Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

Things:  The modification of comments over one day old worked just fine. This morning I had five comments that needed to be modified. I may extend that to a couple of days later since I don't post every day. I didn't realize that so many of you had already removed word verification. I think it slows us down so much and I'm glad I got onboard too.

Yesterday afternoon, my blood sugars (I have type 1, insulin dependent, diabetes) were very high. When they are, you are supposed to take injections with a syringe, and not use your insulin pump. I guess I was a bit disoriented, because I forgot this rule and used the pump. Then I got terribly ill, vomited, and felt awful. I remembered that this was a sign of having ketones, a serious problem. I checked again, and my sugars were off the meter chart, which meant they were over 600  (100 is normal for me, less for healthy people). That's when I got my book that told me what to do: Take insulin with a syringe, take more than I normally would, drink a lot of water, and check every hour. And change the reservoir in the insulin pump. This I did and felt better after several hours.

This incident, I have never had one this bad in 20 years, reminded me that this disease is no joke and that it doesn't take long for serious problems to develop. I was very happy that my husband was here.

Now to this Tuesday's treasure. When I first started Tuesday's Treasures, I thought I would just post a photo with a few lines. Little did I realize that every treasure has a story to tell and these posts would soon become the most fun to write. Today, I'm back to my original idea of just a few lines.

This demitasse was a gift from my friend Lin. I helped her downsize back in 2006 when she moved to a senior citizen's home, the Motion Picture and Television Fund one, a lovely place in Woodland Hills, California, where she still lives. She gave me some beautiful things at the time, including the cabinet that houses my china. This cup was made in Japan and the saucer that doesn't match it, in Austria.

When you finish your coffee, you see this rose in the bottom of the cup. I think it's very pretty and I treasure it with all the other things Lin gave me. But most of all I treasure the fact that she is still around, as sharp and funny as always, at the age of 89.


  1. Oh I'm sorry about your diabetes incident. That must have been terrible. Glad it was a warning or reminder for you and nothing more serious...

    That's a beautiful treasure from your friend. :)

  2. Oh Inger,so sorry about the diabetes making life difficult for you! I am glad your hubby is there now! I like the reward of seeing the flower at the bottom of the cup having finished your tea!

  3. I never did have word verification. I didn't realize it. China cups are such fun to drink out of. It make you wish you were at an English garden party and you drink with your little pinky extended.
    Love and peace

  4. I am so glad you had presence of mind to get yourself straightened out. I know diabetes is a cruel taskmaster and you have to tow the line all the time.

    Pretty cup, no matter that they are not a true set, it works for me!

    Have a great day and behave yourself!


  5. texwisgirl: Something is going on, I still have problems, which may be an aftermath.
    Liesl: Yes, I am so happy my DH is here with me.
    Manzanita: I love the pinky extended idea.
    Sharon: I am behaving myself. Drinking a lot of water and checking my darned blood sugars on the hour. Such a bummer!

  6. Glad you got yourself straightened out Inger! What would cause it to 'jump' that high?
    Beautiful cup and saucer and story behind it.

  7. What a beautiful treasure!!!!!
    That's awful what you went through...I'm glad you caught it in time.

  8. That was scary! I think mismatched is more interesting to look at. Loved seeing yours. So pretty!

  9. Diabetes is a dangerous disease -- I hope things settle down for you and remain under control.

    My mother has numerous china cup and saucer sets and I marvel at how delicate and pretty each one is. :)

  10. Oh Inger! I'm so sorry your sugar levels flared up, and so glad you knew what to do about it.

    The tea cup is lovely. I especially like the little rose on the bottom.

  11. Inger, what would cause them to go so high? You MUST take care of yourself in order to take care of all your treasures!...:)JP

  12. Inger, I certainly will have my fingers crossed that your sugar problem will work itself out and you will stop having problems. There has been a lot of change in your life, and I wonder if that could have contributed (says she who know very, very little about diabetes.)

    Your teacup is beautiful. Finding the rose is like finding a hidden treasure. And, of course the cup and saucer are even more of a treasure because they come from a dear and cherished friend.

  13. So glad your ok :)
    Your treasure today is beautiful! What a treat to see a rose at the bottom!

  14. Oh Inger, I am so glad you got it figured out...goodness that is so scary!
    I wish you well and please take good care of yourself...thinking of you!

  15. Treasures with memories are the best treasures! I've been catching up on your past posts -- such great pictures. And I don't know if I have word verification or not but shall remove it if I do.

  16. I am so glad that you are feeling better. Managing Diabetes must be tough - one of my friends has a pump and is always having to fiddle with things. Take care of yourself!
    Love your treasure. I like the idea of Tuesday's Treasures - I might have to put up a few of mine!

  17. I have diabetes, too--type 2. My numbers usually go down, not up. Sometimes into the 40's, when I also feel disoriented. It's nothing to fool around with. Love your cup & saucer. It's sort of a grownup version of my childhood cereal bowl that said "All gone!" on the bottom. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!

  18. Inger,
    What a dreadful disease it is! Must have been a scary moment. Hope it all will be sorted out. Will you have a check-up now that that happened? Maybe some adjustments?!

    If one were to get it now, there certainly would be a lot to learn. I have it checked every six months.

    Gorgeous cup. Love the little flower at the bottom of it. I left all my stuff, so if I were to do this treasure thing, it would only be things I've acquired since I got here, but that's alright too :)

  19. I always forget you do the Tuesday thing, I like it. A rose in the bottom - so nice...

  20. I over treated two low blood sugar episodes, one in the night, and didn't take enough insulin to cover all I ate. However, that should not make my sugars that high. I don't know why this happened and I always monitor closely and if it happens again, I will see my doctor. I go every three months as it is. Thanks for your concerns about this diabetes episode.

  21. Also, glad your husband was home....

    That is scary about your diabetes - so glad you got control of it...

  22. oh i am so sorry about your incidence. yep and also glad your husband was at home. my dad is diabetic and i know how it is. don't worry good to know that you are okay and fine. do take care.

  23. Please take care of yourself Inger! I am glad your husband is there to keep an eye on you. Also, I love the rose in the bottom of the cup, what a beautiful sight when coffee is gone!


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