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Two mule deer came to visit the other evening. Can you see the one? I didn't know they have a darker winter coat; I learned that from my Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada by John Muir Laws. We don't see deer very often here, so it was a treat to watch them. 

I like to welcome new followers and provide links to their blogs but I soon realized that this would not be possible during the A to Z Challenge. Now that it's over, I plan to welcome five of my new followers each time I post, beginning with the first five who found my blog during the Challenge and decided to follow it.  Here they are: 
http://meandering-martha.blogspot.com  Martha lives in Florida and has several blogs about her life: Cooking, Getting Organized, and Photography are among them.

http://lyricsofloveandlore.blogspot.com Clint is a Christian man from Texas and I think the title of his blog tells it all. He is a poet, a singer, a philosopher and a family man. 

http:/katieosullivan.blogspot.com Katie also has several blogs. A published author and a magazine editor, Katie writes about her life, career, family and her 140 lb puppy. 

http://annbest-jen.blogspot.com Ann is my age and lives in Virginia. Like me, she says she does not remember a time when she didn't like to read or to write. Unlike me, her memoir is now ready for publication. Congratulations, Ann.

http://rosalindadam.blogspot.com Rosalind is a writer from the UK. She did a great job on the Challenge, limiting her posts to 40 words, and writing about the town of Leicester. 

Welcome to Desert Canyon Living. 

I was going to write a post about my experience with the Challenge, but I am not feeling up to it. Yesterday, I had a bad coughing spell while washing the dishes and something happened to my lower back. Pulled muscles or something else that is very painful. I have a back brace that is super old, but I put it on and Bengay. Each time I cough, it hurts like crazy though.

We had decided to take Samson to the vet, he needed his rabies shots and also his parvo/distemper combo shots. And we needed some things from the grocery store, including dog food from K-mart. So off we went in the afternoon. The vet was crowded and Samson will tell you all about it in his post.

Then I went to the grocery store, leaving my hubby with Samson in the car. All went well as far as the cough until I was almost done when I had the most embarrassing coughing fit I have ever had in public. It just went on and on, tears flowing.... well, you get the picture. My back was screaming in pain, or I was, inside, quietly in order to not be more embarrassing. What a mess!

So my husband went in K-mart and got 100 lbs of Alpo kibble for $30.00, usually it is $23.00 for 50 lbs. That cheered us both up a lot. Sitting in a car with Samson was amazing. I can't tell you how many people came up and went: Oh, isn't he cute! Can I pet him? Oh, he is sooo cute! Well, being a fan of the Dog Whisper's rule when approaching strange dogs: No talk, no touch, no eye contact -- I said: NO. Some people understood, others looked offended. Hello!

When I came home I felt awful and my temp was 101.1. So I had some food and went to bed and slept until this morning. I'm feeling much better. I still have coughing fits, but I hope they will end soon. I also hope that my back will get better  once the coughing stops.

I have started writing a post of my experience with the A to Z Challenge and should be able to post it tomorrow. 
Elizabeth Mueller and Munir, thank you so much for the awards. I will get to them tomorrow as well. I appreciate them very much.


  1. Oh, I'm sorry this is almost sounding worse instead of getting better! Fever is not good! Samson is a sweet pup, but I'd be nervous about folks reaching in to a car and petting him too. That's pretty invasive and threatening. It might be different if he was out on a leash.

    Get to feeling better, sweet Inger! We miss your usual peppy happy self!

  2. you poor dear. hope you kept control of you bladder during that public coughing spell! that's actually more like something i would do. ;o)

    samson has an awfully sweet smile! it's easy to see why people who don't know dogs better, need to be asked not to approach him.

  3. Oh Inger,I hope you are lying down and taking it easy. Good on you for not allowing people to reach in the car and petting Samson..

  4. Too many people, including myself, know how bad it is when your back goes out. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!! I'm so glad your husband is there with you. I am anxiously awaiting Samson's post.

  5. Wonder if your coughing fit has something to do with allergies? Ours are really showing up here in northern CA right now.

