Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kezia, A Small Dog Needs Big Help

I was going to post something entirely different today, but when I saw this little face on my friend Terry's blog, and read her story, I just had to try to help somehow. Like Terry, I don't have homemade things to sell and, in addition, right now our money is really tight. But there is something I can do, I can spread the word here and maybe that will help some. 

Kezia lives with Isobelle Golightly and her mom. Kezia is just a little pup who needs major surgery. Another blogger friend, Texan, is organizing a big fundraiser for Kezia on her blog. There are soaps, yarns, jewelry and many other wonderful things for you to buy. And there are links to other bloggers that are participating. Please help if you can. 


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