Thursday, March 17, 2011

Samson Says: We Got an Award, Mommy and Me!

The other day Mommy said: Samson, Samson, I'm so excited! We got an award!

I asked what's an award, Mommy, and who gave it to us?

Mommy said an award is something you get when people like what you do. We got the award from texwisgirl, a very nice woman who lives in Texas. Texwisgirl, has a great blog called  The Run *A* Round Ranch Report full of pretty pictures of many different kinds of birds and other stuff. She even has a horse! Imagine that.

I tried to imagine having a horse, hmm, he would be awfully big…much bigger than me and I'm not sure I'd like that. Of course, if I could chase him, it might be fun. So I said: I know what a girl is, but what's a texwis? Mommy answered: That's a blogger name she came up with because she's from Wisconsin and now she lives in Texas

Samson: That's a clever name for a blogger. Guess what --  Mommy calls herself a girl too. A Canyon Girl. If you want to know the truth, she's no girl, she's really an old lady. Oh, well, if it makes her happy, I won't complain. So I say: Mommy what kind of award did we get? Does it come with a treat?

We got a Versatile Blogger Award, Samson, isn't that great? OK, looks like I still have a lot to learn here, so I ask: Mommy what does versatile mean? It means our blog is about many different things, not just one thing. And that's why texwisgirl mentioned that you help me blog. Then I remember, Mommy didn't answer my whole question. So I ask again: Does it come with a treat, Mommy?  No, Samson, it doesn't. Everything in life is not about food or treats. You can be nice and share without treats being involved. You know, like when you come and kiss Angel's ear for the longest time or I just sit there and scratch your tummy. We don't have treats, but we are still nice to one another.  

I see, Mommy, I just thought I would ask, just in case…..

OK, Samson and now what do we do? We thank texwisgirl for this very nice Award, Mommy. That's right, Samson.

Thank you texwisgirl from Mommy and me. We hope you have a very nice day over there in Texas!

Then, Mommy said, we have to tell seven things about us: four about Mommy and three about me. 

Mommy Says:
  1. Like texwisgirl, I also have blue eyes.
  2. My solitude and my spiritual life are very important to me.
  3. In London, in 1960, I was part of a demonstration and was run over by a bobby (policeman) on a horse.
  4. My favorite flowers are daffodils and yellow roses.

Samson Says:
  1. When we were real little puppies and still lived with our doggie mommy, we all ran away one day. Guess who was the leader of the pack? Me!
  2. At night, I like to go outside and try to catch a mouse. I haven't caught one yet, but some day I will, I know I will.
  3. I like hiking with Daddy the best of all because he walks really far with us.
Very good Samson, now we pass this award on to five versatile bloggers. Four from Mommy and one from you, OK?

OK, I know which one!

I would like to give this award to:

Sharon, who may think she has a boring life, yet has one of the most versatile, interesting, and entertaining blogs I have ever read, called Life With Jack n Jill

Dawn, whose versatile and creative mind makes for some mindblowing commentary on life at Puzzle Pieces

Manzanita whose fabulous life and many varied interests are reflected in her blog, Wanna Buy a Duck

Jim at Ocean Breezes who is much better at keeping up the versatile structure of his blog than I am of mine, and who, in addition, posts some of the most glorious photos you ever saw.

Samson Says: I would like to pass along my award to Gracie's Mom, Bobbi, whose blog Gracie Owns Me covers a lot of territory. And I have a little crush on Gracie, maybe this award will do me some good. xoxo

Thanks again texwisgirl.

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup and his Mommy.


  1. Samson did a great job writing that post today! Cute! Congrats on the award, both of you!

  2. Congrats, Inger on your Versatile award. You blog, along with Charlie is absolutely, petingly adorable. You deserve awards. And you honor me by passing it on. I thank you very much. Run over by a bobbie in London at a demostration???? You were a "good ole demonstrator." Hope your week is going marvelously upbeat and I send you love.

  3. Congratulations, Inger and Sampson, on your award. Very cute post. :)

  4. Awww, so sweet. Congrats to Samson and Inger! Hope Samson gets a play date with his lady love.

  5. Love you Samson (and Angel and Soldier too!!!) And love your mommygirl as well! :) Sorry the award didn't come with at least a biscuit or two, but will you accept a hug from Texas? {{huggggg}}} That's to be shared with everyone in your house, okay?

    I will have to check out a couple of those blogs I haven't visited yet. Thanks to you and your mom (and you're very welcome too!)

  6. Run OVER?????
    You are one very brave (and spirited) lady:)))

    Thanks for the award....
    and thanks for the new links to new blogs I can read!

  7. Run over by a bobby!! Oh my goodness. Were you hurt? I like Dawn's comment.. very brave and very spirited, indeed.

    THANK YOU sweet Samson, for this award. And now that Gracie knows you have a crush on her maybe she can forget about Max, next door. He's very standoffish and he never did find her amusing or cute. (She's kind of forward with him... the little hussy).

    From Gracie: Hey Samson. You are so much better looking than Max. And now, I will work on forgetting all about him. Max who?

  8. Congrats!!! You guys deserve it!! I always look forward to your posts :)

    Run over by a horse!!??? WOW!

  9. Run over by a bobby, huh? Ouch. Now that sounds like a story to tell, right?
    Congratulations on your award, Inger - I'm so happy that blogging has been such a happy experience for you!

  10. Congratulations to you & Samson on your award! You should also get the "Run Over by a Horse in London" award, although they're probably aren't too many candidates for that one. I would vote for Samson for "Most Handsome Dog"! Give him a treat for me.

  11. what a sweet are very deserving of the award for sure..

  12. Hi Inger and Samson!
    Congratulations on the award!
    I no longer participate in awards, but I appreciate your thinking of me! I haven't been bored for a while now, time to fix my profile!
    I can't believe you were run over by a horse - that you were demonstrating... yep! :-)
    I also cannot believe how big Samson has gotten, he's huge!
    Have a lovely afternoon!

  13. Hi Inger and Samson! Thanks so much for this Versatile Award! I am humbled to be read at all, let alone receive an award! But I guess that's all part of blogging.
    Great post Inger, you and I have a lot in common.....I am sure we would have 'bumped' into one another in the 60's if the circumstances were right.

  14. You will have to check my post today to find out!

  15. Visiting today via Jim's blog. So nice to meet you. Your dogs are beautiful! And your 7 things? Fascinating : )

  16. I love these awards because we find out things that we may not ordinarily just as we did here! THANKS for sharing and congrats on the award!!!

    I hope you've had a good day!!!

  17. Samson, we are all girls on the inside!
    Very nice reading about both of you.

  18. Samson and I thank you all for your comments and support. Kim, you are so right, the awards are fun because you do get to know your blogger friends better and you also often get to meet new people who decide to visit you and maybe follow your blog.

  19. I think our taste in books is very similar. I got "A Guide to the Birds of East Africa" from the library this afternoon & just finished it. WONDERFUL! Got another suggestion for me?

  20. oh gosh! no wonder you're not too keen on owning a horse! if anyone deserves a treat, it's you, after that experience.

    i just noticed your elephant sanctuary link. i'm in total awe of those creatures. i'd take an elephant over a horse myself. :oD

  21. congratulations! i definitely agree. your blog is versatile and interesting. i look forward to checking out the other blogs you mentioned. also, really like the tidbit about you in 1960 during a demonstration! i bet there's lots of things we bloggers would be interested in hearing about your past!

  22. Samson, you have done such a great job of blogging. I'm happy that you, oh, and your mom, won an award! You guys both deserve it!


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