Friday, March 11, 2011

Samson Plays Poet and Finds Out That Crime Doesn't Pay

Samson Says: 

I steal
I peel
I eat my meal
But soon my tummy

Is feeling funny

Mommy, mommy, I 've got a bug

I'm sorry, I cry
But that's why
I just threw up on your rug

Then Mommy said a strange thing, she said my nose would grow very, very long if I didn't stop telling these tales.

A true story posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup. 

Have a nice day everyone!

Mommy Says: There are no spaces between the lines in the poem in the New Post. It's not the first time this happens and if anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know. Why does it look fine in New Post format but gets messed up in the post, grrrr.

Samson Says: Mommy, leave the growling to me. 


  1. A Thief! Samson, I think you are paying for your bad deed! You aren't going to steal bananas again, are you? Are you?

  2. Oh, Samson, you silly dog, next time steal a hunk of meat that's defrosting, or bread, or cookies - not bananas - yuck! Even I know not to eat bananas!!!! I hope your tummy feels better. Love from Tucker

  3. Hahah...great poem.
    Naughty puppy...but very cute:)

  4. Samson, oh dear Samson. Mommy must be starving you... right? Why else would you steal bananas like that? But you are a wonderful poet and I enjoyed your post!!

    From Gracie: "The next time you swipe a banana, don't forget to bury the peel under a blanket or cushion. Stick with me, Samson... I'll teach you some tricks that may or may not keep you from big trouble".

  5. You're a wonderful poet, Samson, but a bad boy for stealing that banana. I'm sorry that your tummy got upset. That being said, I bet you'll never steal another banana again.

  6. Yhankyou Samson for explaining why your Tummy was upset ~ but I do know that Banana Skins just are not nice things to eat ~ next time take something that won't upset your Tum ~ Ally x

  7. PS ~ Samson I did enjoy your poem ~ but I think you must listen to your Mum ~ otherwise you will end up with a very LONG Nose ~ Ally x

  8. Sampson,
    Bananna wasn't ripe for eating. You have to wait until the skins are flecked with brown and have a golden hue.... as chiquita Bananna says. And it's always better NOT to eat the skins. Now if you can find a piece of pepperment to steal, it'll make your tummy feel better. :)

  9. How cute was that! Now, when you're doing the post, if you click on the tab for HTML, it will show you all the technical lingo. You can delete extra "[enter]". It's hard in the beginning, but you'll get used to reading the code....:)JP

  10. Samson Says: Didn't you see? I peeled the banana, but I still got sick. Maybe cause I was a bad boy, huh? But thanks to all of you who liked my poem.

    Mommy Says: Thank you JP at Home in the Hollow, I will try that.

  11. Poor Samson! I'm so sorry you got caught, I mean, you got sick. :P

  12. UH-OH>>>somebody is in trouble...however, I suppose if you are like Hurricane, you hang your head and look pitiful and all is forgiven :)

  13. Did you read Samson my poem--or can he read himself? His writing style is similar to mine. Hope his tummy is all better now!

  14. Loved the poem! He'll probably remember that about the banana :)

    If you hold down SHIFT at the same time as you hit Enter, you won't get double line height...

  15. I have to say that my dogs have never stolen a banana!

  16. Such a fun post but I'm so sorry that Sampson isn't feeling well. Hopefully getting rid of that banana in his tummy has made him feel better.

  17. Hard to be mad a face like that :)

  18. Hehehe ... delightful ...

    ... I'm no expert but in trying to fix your line break problem try using this html code after each line:
    ... perhaps that will work ...

  19. Samson Says: Thank you for all your comments. I'm feeling much better now and I learned my lesson. I'll be looking for a steak to steal the next time.

    Mommy says: I checked my HTML and couldn't find the problem, but found some other things I needed to correct. Thank you though, and I will work on it.

  20. Samson, I think you may have learned your lesson! Then again, you are a dog and if I remember.......

  21. poor poor pup,
    you ate the banana
    and threw it up.


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