Thursday, March 3, 2011

Samson Says: Mystery Solved!

Before I let Samson speak his mind, I want to welcome two new followers to Desert Canyon Living: Austin James and Roland Yeomans. I have explored blogs by writers, published and unpublished, lately and that's how I discovered Austin's blog Please check it out. Roland discovered me and I am glad because he has a blog, Writing in the Crosshairs, that anyone who writes, wants to write, or simply likes to read should check out at: Welcome both of you; I am looking forward to learning from you and getting to know you.  Here is Samson, who has something to say.

Samson Says:

Remember this? Mommy took it last week when she wondered what had Soldier so excited: 

As you can see, he's looking down. So what did Mommy do when she wanted to find out what he was looking at? She looked up and straight out at the land, dah! I saw her, it's true, and, of course, her nose doesn’t work either. So she didn't see or smell a thing and then she blogged about it. Go figure! 
Well, yesterday, both Soldier and I were outside when we smelled a strange critter. We both ran over to the same spot where Soldier was last week. There we saw a small critter with very big teeth poking his head straight out of the ground. In and out he went, in and out, and Soldier and me, we got so excited! Oh boy, I have to confess that when I get over-excited, I just have to attack someone, usually Soldier. 

See, I am scared of Angel, because she is what's called an alpha female dog and when she growls, I listen. 

But Soldier is basically a wimp. I think Mommy is a little confused: one minute she says he'll bite any intruder and the next she calls him her 77 lb lap dog. Well, I go with the lapdog. So our fights don't go anywhere, because who can to fight with someone who just stands there? But sometimes he remembers where he came from (the hood) and gives back as good as he gets, so I guess I see what Mommy means. 

While we were scuffling, Mommy came out, grabbed me, and put me in the house. Imagine that! Soldier was so excited; she couldn't get him to go anywhere. And this time, she didn't miss the critter. She oh'd and ah'd and ran for her camera. She said it was another gopher baby, like this one, she posted the other day. 

I had to laugh, because when Mommy got to where the critter was, it looked like this: 

The critter had covered up the hole and left town. See, that's what Mommy gets for locking me in the house, he, he.

Have a nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed pup.


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