Monday, March 21, 2011

You Gotta be Kidding -- First Day of Spring!

Welcome Vintage Christine, Flora, and Ioana, new followers of my blog. Click here to see some beautful photos on Ioana's blog from Romania. Christine and Flora didn't put a link on their Follow forms, so I can't link back to their blogs. If you read this and if you have blogs, please leave a comment and I can find your blogs that way. Thanks!

Samson Says: First day of spring? 

You gotta be kidding!

Then a note to my blogger friend, Sandra. I can't leave a comment on your blog. The cursor will not fasten on to the comment box. Sometimes there is a small period in there, other times not. I just want you to know that I do read your blog regularly and I love the way Zoom Zoom is growing up so pretty. I will leave this on my blog most days, until I hear back from you. If anyone can help with this problem, which has gone on for months, please let me know.


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