Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Update

This morning, I want to welcome two new followers of my blog: Literary Lioness, who did not provide a link to a blog. If you have a blog, please leave a comment on mine and I can link up to yours that way. My other new follower is from New Jersey. When I saw the name of her blog: I knew I had to check it out. I spent most of my 20s in Princeton, N.J., so you know I have an arsenal of New Jersey memories of my own. 

You can almost see the grass grow!

I don't have a book review today, but I plan to work on a piece about Oracle Bones, by Peter Hessler, for next Wednesday. I have a need to get back to a more peaceful place within as the past few weeks have been pretty stressful. My husband, who doesn't want to be in this blog, has not been feeling well since he came up here in February. He saw a doctor here yesterday and while a few things showed up on tests there was nothing conclusive. If he doesn't get better in a few days, we will see his physician, whose office is in Pasadena, which is pretty far  from here. 

Some Texas-size tumbleweeds blew in during the recent storms.

I finished as much as I could on our business and individual taxes and my BIL will have his tax person do them. That's a relief. It seems as if the IRS wants you to have a tax advisor  do your business taxes. It was really difficult to find some forms and information. Other than that, I liked the IRS website, much to my surprise. It was easy to navigate and I could easily have e-filed our individual taxes. I'm glad that's over with though, now all I have to do is clean up the mess I'm surrounded by here. 

The small purple/pink flowers are back, covering the land.

It's a beautiful day in the canyon. I may just go out to the shed and charge up my lawnmower. The grass is growing like crazy and it may be the worst year yet for keeping it and the weeds in check after all the rains we've had. It's so pretty and green though. 

I hope I can rest like this.  

After I clean house a bit, I plan to just rest today and quiet my worried mind. Tomorrow, I want to start my walks with the dogs again. While they always run around quite a bit, they love their walks and I can feel how much they miss them. 

Or like this.

I try to keep my blog half-way cheerful at least, but sometimes life just catches up with you and I don't want to pretend that all is well when it isn't. Looking outside though, I believe spring has arrived and that it will be a gorgeous day here in the canyon. And that will cheer me up, for sure. 

Have a nice day, everyone.


  1. Loved your pics of the dogs chilling out and the tree is gorgeous. Hope you and Errol are both better VERY SOON!

  2. No need to pretend that life is all roses, when we all know it's not. I am SO sorry you are worried for your husband, however, and terribly sorry he's not been feeling well. I hope, if his issues continue, that he can be diagnosed properly and treated. You're both in my prayers. And your sweet resting babies too...

  3. hope your husband back to 100% very soon. knowing spring is just around the corner is certainly doing wonders for everyone in our household. :o)

  4. The dogs (and animals in general) sure know how to chill out. They have the luxury of not having to worry, too, and they can enjoy every moment for what it is. We all try to keep our blogs a happy place, but since they should reflect who we are and our lives, the ugly finds its way into them. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing about it. We want to be beside you in the good and bad, the funny and the sad.

    I hope everything turns out for the best for you and your hubby.

  5. Hope your husband is feeling better.
    I'm so happy to see all your green! It does look so spring-y!

  6. I really hope your husband is feeling better. And it's good to get things off your chest once in a while....and that's the great thing about having a blog, you can do that:) Your furry guys are too cute! I wish I could rest like that too!

  7. You take care of yourself and your husband, Inger. We all get down in the dumps on occasion, and need to pull into ourselves to recharge. I will be thinking about you and hoping that things improve.

  8. Hi Inger. LOved the pics of the dogs resting :) Have a beautiful day.

  9. It's nice to real dogs, instead of little things the size of guinea pigs that seem to in fashion these days.

  10. Your dogs can relax better than any one I've ever seen. Congrats on getting new followers. It says your writing is interesting. Hope you're feeling like walking soon.
    Love and peace,

  11. Well I hope your husband learns what is wrong soon. At least where you live you have good doctors to see and not that far away. Here people have to fly many expensive miles to see specialists and normally out of state down to Seattle. I called today to see if our taxes are done, no they are not. Now I have to wait again and call before the 18th. Later this year I'm told. Nan

  12. Inger,
    I'm so glad you don't feel you need to pretend around us anymore...when life stinks; plain and simple--it STINKS! I've actually gotten to the point where it's feeling okay to not be happy and optimistic all the time; it's very freeing.
    I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers...

  13. I understand your feelings, Inger. When my husband is not feeling well, nothing is well in my life either. I have both of you in my most positive thoughts and prayers.

    When I am feeling "down", in need of positive energies, I get into the shower and let the water just flow over my body, while I pray that what is negative in me/around me be washed away.

    Sounds dumb but it works. Even if you don't believe things of this sort, the hydration from plain water would make you feel better - and renewed!
    Believe ;)

  14. We all have those moments Inger...when life is just not well. But, you must move through it. I do hope things get better.

  15. it's nice to have blog friends to cheer you up when life is really have got a lot of new followers....have a great day...

  16. You sound tired and worn out. Spring brings a bit of freshness.... but more work!
    I hope your husband begins to feel better.
    Take some time for yourself. The walks with the dogs may be good for you, too. It's surprising what that fresh air and sunshine can do - especially when you see happy dogs!

  17. I'm sending good thoughts your way, Inger.

    That Samson is just too cute.

  18. More followers! You are one popular lady! Hope things get straightened out with your husband.

  19. Hi Inger,it is so good to see all the green around your place. I am so sorry you are worrying about your husband and hope he is better soon.

  20. hugs to ((Inger))) sounds like you have a lot on your plate - but I am so glad that spring is on the way...I just was fighting off a sinus and ear infection for months, wondering what was really going on as nothing was working, and here it was an abscessed molar way in back, that had broken through my sinus cavity - now I feel so much better that they figured out what it was - I hope that they can finally id what is making your husband sick too !

  21. Of course, your no. 1 priority is your hubby's health and finding out what's going on. I'll be thinking about you and hoping a remedy is close at hand. <3

  22. I know that feeling. Sending hugs to both of you.

  23. Inger, thanks for sharing with us. You know we are here and that's one of the great things about blogging......we are a very supportive lot!
    Try to get long walks in every may help with the sleeping.
    I hope this doesn't sound cliche but try as hard as you can to stay in the present and be there for yourself and your husband.......don't think about the future.

  24. Hope all will be fine. I wouldn't pretend to be all cheerful either.

    How old were you when you left Sweden?


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