Saturday, May 21, 2011

Awards and Links to Some Very Good Blogs

Welcome two new followers, Marian Vodyanova from Russia and Ron Joe White.

I was honored to get awards at the end of the A to Z Challenge but then I ran out of steam and failed to pass these two awards to along: 

I got the Stylish Blogger Award from Julie, a new blogger friend I met during the challenge, and I want to pass it along to:
Bobbi and Gracie at
texwisgirl at
Sandy at
Syliva at
Kim at

Then I received The Versatile Blogger Award from Sarah Makela, another new friend I met during the challenge. I want to forward this award to:
Liesl at A Little African Magic
Lori at
Kittie at
Nancy at A Rural Journal
Dawn at
The Golden Eagle at

Thank you Julie and Sarah for these two awards. Those I listed above are but a few of the blogs I love to visit. Please check them out along with Julie's and Sarah's blogs; I know you will enjoy them all. 

Yes, I know I'm now supposed to tell you things about myself and I was, honestly, trying when Google Chrome crashed as I was uploading photos for this purpose. I wanted to tell you some of my favorite things, which would tell you, in turn, something more about me. I have an idea about what I want to do, but I'm running out of steam again, so next week, OK?

Thanks again Julie and Sarah and have a great weekend everyone.


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