Sunday, August 12, 2012

Response To Your Comments and More Fires

You know, when I watched the fire in the canyon last month, something marvelous happened: I lost my irrational fear of brush fires. Why, I think because first I saw how brush burns, scary yes, but nothing like a forest would burn. Secondly, in my irrational fear mode, I never saw any fire fighters. In the real fire there were hundreds, there were sheriffs, police, county workers, airplanes and helicopters. Now, how dumb was I, feeling so alone? Also my husband lives up here now and that makes a big difference. So, instead of being scared, I see some interesting pictures in following these fire clouds throughout the day. It's very smoky here in the canyon. I don't know where this latest fire is but I don't think it's as close as it looks here.

Thank you so much for commenting even though I have been pretty absent from your blogs lately. I hope that will change soon. I have had problems with connecting to blogs and to comment forms also. It works eventually, but in this heat, one tends to lose patience really fast with stuff like that. Then there's the Olympics, which I have enjoyed. 

I gave Samson a bottle, just a small one and he held it in his paws and licked it. We'll see. 
Fishducky: Samson is a house dog. Soldier is an outside dog.  That's their preferences. Samson stays outside at night to cool off. Or I let him out in the morning, I wake up early, and he stays out until we walk or the sun comes up. 
Sandra: No, we don't have air conditioning. One cannot be installed in our 1970s windows; we tried a free standing one and didn't like it; and finally, we haven't installed anything more complex and expensive because it is never hot like this for this long. Samson just finished a post that I will post tomorrow or the next day about how he feels about this subject. Poor boy. I hose them, they don't like it, but that's tough. I'm ready to hose myself too by now.

D. G. Hudson: Frozen water bottles! Now why didn't I think to bring some on that hot trip through the Mojave desert?!
Elisa: I'm glad  you enjoyed that Samson post, but I'm afraid you are was written by Samson, not me, so he's the witty one. And you are hilarious, that buffalo that was a cow just cracked me up! 
Munir: Thanks!
Annette: I read that you had the same problem with your night-time temperatures. I'm reminded of Princeton, New Jersey, where I lived for 12 years. Some of them without air. That was an ordeal, for sure, with all that heat and humidity.

J.P.: I am getting a bit tired of the windmills because there are so many of them down in the desert by now. But I guess they are still a better alternative than nuclear and oil, etc.

Feral: I'm trying the frozen water bottle, a small one. He's licking it and playing with it, we'll see what happens.
Kim: I'm glad I'm not the only one to have road trips start out badly. Main thing is they end well, as ours did. 

Amy: All is well that ends with a beer and a Subway sandwich, I'd say!
Barbee: When I started to feel sorry for myself on that hot trip, I thought about the people who came across here in covered wagons. How they did it, I cannot fathom. 

And now my husband wants me to watch the marathon with him on TV, so that's what I will do. 


  1. I admire your positive approach, Inger. I'm terrified of fire and don't know if I'd be as strong as you are with such smoke in the distance, even if it is far away. It seems like so many countries are broiling -- Italy had a drought, corn also roasted in the fields. Austria was unseasonably warm. No snow on the Alps.

    Hard to believe the Olympics are over. London did a fantastic job!

  2. We've had a lot of fires here too, up in the forested areas of the mountains and foothills. so many mornings I've woken up to that smoky smell in the air and know that another fire has been burning through the night. We live in the valley/city area so no danger here but it's often a huge inconvenience to the people in the path as they have to evacuate and risk losing their homes. I often wonder, how do they decide what to take?

  3. I love the frozen water in a bottle idea...for us and for the pups! Thanks!

  4. great post, i enjoyed your comments on comments..very much. beautiful photos to.
    I lived the first 40 years of my life in the south with no AC, but now that i have it I don't know how i survived. I have often thought about the wagon trains and how they survived the cold and heat and rain and storms. i would no fare well, i am a wimp. just glad i am living in the now and not then. i might like to go back to the fifties except then there was no internet/blogging

  5. Love the pictures Inger! You don't have air conditioning? Oh, bless your heart! I have said so many times this summer than I am so thankful for my air conditioning. I am so spoiled. I wish I could send some cool air your way. I would love to share! Gracie doesn't know how good she has it. She is spoiled too. That's probably why we are such
    We have been enjoying the Olympics off and on.. I love the swimmers and the gymnastics especially.
    Tell Samson Gracie sends love!


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