Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome New Followers

I like to welcome new followers to my blog with links to their blogs, but this became too much during the A to Z Challenge. Since it ended, I have welcomed five new followers in most of my new posts. Today I decided to welcome all my remaining new followers and provide links to their blogs when there are links available. So you will find links to some great blogs below. Then I have two more awards to pass along and I will do that in a separate post. After that, I believe it will be back to normal: My posts about my life in the canyon. 

Please join me in welcoming these new followers of Desert Canyon Living: Julie is an aspiring writer who volunteers as a news writer for Best Friends Animal Society, an organization that is close to my heart. Julie also blogs for Circle Tail, Inc. Ellie is a writer from New Zealand, who also works helping talented kids develop their potentials. Aline blogs from Brazil and her blog brings you fairytale characters and a very creative Mother's Day post. The Golden Eagle tells us she is a Chinese-American girl, adopted from China. She is a writer, reader, blogger, dancer, and musician. She posted a most fabulous entry on Saturday for the Red Angel's Inanimation Blogfest. I can't describe it -- it blew my mind -- please, read it!
These new followers didn't enter links in their Google Friend Connect forms: Jeanette, Patricia Stoltey, Kendal, and Sylvia Ney, welcome to my blog. Also, a warm welcome to: Mariolino from Italy. I'm so happy with my Italian followers. I almost think I can read Italian -- so many words come from Latin, that my mind plays tricks on me. And it's so much fun for me to make friends with people from all over the world. Welcome Scott, a caring dad who is also a writer. Samantha, with my three large dogs, I can relate to the title of your blog. I know I will enjoy getting to know you better. And your dogs! Denise, I am so glad to welcome you. I saw the new challenges for writers on your blog and I know I will enjoy reading the stories that will follow.


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