Monday, March 14, 2011

Hiking to the Waterfall Wall

The other day, Angel and I went for a walk in the hills. Instead of turning right, like we usually do, we turned left.

Here the road goes uphill for quite a while, maybe that's why we don't walk here often. In the heat it's hard for me, but I have no excuses for the rest of the year.

On our way, we stop by some green sandstone in various stages of crumbling and I turn around and take this picture of the mountains to the east.

I stand by a steep ravine and the other side looks like this. It is a bit surprising that those big rocks are still hanging on to the hillside, I think. The earth is very soft here.

We climb a bit higher. Angel is rearing to go, pulling me up the hill. I want to step off the road and take some pictures of this rock wall, which forms the base of a waterfall when it rains hard and long enough. It must have been beautiful here this past December when we got so much rain. Now it's just a very interesting place. I feel like that proverbial grain of sand as I look into the past, layers upon layers of it, in this rock wall. Below is a pool, dry now, and then it drops down again, creating a smaller waterfall, before it becomes a creek. Or a dry creek bed most of the year.

A soft desert wind blows and it is quiet up here on the mountain. 

Looking south, I briefly see a snowcapped peak in the Tehachapi mountain range before the clouds cover it.


  1. Such a beautiful walk!! So many great photos :)

  2. Gorgeous country. Love the green in those rocks/sandstone. Thanks for taking us along with you (and Angel).

  3. oh lovely pics, woudn't mind going on a hike with you!


  4. Great pictures, Inger. The fourth one is most interesting, with the layers of different rock material. There is so much beauty in the desert, isn't there?

  5. You have been blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Thank you so much for your encouraging words when visiting my blog, they are very much appreciated.

  6. do you know about any potential fossil hunting in that sandstone?

  7. Lovely post - being in the desert myself I relate strongly to your images and see many similarities ...

  8. As usual, a beautiful post--and such lovely pictures! I hope you're serious about writing a book!!

  9. Trisha, Texwisgirl, Leontien, The Wife of a Dairyman, Tina, Negeregirletschtempoit,and Barbee: I am as always so happy that you enjoy the photos I take of the canyon.
    Sandy: I am glad I found your blog and that my support is meaningful.

    Upupaepops: Yes, I have a book and in it I read that early collections (early 1900s) made in our canyon were the precursor of an extensive study of early mammals in Western North America. What they discovered included an early horse fossil that was named Merychippus Tehachapiensis.

    OneStonedCrow: I really like that there are similarities between this desert canyon and your African desert. Learning things like that is what makes blogging so much fun for me.

    fishducky: Thank you, I am so happy you enjoy my blog. I am working on a children's book, but have no idea what to do once I get done. We'll see.....

  10. oh, warmth! i'm so jealous. ;o)
    i love the pic showing the ridges.

    hey, i have a children's book written and am currently doing a little research on which publisher to approach! maybe we can share any tips as we discover them...

  11. Such a drastically different landscape than I have here-but much beauty is visible in your photos.

  12. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, I am sure you are thankful every day to live in such a beautiful place!

    That waterfall place, looks like a good place to look for ancient bone fossils! I'd love to come and dig!

  13. Coucou, tes paysages me rappellent un peu l'Espagne. Your country remembers me Espagne, rocks and little trees on found of hills. It's nice. Gods walks !!!

  14. That picture of those big chunks rocks/sandstone ledge are beautiful, Inger. I'll bet Angel enjoyed that walk!..:)JP

  15. Barren compared to where I live, but really very beautiful!

  16. What a beautiful place Inger. I bet it was a wonderful walk with Angel :)
    Also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my post today--it helped :)

  17. Great pics... Loved them all, a beautiful walk...
    The last pic is especially stunning with all those snow capped peaks, thanks for the journey... Will visit often!
    Have a nice day:)

  18. Just lovely. Don't you love what you see when you take a different turn in the road:))

  19. Spectacular photos - wish I was there! Did Angel have on a harness? I put a harness on one of my dogs a few times when hiking the Rockies and it came in quite handy... :-)

  20. That is a great hike Inger! Love the landscape, particularly the 'waterfall'. Angel must love these walks!

  21. Your photos reflect peacefulness, and i like that :)


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