Monday, March 14, 2011

Hiking to the Waterfall Wall

The other day, Angel and I went for a walk in the hills. Instead of turning right, like we usually do, we turned left.

Here the road goes uphill for quite a while, maybe that's why we don't walk here often. In the heat it's hard for me, but I have no excuses for the rest of the year.

On our way, we stop by some green sandstone in various stages of crumbling and I turn around and take this picture of the mountains to the east.

I stand by a steep ravine and the other side looks like this. It is a bit surprising that those big rocks are still hanging on to the hillside, I think. The earth is very soft here.

We climb a bit higher. Angel is rearing to go, pulling me up the hill. I want to step off the road and take some pictures of this rock wall, which forms the base of a waterfall when it rains hard and long enough. It must have been beautiful here this past December when we got so much rain. Now it's just a very interesting place. I feel like that proverbial grain of sand as I look into the past, layers upon layers of it, in this rock wall. Below is a pool, dry now, and then it drops down again, creating a smaller waterfall, before it becomes a creek. Or a dry creek bed most of the year.

A soft desert wind blows and it is quiet up here on the mountain. 

Looking south, I briefly see a snowcapped peak in the Tehachapi mountain range before the clouds cover it.


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