Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Blog, My Word Verification Removed, My Husband and Some Canyon Photos

God Morning and it’s a beautiful morning here in the canyon with frost that will soon melt as the sun comes over the eastern mountains. Today, I found that I have three new followers of my blog and for a moment it made blank out, you know, feeling responsible for coming up with good stuff all the time and so on. Those thoughts passed quickly and I am very happy to welcome: Melissa, who is from Texas, and whose blog is called and, who blogs about farm life in Northern California, and finally, Fran Fischer, who does not blog, but who you know from last Tuesday's treasure, The Mirror. Welcome, I am looking forward to reading your blogs and getting to know you.

Eclectic adj. [< Gr. ek, out + legein, to pick] selected or selecting from various sources 

Before I move on, let me say this to those of you who follow my blog: I am so excited about the fact that people with such wide interests, hobbies, and professions – from farmers to writers are following my blog. And people from so many different countries, I think 63 the last time I checked my flag counter, from Sweden to the Philippines. For a long time, when I first began blogging, I was worried that no one would want to read my blog since it was not specific and sort of all over the place in terms of subjects. But now I have both followers and a blog I think can be called eclectic and I love it.

Verify vt. [< L. verus, true + facere, make] to prove to be true by evidence, etc; confirm

The reason for this Latin lesson is Blogger's Word Verification. You know those non-words that you have to enter to somehow prove you are not a spammer every time you make a comment. I have been guilty of using this myself. However, I have noticed that it's becoming a pain in the butt, particularly on these new and fancier blogs, where it takes a very long time to do anything for someone like me, who lives in the mountains and uses a satellite. And with so many wonderful blogs to follow, using word verification will just take too long. Then this morning, I spotted a header on this blog and went there. Karen, who by the way has over 600 followers, has not had any spam problems. She recommends we all go to our Settings and remove our Word Verification requirements to make it easier and faster to read each other's blogs. It's very simple, I did it, and I am sure nothing bad will happen to me or my blog. Please check out Karen's post on this and let me know if you notice any difference when you leave a comment on my blog.

Distract vt. [< L. dis-, apart + trahere, draw] to draw away in another direction; divert

With my hubby here again, this is what's happening: I am being distracted, drawn away from blogging, and from reading blogs. Those of you who work at jobs, have kids, make quilts and other gorgeous stuff, take care of farms, rescue animals and care for them, write books, and still have time to blog more or less every day have my greatest admiration. I don't see how you do it. I will try my best and you know what is great here? I'm up early and my hubby is not. Well, if he wants to be a rancher, he will have to work on that, but for right now…..I will let the man sleep.

The photos are from the hike we took a few weeks ago. This last picture is of a green sandstone quarry, associated with the ruins, and abandoned a long time ago now. You can read about our canyon hike here.


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