Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome More New Followers, an Award, and Five Things About Me

First, let me welcome five new followers and then send the first of the awards I received after the A to Z Challenge ended out to five wonderful and creative bloggers. I will also show you five photos that give some background to who I am and where I'm from. Loevi blogs in Spanish, but it doesn't matter much because her blog is about abstract photography. There you can see the most beautiful photos and so much creativity that it's a joy to visit. It is a pleasure for me to give Loevi the Kreativ Blogger Award, I received from Munir. I feel a connection to Sarah, whose blog I found during the challenge. Sarah, who is married to a Finn, wrote posts about creatures of folklore, mythology and the paranormal during the challenge. Like me, she has a strong love for wolves. I would like to give the Kreativ Blogger Award to Sarah also. I should mention that Sarah gave me a Versatile Blogger Award that I will accept in a future post. Lyn lives in Sydney, Australia and writes Christian devotionals and articles, and loves all things creative.
Welcome Doreen -- I'm sure I read your blog, Doreen, so you must have left a comment on mine. As it is, you didn't leave a link on your Google Friend Connect form, so I can't link back to her blog here. Elizabeth is a mother of four and a writer of novels and children's books. Elizabeth's blog reaches out and makes you feel welcome, as if you were friends with her for along time. Elizabeth is the woman who handed out the Zebra Award to all 1200 plus of us who finished the A to Z Challenge. With all that and four kids, I say "Wow!" Elizabeth, please accept the Kreativ Blogger Award and thank you.

I have told you so much about myself, I thought I would go back in time and show you a five things/places you may not have seen before.

I was born on the longest day of the year in Stockholm, Sweden, in the troubled year 1940. I was born under an almost midnight sun, perhaps like in this picture, taken around 10:00 p.m. The tower to the left is City Hall, the other spires are from the three great churches in Old Town. The bridge is the Western Bridge and, as you can see, we grow up around boats there.

I was baptized in Katarina Church, the one in the picture at the top of the cliffs.

As a teenager, I loved to hang out in jazz clubs, deep in the cellars of Old Town. Stockholm celebrated its 700th birthday in 1955 and some buildings here go back that far; the streets are cobblestone and the atmosphere is wonderful.

If I were to go back again, my favorite pastime would be to lie down in a meadow like this and watch the clouds go by overhead, while

perhaps eating some wild strawberries and listening to the birds sing their familiar Swedish bird songs.

I accepted this award from Munir
on May 4th, but then I got sick and couldn't follow through with forwarding it and letting you know five things about myself. 

It is very difficult to give out awards. I know everyone who blogs regularly deserves one. I want to give this award to five very creative bloggers:


Please visit these blogs, they are really, really great. And thank you again, Munir.

As for my health, I am over the cold and cough that fractured my vertebrae. The fracture still has to heal but I don't need to see a specialist unless the pain gets worse. So far it seems to be getting better. I am still taking pain medicine at night and resting mixed with being up and about. So it is looking pretty good right now. Thanks for all your good thoughts and wonderful comments. 

Oh, Jim, you didn't read my A to Z Challenge, where the letter P went like this: P is for Pippi Birdie, Parakeet. It tells the story of another rescued parakeet and how Pippi came to live with us.


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