mind.

    Nancy: Yes, we are warm and I am baking the apples, sliced up in a pan with brown sugar and cinnamon. We'll see how it turns out. I made it up.

    Bobbi: We are all cozy here and hope you are as well. Oh, you have to work, right. Well, when you get home tonight, stay warm and cozy.

  8. Our dogs love to eat ice I don't get it they shiver and eat ice.

  9. Glad you're doing better Inger. The snow looks so cozy. I think the drop of water coming off the roof was just great. The fire and a cup of tea, what could be better?

  10. We have had temps in the 70's today, but the clouds and rain are coming tonight. We will have our woodstove going strong soon.

  11. The raindrop is beautiful, Inger. And, so is that lovely fire in the stove. It's the greatest feeling in the world, to be inside, cozy and warm, while outside it's cold and challenging.

  12. I love snow and am so jealous of the beautiful, all-ready-snowy countryside in which you live! With a nice cozy fire, who needs anything more?

  13. Nan: Dogs will be dogs!

    Verde Farm: Thanks, you are right, what could be better.

    Farmchick: That sounds so nice.

    Louise: I'm glad you liked the raindrop. It was fun!

    Krishana: I love the snow and I'm glad you liked reading about it at least.

  14. The fire looks SO cozy, Inger, and the cup of tea was the perfect companion on a day like you had today. Sounds and looks wonderful :-)

  15. Inger - The weather here is cloudy and threatining to rain. Stayed in most of the day to work on mt Etsy shop. Did venture out to post, the Red Oak and Maples are a lovely red.

    The fire photo is comforting, wish I had a wood stove or a fire place.

    Dogs are so silly.

    Glad you are getting stronger.

  16. So glad your arm and shoulder are doing better. Work is the best therapy, I've found, as long as you don't over-do it.

  17. Hi Inger - I just got caught up. Man, I sure don't miss the snow!! Seeing your pics in your last couple of posts reminds me of living in that canyon and being cold all the time. Glad you have such a nice little wood stove to keep you toasty. I think you should make apple crisp. It's very easy and very tasty. If you need a recipe for it, just let me know. Critters send their love!

  18. Yes, isn't it funny how we Californians love a break from our clear, sunny days? Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed the raindrop!

  19. the cup made me smile, too! boy, that fire looks GOOD! glad your arm is getting stronger also. you live in a very pretty place!

  20. Your pictures are beautiful. Our beautiful fall weather is gone too I'm afraid.

    Make an Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. The frosting is really not necessary. The recipe is on the blog. I cut the cake in sections and freeze it, so I don't think I have to eat it all in one day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  21. Wonderful photos - loved the one of the neighbor's steer, looks so wintery and ..gorgeous area of Ca you live in.


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