Thursday, March 17, 2011

Samson Says: We Got an Award, Mommy and Me!

The other day Mommy said: Samson, Samson, I'm so excited! We got an award!

I asked what's an award, Mommy, and who gave it to us?

Mommy said an award is something you get when people like what you do. We got the award from texwisgirl, a very nice woman who lives in Texas. Texwisgirl, has a great blog called  The Run *A* Round Ranch Report full of pretty pictures of many different kinds of birds and other stuff. She even has a horse! Imagine that.

I tried to imagine having a horse, hmm, he would be awfully big…much bigger than me and I'm not sure I'd like that. Of course, if I could chase him, it might be fun. So I said: I know what a girl is, but what's a texwis? Mommy answered: That's a blogger name she came up with because she's from Wisconsin and now she lives in Texas

Samson: That's a clever name for a blogger. Guess what --  Mommy calls herself a girl too. A Canyon Girl. If you want to know the truth, she's no girl, she's really an old lady. Oh, well, if it makes her happy, I won't complain. So I say: Mommy what kind of award did we get? Does it come with a treat?

We got a Versatile Blogger Award, Samson, isn't that great? OK, looks like I still have a lot to learn here, so I ask: Mommy what does versatile mean? It means our blog is about many different things, not just one thing. And that's why texwisgirl mentioned that you help me blog. Then I remember, Mommy didn't answer my whole question. So I ask again: Does it come with a treat, Mommy?  No, Samson, it doesn't. Everything in life is not about food or treats. You can be nice and share without treats being involved. You know, like when you come and kiss Angel's ear for the longest time or I just sit there and scratch your tummy. We don't have treats, but we are still nice to one another.  

I see, Mommy, I just thought I would ask, just in case…..

OK, Samson and now what do we do? We thank texwisgirl for this very nice Award, Mommy. That's right, Samson.

Thank you texwisgirl from Mommy and me. We hope you have a very nice day over there in Texas!

Then, Mommy said, we have to tell seven things about us: four about Mommy and three about me. 

Mommy Says:
  1. Like texwisgirl, I also have blue eyes.
  2. My solitude and my spiritual life are very important to me.
  3. In London, in 1960, I was part of a demonstration and was run over by a bobby (policeman) on a horse.
  4. My favorite flowers are daffodils and yellow roses.

Samson Says:
  1. When we were real little puppies and still lived with our doggie mommy, we all ran away one day. Guess who was the leader of the pack? Me!
  2. At night, I like to go outside and try to catch a mouse. I haven't caught one yet, but some day I will, I know I will.
  3. I like hiking with Daddy the best of all because he walks really far with us.
Very good Samson, now we pass this award on to five versatile bloggers. Four from Mommy and one from you, OK?

OK, I know which one!

I would like to give this award to:

Sharon, who may think she has a boring life, yet has one of the most versatile, interesting, and entertaining blogs I have ever read, called Life With Jack n Jill

Dawn, whose versatile and creative mind makes for some mindblowing commentary on life at Puzzle Pieces

Manzanita whose fabulous life and many varied interests are reflected in her blog, Wanna Buy a Duck

Jim at Ocean Breezes who is much better at keeping up the versatile structure of his blog than I am of mine, and who, in addition, posts some of the most glorious photos you ever saw.

Samson Says: I would like to pass along my award to Gracie's Mom, Bobbi, whose blog Gracie Owns Me covers a lot of territory. And I have a little crush on Gracie, maybe this award will do me some good. xoxo

Thanks again texwisgirl.

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup and his Mommy.


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