Monday, March 28, 2011

Spectacular Clouds

First I want to welcome Jacqueline Howett, a new follower of of my blog. Jacqueline is an author, poet and artist and when I looked up her blog here, I saw that she also reviews books, something that is of great interest to me, as I work on learning how to do that myself. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, Jacqueline.


It was a June evening at sunset, the ravens came home to roost on my wires, and I was outside with my camera. We had no idea what we were about to experience.

The eastern sky was cloudy and gray but

 in the west the clouds became lighter, reflecting the setting sun.

Keeping pace with the sun, the clouds changed to pink and patterns began to form.

A large leventicular cloud took shape in front of our eyes and 

I wondered when stone age people saw a cloud like this would they have had any thoughts of space crafts – just kidding.

Some cloud formations seemed to come at a great speed, hurtling toward earth, 

and it is easy to understand how legends were born around events like these.

Suddenly, the sky went wild  with color and zigzag patterns.

The large cloud came closer

and all I could do was stand in awe

point my camera and shoot a few pictures, but basically just watch this amazing display of sun and clouds.

As did the raven, who said to herself: I've seen some strange and beautiful things in this canyon, but this sunset takes the prize, or in my case, gets the worm.

Some of you saw some of these pictures last summer. I hope you enjoyed seeing them one more time.

Fran, the owner of the house with the elevator and the artist who made the stained glass window, wrote a comment late on that post, thanking you for your nice comments and wondering if anyone noticed the little worm she inserted in the window. Once I found out about it, I went back and looked and, sure enough, there it was, in the lower left corner. I loved it and the idea of putting it there even more.


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