Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

A warm welcome to the next five followers of Desert Canyon Living who signed up during the A to Z Challenge:
http://thatamysaia.blogspot.com Amy is an artist, a writer, a singer with a book to be published in 2012. Congratulations on that. 
http://positiveletters.blogspot.com Hilary Melton-Butcher blogs from the UK and gave me the first account of the Royal wedding in a post I read the other day. I definitely enjoy Hilary's writing.
Justina Faith -- I kept getting messages of Network error and unresolved lost name when I tried to link to your blog. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get it straightened out. 
Jeanne Kraus -- There was no link to your blog. I'm sure I have visited your blog, but right now I can't locate it. Please leave a comment and I will be able to link to your blog.
http://turifriends.blogspot.com Arthur from Italia blogs about food, herbs, beautiful bracelets --please check them out -- and this.  I am so happy to once again welcome an international follower.

Today's treasure is a Gogo Gourd Thumb Piano from Tanzania.

It is made from a gourd, wood, and flattened bicycle spokes. Instructions tell you to gently pluck the keys with your thumbs. I bought this treasure at one of my favorite museums, The UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History. I was invited to the opening of this marvelous museum and for as long as I worked at UCLA, I missed only a few exhibits.  

I bought this gourd piano as a gift for my husband to honor the African part of his Creole heritage. I think my husband liked the gift, but as many other things, we put it on the fireplace mantle and forgot about it. Then one day, as I was dusting it, I played a few notes and found someone who truly appreciates this African treasure:

Pippi Birdie started to sing along. Now that I know he likes it, I play it for him and he tilts his little head, listens to the notes, and starts to sing along. It is a really fun bonding activity that Pippi and I share.

A health note: I'm feeling a bit better today, but my diabetes is  out of control. Maybe the Vicodin raises blood sugars? A lot of medicines do, but I have only taken one tablet at night, so who knows. I may still have an infection. I will see my primary care doctor tomorrow and take it from there. 

Finally, thank you so much for your encouraging and helpful comments. I appreciate all the good thoughts sent my way. And I feel more optimistic and less depressed this morning. The blogging community I am surround by is really amazing and supportive. You can't stay down long in this environment.


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