  6. Thank you for your comments. I'm on my way to bed, promise! I'm not allergic to anything, I have been tested because I do have something non-allergic involving my nose. This, however, is a case of something in my bronchial tubes, or whatever they are called. I know from what I cough up and the fever.

    Even before the dog whisperer, I would never have put my hand into a car to pet a dog. Not on a leash either. You really have to respect that they see the world in a different way and approach each other with no talk, no touch, no eye contact until they have sniffed each other and made each other's acquaintance. Samson had an in your face dog come up to him, with its owner oh-ing and ah-ing about his cuteness. Samson raised his lip and quivered it. More about that in his post later in the week.

  7. Hope your back is better I've done that myself, actually pulled a disk out in the lower.
    Dog food in Alaska is very high as it's the shipping to get it up here. I feed a high quality food for these Weims as I believe it has a lot to do with their health having had them all my life. We have a local store that caters to the mushers and they only carry the top brands as mushers have to feed their dogs high powered quality food. I feed Innova Large Breed and up here it's 60 dollars for 33 pounds. Like we always say there is a 'price' for the view. Take care. Nan

  8. So sorry to hear about your coughing, I've done that too and know how uncomfortable it is. I hope your back is better soon.

    Great idea about sharing links to other blogs, I know some of these but I am looking forward to checking out the others.

    Love the picture of the deer!

  9. Bless your heart, Inger! We have had that virus, too, and it is definitely no fun coughing as if we were going to turn wrong-side out! And, the tears streaming - yep!

  10. Ouch! Fever and back ache... I hope you get well soon!

    I imagine Samson was taken a back with all the people bugging him. I would look too, probably, but try to touch, um, no, not a strange dog no matter how pretty, cute, etc.

  11. Hope you are feeling better soon Inger.
    The 'approaching a strange dog procedure'.....let them approach you first? Then acknowledge them if all goes well? Caesar Milan is our guru as far as dog training goes.
    Nice job on the A to Z Challenge.....a lot of work! Maybe you are a little run down.

  12. Oh Sharon, the cough and the back sound miserable! Take care, friend, and get well soon.

  13. *Hugs* I wish you the best...

    I love your blog, it's beautiful. You did a great job with the A-Z challenge. An award is in order. Congrats, we did it!

  14. Hello to the new folk! I am so sorry your back is doing the number on you, good thoughts to get back well! Oh, and the dog thing... I ask, and if it's no, I understand. What I don't understand is people just walking up and petting. Had that happen, and when you ask them not to, OOOOH, MY! Some folks just don't understand...


  15. I do hope you feel better soon Inger. I always hate to have a bad cough.

  16. I am so sorry your aren't feeling well. To cough your back out is a pretty violent event. Do take care and hope you are well soon.
    You are smart about Samson. People who say my dog has never bitten anyone--should always add--"yet."
    Even the friendliest dogs can sometimes take the motion to pet as threatening.

  17. Hope you are feeling better soon! I hate pesty coughs like that.

  18. Oh, I know what you mean about coughing and hurting your back. I do that when I sneeze sometimes. The joys of getting older I suppose.

    Get well soon, dear. :)

  19. My friends at Gerson clinic on the West Coast are all sick with coughing, etc. They think it's the drift of radiation from Japan. My friend, Marilyn, works there and she said there has been media attention about it, too. They take iodine and potassium.


  20. A fever, all by itself, is enough to make my back hurt. Add a muscle-wrenching coughing fit and it's double-trouble. I hope you are feeling better with some rest.

  21. take good care of yourself...hope you feel better soon...what a trouper you are still blogging...

  22. Oh, Inger my heart goes out to you. I used to have after-cold coughing fits in church right in the middle of sermon. It is embarrassing. I sure hope this day finds you feeling better. Have you ever tried an inversion table for your back? Usually it helps mine, but not always. I will be praying for a full recovery for you and that your cough and back are healed.
    Gracie says: 'Strangers approaching car toward Samson... leave my guy alone! Of course he's beautiful!! But stay away, he's mine.' She's so protective of what she believes is her territory.


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