Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Update

This morning, I want to welcome two new followers of my blog: Literary Lioness, who did not provide a link to a blog. If you have a blog, please leave a comment on mine and I can link up to yours that way. My other new follower is from New Jersey. When I saw the name of her blog: I knew I had to check it out. I spent most of my 20s in Princeton, N.J., so you know I have an arsenal of New Jersey memories of my own. 

You can almost see the grass grow!

I don't have a book review today, but I plan to work on a piece about Oracle Bones, by Peter Hessler, for next Wednesday. I have a need to get back to a more peaceful place within as the past few weeks have been pretty stressful. My husband, who doesn't want to be in this blog, has not been feeling well since he came up here in February. He saw a doctor here yesterday and while a few things showed up on tests there was nothing conclusive. If he doesn't get better in a few days, we will see his physician, whose office is in Pasadena, which is pretty far  from here. 

Some Texas-size tumbleweeds blew in during the recent storms.

I finished as much as I could on our business and individual taxes and my BIL will have his tax person do them. That's a relief. It seems as if the IRS wants you to have a tax advisor  do your business taxes. It was really difficult to find some forms and information. Other than that, I liked the IRS website, much to my surprise. It was easy to navigate and I could easily have e-filed our individual taxes. I'm glad that's over with though, now all I have to do is clean up the mess I'm surrounded by here. 

The small purple/pink flowers are back, covering the land.

It's a beautiful day in the canyon. I may just go out to the shed and charge up my lawnmower. The grass is growing like crazy and it may be the worst year yet for keeping it and the weeds in check after all the rains we've had. It's so pretty and green though. 

I hope I can rest like this.  

After I clean house a bit, I plan to just rest today and quiet my worried mind. Tomorrow, I want to start my walks with the dogs again. While they always run around quite a bit, they love their walks and I can feel how much they miss them. 

Or like this.

I try to keep my blog half-way cheerful at least, but sometimes life just catches up with you and I don't want to pretend that all is well when it isn't. Looking outside though, I believe spring has arrived and that it will be a gorgeous day here in the canyon. And that will cheer me up, for sure. 

Have a nice day, everyone.


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