Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Samson Looks For the Blue Moon and Has a Scary Experience

Samson Says:

So the other night, I was in the house, minding my own business (OK chewing on mommy's hat) when I heard the TV human saying that there was a Blue Moon outside. 

This I had to see, so I asked to be let out in the dog run. You know, sometimes I wonder if you humans, nice as you may be, really know what you are talking about. 

The moon was the same old color it always is, but the clouds around it were like a little blue, maybe. Feeling a bit tricked by this TV human, I decided to kill a mouse first, then lie down and relax a bit.

I'm still hot, you can see by my tongue hanging out. Anyways, there I am, minding my own business once again, when suddenly I hear something moving in the bushes. 

Then I smell a strange smell! Not a coyote, I know those scraggly critters by now and they don't scare me, not one bit. No, this is something I've never smelled before and I feel danger. I hear more rustling in the bushes, oh, I don't know about this. It's dark out and the moon goes behind the clouds just when I need it to see. Then it gets so dark I can't figure out what's out there. It's up to no good, I can feel it. Maybe it's after me. 

Suddenly, I feel the hair on my back stand straight up in the air and this sound comes out of my throat: "Grrrrr, grrrrr, grrrr!" I never heard that sound come out of me before and now I'm scared. I hate to admit it, but I'm scared. So I let out a lot of barks for my daddy to come and help me. As soon as he comes, here comes that sound again: "Grrrr, grrrrr, grrrrr!"

 "Samson," daddy says, "that's the first time I ever heard you growl! What's going on out here? Look at your hackles, they are raised all the way up in the air!" Daddy's sounding very excited while I'm wondering what are my hackles, where are my hackles? I didn't know I had hackles and I didn't know I could growl. How could it happen, coming out of my throat like that? By the time I calm down and daddy looks around, the danger is past. I will never know what was out there. It was a scary moment that I absolutely blame on the TV human and his Blue Moon. Full of tricks they are these humans on the TV.

Have a nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup.

Inger: Thanks for your feedback on the Kindle. I really appreciate it. 


  1. Oh Inger...I'm laughing and giggling...this is so funny...I said Jim read Inger's post today for a good pick me up....Blue Moon and Werewolves...that's all I can think of...or the 2nd moon in the moon...maybe!
    Ron and Sophie
    PS..I reverted to another template..no more weird things happening here anymore...I HOPE!

  2. LOL! Samson, you never know what's out there! Good that you have 'found' a new growl to use as necessary!
    Inger, this was fun...Samson is such a beauty!

  3. Well said, Samson. Us humans are barking mad most of the time and don't you forget it!

  4. Samson, tell your mommy, Baby Girl puts her hackles up at one thing only. The MAILMAN. she hates the mailman, she barks and looks a lot like you in this picture and hackles stand up all the way down her back. now i am wondering what you saw that made you growl. Jake rarely barks and does not growl. our dog Max was king of growlers.

  5. Samson will have his own book someday, if you collect these posts in a book, Inger. I think many people would like reading a dog's POV.

    Nice story, Samson!

  6. samson, you are just learning new tricks as you get older!

  7. Oh Samson, that was a close call.
    Perhaps you should be grateful to your daddy for rescuing you? The scary thing might have been to do with the blue moon after all, you know.

  8. Samson--I LOVE your posts!!!

  9. Sampson, it's a good thing your "daddy" was there to protect you...just in case!...:)JP

  10. Oh, my goodness, Samson! That was a frightening time. I wonder what it could have been? But now you have discovered you have a growl to add to your bark. Growls are good, sometimes. Let's other critters know you are serious. Maybe you scared it off with your growl. I'll bet that's why you and your daddy never got to see it.

    If you don't know what it was, maybe it was a Bear. Bears are usually friendly. But, just the same, it's good that our daddy came out to check on you and whatever it was.

    You're turning into a fine guard dog! This is excellent. (Just don't demolish too many of those green things that are like tennis balls!)

    And it's nice to have someone other than Humans to "talk" to in the Blogsphere.

    Blessings and Bear hugs (not big Bear-sized hugs; Samson-sized hugs)!

  11. He he kul inlägg och fina bilder på Samson, undrar vad han reagerade på....mysko...härliga månbilder...lite spökiga...
    Kram från oss!

  12. Let's just hope he was howling at the moon!

  13. Good boy, Samson! That's your job - sound the alarm if danger comes your way.

  14. Tucker here... boy, those humans have very strange ways of talking! Blue moon, indeed!
    Anyway... perhaps a werewolf was out there - they come out on a full moon!

  15. Hi Samson .. you're doing well keeping them humans alerted to unnatural rustlings on a blue moon night - hope you and that family won't have too many scares in the future.

    Glad you're all safe and you take excellent blue moon shots .. happy quiet days ahead ... Hilary

  16. Hi Inger! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. We decided to turn right when we get to the coast, not left! But... we may look into swapping a time share for one we like in Ventura. If that happens we'll just have to take a trip inland!

  17. Oh Samson I was scared too Maybe blue coyotes or werewolves. Buttons I am mobile

  18. LOL. I wonder what it was that got him so fired up? Snake maybe...

  19. Beautiful pictures of the moon.

  20. Oh, I'm so glad I stopped by today -- what a hoot! I can just see the look on Samson's face after he growled... lol. Like, where did that come from? :)

  21. Such a fun post! I hope Samson has gotten over his fright night!

  22. No more TV for you, Samson.


  23. Dear Inger, that Samson is one intuitive dog. He smelled trouble--whatever it was--and immediately knew to raise his hackles and growl. What a watchdog! Peace.


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