Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

A warm welcome to the next five followers of Desert Canyon Living who signed up during the A to Z Challenge:
http://thatamysaia.blogspot.com Amy is an artist, a writer, a singer with a book to be published in 2012. Congratulations on that. 
http://positiveletters.blogspot.com Hilary Melton-Butcher blogs from the UK and gave me the first account of the Royal wedding in a post I read the other day. I definitely enjoy Hilary's writing.
Justina Faith -- I kept getting messages of Network error and unresolved lost name when I tried to link to your blog. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get it straightened out. 
Jeanne Kraus -- There was no link to your blog. I'm sure I have visited your blog, but right now I can't locate it. Please leave a comment and I will be able to link to your blog.
http://turifriends.blogspot.com Arthur from Italia blogs about food, herbs, beautiful bracelets --please check them out -- and this.  I am so happy to once again welcome an international follower.

Today's treasure is a Gogo Gourd Thumb Piano from Tanzania.

It is made from a gourd, wood, and flattened bicycle spokes. Instructions tell you to gently pluck the keys with your thumbs. I bought this treasure at one of my favorite museums, The UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History. I was invited to the opening of this marvelous museum and for as long as I worked at UCLA, I missed only a few exhibits.  

I bought this gourd piano as a gift for my husband to honor the African part of his Creole heritage. I think my husband liked the gift, but as many other things, we put it on the fireplace mantle and forgot about it. Then one day, as I was dusting it, I played a few notes and found someone who truly appreciates this African treasure:

Pippi Birdie started to sing along. Now that I know he likes it, I play it for him and he tilts his little head, listens to the notes, and starts to sing along. It is a really fun bonding activity that Pippi and I share.

A health note: I'm feeling a bit better today, but my diabetes is  out of control. Maybe the Vicodin raises blood sugars? A lot of medicines do, but I have only taken one tablet at night, so who knows. I may still have an infection. I will see my primary care doctor tomorrow and take it from there. 

Finally, thank you so much for your encouraging and helpful comments. I appreciate all the good thoughts sent my way. And I feel more optimistic and less depressed this morning. The blogging community I am surround by is really amazing and supportive. You can't stay down long in this environment.


  1. oh, i've missed your tuesday treasure posts! this is a lovely little instrument and even better that your sweet parakeet likes it!

    glad you're feeling better, but i do hope you're still taking it easy!!!

  2. Really interesting instrument, Inger! Pippi just needed a little music in his life. Are you two going to take your show on the road? Cute as can be!

  3. So happy to hear your feeling better. That instrument is very such a treasure. So sweet how Pippi loves to sing along!!

  4. I couldn't tell from the picture--how big is the thumb piano? How great it is that Pippi has found an accompanist! Speaking of music, did you get the jukebox email I sent? So glad you're feeling better, but DON'T OVERDO!! You do not need a relapse.

  5. sounds like a sweet little band the two of you have there!

    i had to laugh at the bread tie on his cage door! my folks did the same thing with our parakeets. they're too smart for their own good!

    take care, dear!

  6. Hi. I love those Thumb pianos. I knew someone a long time ago that was really talented playing them... they have a lovely sound... almost like a music box when played properly. Glad you have such a tiny treasure. Pipa has good taste in music! Take care and don't try to do everything.. you have to allow that fracture time to heal... there is nothing supporting it so... doing to much will just lengthen the healing process. But glad your spirits are lifted.

  7. Hi Inger. I'm glad you are feeling a little better. I love the thumb piano... so unique. Pippi Bird is a cutie pie. Glad he likes the music. Now, feel better with each day.. I'll be praying for your diabetes to be in control.

  8. I agree with you Inger...the blogging community won't let one of their own stay down, that is for sure! Hope all goes well at your doctor appointment.

  9. That is a neat looking instrument and evidently just in Pippi's key. You ought to video that and put it on YouTube.

  10. An infection influences and complicates diabetes in a major way, hope you feel better soon! What a wonderful little instrument you have there!

  11. Glad you are doing some better and hope you get good news tomorrow. Love your instrument and so glad to hear that Pippi likes it.

  12. What an unusual instrument. I'd love to hear how it sounds.

    Glad you are feeling a little better and hope the doc can prescribe something that won't make your diabetes worse. Take care, Inger.

  13. hope your feeling better soon....

  14. Please continue to take it easy!

    What a beautiful instrument.

  15. Very cool treasure! Get well soon, Inger.

  16. Music and sweet chirping...sounds wonderful!!!!!

  17. How neat. Makes me miss my daughters bird. He used to stand on the piano and pick bits of the sheet music while I played. :)

  18. Pippi Birdie! Inger you have been ;holding out' on this family member. lol What a cutie!

    Very interesting instrument....I bet it sounds lovely.
    Good to hear you are feeling a little better.


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