Monday, August 13, 2012

Samson Asks For a Christmas Present

Samson Says: 

Samson:  Mommy, what's an air conditioner?
Mommy: It's a device that you can install to keep your house cool. (to herself: poor boy, he's just too hot and he doesn't like to get wet).

Samson: How come we don't have one?
Mommy: It's usually not this hot this long, so we never installed one. It's also expensive to run and we don't know if we can afford one right now.
Samson: to sure can afford everything else.

Samson: Mommy, am I a very good dog?
Mommy: Yes, of course you are. You are the very best dog any mommy and daddy could wish for.
Samson: Then, if I'm a very good dog, do I get a Christmas present?
Mommy: You remember last Christmas, you got lots of presents. So, of course, you will get many Christmas presents this year too. You can start on you wish list any time.

Samson: You promise, I can have anything I want?
Mommy: Yes, within reason, you can.
Samson: Here's my Christmas presents wish list: 
ONE GREAT BIG, VERY BIG, AND VERY COLD AIR CONDITIONER! Thank you mommy, when will it arrive?
Mommy: Speechless.............

Have a nice and cool day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup


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