Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Two mule deer came to visit the other evening. Can you see the one? I didn't know they have a darker winter coat; I learned that from my Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada by John Muir Laws. We don't see deer very often here, so it was a treat to watch them. 

I like to welcome new followers and provide links to their blogs but I soon realized that this would not be possible during the A to Z Challenge. Now that it's over, I plan to welcome five of my new followers each time I post, beginning with the first five who found my blog during the Challenge and decided to follow it.  Here they are: 
http://meandering-martha.blogspot.com  Martha lives in Florida and has several blogs about her life: Cooking, Getting Organized, and Photography are among them.

http://lyricsofloveandlore.blogspot.com Clint is a Christian man from Texas and I think the title of his blog tells it all. He is a poet, a singer, a philosopher and a family man. 

http:/katieosullivan.blogspot.com Katie also has several blogs. A published author and a magazine editor, Katie writes about her life, career, family and her 140 lb puppy. 

http://annbest-jen.blogspot.com Ann is my age and lives in Virginia. Like me, she says she does not remember a time when she didn't like to read or to write. Unlike me, her memoir is now ready for publication. Congratulations, Ann.

http://rosalindadam.blogspot.com Rosalind is a writer from the UK. She did a great job on the Challenge, limiting her posts to 40 words, and writing about the town of Leicester. 

Welcome to Desert Canyon Living. 

I was going to write a post about my experience with the Challenge, but I am not feeling up to it. Yesterday, I had a bad coughing spell while washing the dishes and something happened to my lower back. Pulled muscles or something else that is very painful. I have a back brace that is super old, but I put it on and Bengay. Each time I cough, it hurts like crazy though.

We had decided to take Samson to the vet, he needed his rabies shots and also his parvo/distemper combo shots. And we needed some things from the grocery store, including dog food from K-mart. So off we went in the afternoon. The vet was crowded and Samson will tell you all about it in his post.

Then I went to the grocery store, leaving my hubby with Samson in the car. All went well as far as the cough until I was almost done when I had the most embarrassing coughing fit I have ever had in public. It just went on and on, tears flowing.... well, you get the picture. My back was screaming in pain, or I was, inside, quietly in order to not be more embarrassing. What a mess!

So my husband went in K-mart and got 100 lbs of Alpo kibble for $30.00, usually it is $23.00 for 50 lbs. That cheered us both up a lot. Sitting in a car with Samson was amazing. I can't tell you how many people came up and went: Oh, isn't he cute! Can I pet him? Oh, he is sooo cute! Well, being a fan of the Dog Whisper's rule when approaching strange dogs: No talk, no touch, no eye contact -- I said: NO. Some people understood, others looked offended. Hello!

When I came home I felt awful and my temp was 101.1. So I had some food and went to bed and slept until this morning. I'm feeling much better. I still have coughing fits, but I hope they will end soon. I also hope that my back will get better  once the coughing stops.

I have started writing a post of my experience with the A to Z Challenge and should be able to post it tomorrow. 
Elizabeth Mueller and Munir, thank you so much for the awards. I will get to them tomorrow as well. I appreciate them very much.


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