Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Don't Know What To Call This Post ~ An Update, Perhaps ~ Or This And That From The Canyon??

While I was in LA, they called from the eyeglass place to let me know my new glasses were ready for pick up. So, safely home in the canyon, I set out for our town on Friday to pick them up. 

I don't know about you, but every time I get new glasses, I don't like them. I've had my old pair since 2005, they had wire frames that were very comfortable, but it was time for something new. I decided to try for a more updated look. Of course, first thing you notice when you put on new glasses are all the wrinkles you didn't know you had!!

I thought the glasses looked large and dark on me and I wasn't sure about this thingy on the side. But by now I like them. They add something to this no makeup, light-skinned, Swedish face of mine. Plus I can see better, which of course is why you get new glasses to begin with. 

Then I stopped by the vet to pick up a refill of Soldier's pain pills. And, oh my, I fell in love with this dog! I asked if I could take her picture, but right then the vet tech came to take her inside, so this is all I got. Well, this dog had the sweetest little white and pink face, sort of pit bull and Boston terrier or some such mix. She fell for me too and was all over me, licking and jumping. You can tell from the picture what was so special about her: Her face, chest and front legs were white and then the rest of her, except the little white socks on her hind legs was pure black. She looked like she had dressed in something, a leotard, perhaps. The markings were perfect and she was adorable. All I have to remember her by is this picture of her rear end. 

On my way home, the road was blocked, a bunch of guys in green hazmat overalls were doing something in the road next to a gas station that has been closed for some time. A sour looking sheriff's deputy (he was probably just hot) directed traffic to take a detour. So I drove up to this other road that I like a lot, called Highline. From there, the view is more expansive and I stopped by the side of the road and took a few pictures. 

I got my $100.00 gift certificate for completing a health assessment and health program put on by the University of California. I do this online every year. It's an excellent program. I took the healthy heart program and was successful in two areas: I managed to stop adding salt to my food. Difficult for me to say the least, I love my salt! And their tracker helped me get going on my morning walks with the dogs. I had a lot of catch up to do after my sickly winter. So I gained that and $100.00. I will spend it at Amazon. I had already decided I wanted to buy two DVDs and several books. But now that I have purged my bookcases of over 100 dusty books, I'm thinking it would be so nice and clean with a Kindle. I think I've decided to get their least expensive model.

Talk about books, I just finished reading The Pact, by Jodi Picoult. This is the first book I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it. Actually, it was a page turner because a tragedy happened and it could have happened several different ways and I just had to know. I liked this book a lot and I will read more books by this author. 

It's very, very hot here in the canyon today. Also inside the house. There are some days during the summer that fans are not enough and even I wish for air conditioning. Today is one such day. My husband has a lot of stuffed peppers that he prepared some time ago and froze. We will have one each for dinner tonight, stuffed with rice, shrimp or crab, and all the wonderful seasonings he knows how to add. 

Finally, I am not following any schedule for posts this summer. I will pick up my Sunday and Tuesday regular posts in the fall. I'll keep the Foto Friday posts for now, they are so easy and I enjoy finding pictures to post from my archives.

Thanks for your comments on our trip to Los Angeles. It's so true that taking the camera really helped me cope with all that traffic. 


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