Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daffodils, Humming Bird, and Comments on Your Comments

Yesterday, my husband and I went to his brother's house in town. If you read my blog last summer, you may recall this house with the lovely backyard where bird houses, decorated like a small town (jail, library, inn, etc.) hang on the wood fence, and where I go to pick apples and pears in the fall. And also where I saw that gorgeous prairie falcon resting on the fence. I don't know what happened to the photos, so here is one of the canyon instead.

We sat in the garden a while, the weather was warm, daffodils were in bloom, and spring was in the air. There were no falcons this time, but we saw a couple of mocking birds and a humming bird. We don't have mocking birds in the canyon and I have missed them, we had so many around our Los Angeles house. To see a humming bird this early made me a bit concerned. I wonder where they go when the weather changes, as it inevitably will up here in the mountains. It will get cold again and it may snow. There is frost here at night and that small, delicate, bird looked like he belonged with the rest of the birds in East Africa.

I didn't bring my camera and I'm sorry now. Daffodils are among my favorite flowers and daffodils with humming bird – what a nice photo that would have been.

We borrowed some movies from my BIL and then went home and had tuna casserole for dinner. After that we watched a film about politics called The Contender, with Joan Allen and Jeff Bridges. I never heard of it, but it was interesting and well acted, so we enjoyed it.

Thank you for your comments on yesterday's post. I would like to comment back on a few of them:

Sharon: I only read before I go to sleep at night. Right now, I'm reading one of the best books ever, Oracle Bones, which my friend Jane lent me. It is a very slow read because it is so interesting and I worry that she will never get it back at this rate.
JP: Yes, I am sure you will enjoy Zeitoun.

Jim: If you want to read about your neighbor country, please add Zeitoun to your list. And I am so glad you are reading my recommended books. I can't wait to hear your thoughts about them. And since you are interested in China, you MUST read Oracle Bones.

Nan: I love not having the word ID any longer. To ensure that I get comments on older posts, I requested moderation on comments older than one day. And I'm so glad I did, it works great. I get all comments on older posts as well. I'm glad you are enjoying your Kindle. Thanks for the feedback.

Barbee: I know you will really enjoy this book.

Bobbi: Sounds like a good idea to check it out on amazon first.

Fran: Yes, the bird book reminded me of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. It also reminded me of some of the Fannie Flagg books, like Standing in the Rainbow, a book full of zany and nutty characters.

Thanks to the rest of you – it is a fun book, you will enjoy it. Also, once again, thank you Jane. Jane is my friend, who not only finds out about all the great books out there, but gives them to me, or if she hasn’t read them yet, lends them to me.


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