Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Betsy Takes Us On a Very Hot Road Trip

After a harrowing start that involved me dropping, or so I thought, my upper partial dental bridge down the bathroom drain, which resulted in a mad husband hurriedly unscrewing drain pipes and frantically shining a flashlight down the drain, while I'm yelling, it's OK, it's OK, I'll go without them!!! Well, finally hubby looks up on the counter and there are my teeth, safe and sound. This, of course, makes him even more mad, having done all that work for nothing.

So that's how we set out into the desert in old Betsy, our working truck, 23 years old, having sat around in retirement since 2009. Betsy did her job, the trip was a total of 200 miles and she didn't fail us. Only problem was, no AIR!!! With 100 plus temperatures in the desert and an angry husband, this trip did not start well. His anger subsided after a while, this, and the fact that you can open the rear window of the cab, really helped. But still, it was HOT!! I had promised pictures from the beautiful freeway that meanders through the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, but that was not to be. Instead, hubby picks one of the most crowded routes in the world, Interstate 5, which also took us to our Glendale destination.

From the 8th floor of a downtown Glendale office building, I took this picture, which I really like. I took a few more that I don't like at all. But I thought this was cool with the different patterns and the red car, so it will have to make up for the mountain views I promised in an earlier post.

After a long hot day, we were both desperate for a beer. Since  we had none at home, we continued to our town and got some. These are some pictures of our downtown

with its decorative water tower.

Every Thursday afternoon in summer, there's a farmer's market in Railroad Park. Here we pass some of the stands.

On our way home, the landscape gets drier, more of a desert scenery. These fields are always full of cattle munching away on the dry grass and weeds. Some of the many wind turbines are in the background.

Safely home, what's better than a cold beer and a Subway sandwich? 


  1. subway makes for a great hot-day meal! always think your shots of the wind turbines are cool. glad the truck did well and did not let you down. and glad your bridge is okay, too! :)

  2. I'm not a big beer drinker but on a hot day, after driving in LA with no air, I would have wanted one too! I laughed at the bit about your angry husband. Brett would have been livid with me. :)

  3. the red car and shadows is Spectacular!!! i love it. a special photo for sure. I would have been soaking wet in the truck, when i get over heated my face turns bright red and water floods down my face in rivulets and my hair gets wet and stick to my head and i am mean and nasty tempered. i think i will go with a safe "no comment" on the partial...

  4. Old Betsy looks good to me :) and it's great that she still does the job! Nice to see pics from your downtown. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I used to love seeing the wind turbines on our drive back & forth to CT from VA and since we don't do that anymore, you'll have to keep showing me YOURS! Glad the "old gal" (not you...the truck!!!) made it...:)JP

  6. Agreed - Nothing is better!!! Our first trip to a big town (Gillete Wyoming) after the fire we went and got the hugest chocolate milkshake you can order - since we had no power for 4 days and no groceries, I was hugging that cup like it was the only thing I wanted to carry out of this world LOL if i had to go!

    I love love love that shot of the sidewalk pattern, and the red vehicle, and the lighting - its perfect!

    And totally understand about the drain thing - i wear hard contacts LOL and this happens more then i want to admit!

  7. I've started out trips like that with my husband too--And I'm always glad when they end on a good note like yours did!

    By the way, I'm glad you didn't lose your partial! :-D

  8. I react to heat the same way as SANDRA. We got back about an hour ago from brunch at our daughter's, the A/C is on full blast, & I JUST stopped sweating!!

  9. Interesting day you've had, Inger.

    It's funny how grumpy men get when they have to do plumbing work around their own house.

  10. It's fun seeing our road trip in pictures. Also great is how it started off with you possibly losing your chompers, but you end it all victorious with a beer and a sandwich.

  11. I LOVE Subway!
    That part about the teeth made me smile so big because it's something I would do.

    Once Cade and I cruised past a buffalo on the side of the road. I kept saying, "Turn around! It was a real buffalo!" He finally turned around 30 miles later and when we got back . . . I realized the buffalo had really been a cow. Cade was so mad. I kept saying, a cow can look a lot like a buffalo when you're driving too fast. This whole thing is your fault. lol I've never lived that down. ;)

  12. Well, I think that trip was a lot more fun for me than for you :) I enjoyed it. Years ago a 90 year old friend told me about his family's trip from Tennessee to Arizona in the hot summertime (no air conditioned vehicles back then, of course). He said they carried jars of drinking water and wore wet towels across the back of their necks and across their shoulders. The windows were down, of course, and evaporation helped cool them, but they had to keep the towels wet with the jars of water. I guess they refilled them at stops along the way.

  13. Absolutely nothing better than a cold beer after a long hot day for sure.


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