Sunday, August 19, 2012

Samson's Morning Adventures

In the early morning hours, mommy and me go looking for the BIG jack rabbit. I've seen him up on the hill behind the house, and he is huge. I would very much like to chase him, but I know mommy won't let me.

Black tailed jack rabbit. Image from Wikipedia

The jack rabbit is really a hare. I know rabbits, they're small. What a jack is, I don't know. What humans do most of the time, I also don't know. They like to confuse themselves and us dogs too. Just saying.......

This is how it looks here in the morning when the sun is about to come over the mountain tops. We go down this road, even though I KNOW the jack rabbit lives in the hills above our house. Which is completely opposite from where we're going. Do I have a say in this? No, I'm on a leash. 

We walk down this road and this morning we see two ravens, one on each post. Mommy isn't any good with camera lenses, so she just points and shoots, maybe you can still see them. I don't blame you if you can't.

Here, I get excited, because here is where a lizard used to live. He'd come out of the bushes and run down the road at max speed. I think he liked to tease me. I know I could have caught him if mommy would have let me run, but you know how she is. 

The lizard is gone now, he looked a lot like this one but bigger.

This morning, two of these came running across the road, so fast mommy didn't get a picture. Camera got stuck in her jeans pocket and she said two BAD words. I heard her! So an old picture of a road runner.

Then we pass the field where the cows lived. I miss them lots, they are on their way to Texas, I think. Angel once kissed a cow, but I wouldn't go that far. Not me!

Now I spot something in the road.

Do you know what it is? It's a kangaroo rat! It can hop like a kangaroo, but it has to be alive to do it. This one is dead. I lunged and picked it up in my mouth, just to make sure. Mommy yelled for me to drop it, so I did. Mommy said I looked disgusting with the rat's tail sticking out of my mouth. Humans!!!

Soon we've walked this whole long road and come upon our little rabbit friend. 

He's kind of dumb. When he sees us, he gets petrified. That means he can't move. Or he thinks he is invisible, either or, I don't know. All I know is if I were a coyote, he'd be my dinner. For sure. But I'm just a well-fed dog, so I all I want to do with the rabbits is to chase them. 

On our way back to where the real BIG jack rabbit lives, we come upon a bird feather. Maybe a hawk or an owl, we don't know. I think mommy, who is human, should know, but she doesn't. 

Soon we're up by the barn where most of the rabbits live. I look, I sniff, I look some more, and then I use my very excellent nose again, but the BIG, GIANT, rabbit is nowhere to be found.

Many little cottontail rabbits, like this one, scatter into the bushes. That's all ~ maybe if we'd walked this way first, like I wanted........

I am bitterly disappointed, but then I look down on the ground where I see a lot of busyness. Ants! I scared them! Big and red, they rush into their houses. 

Their houses are big and round, surrounded by little twigs, and with a hole that they all rush into when I get close.

I guess they all live underground when it is time for them to go home and get some rest. They deserve a nice house to rest in. Ants are among the most hardest workers in the animal world. I'm sure glad I wasn't born an ant. Phew!

That was my morning walk with mommy. We didn't see the  jack rabbit, but we sure saw a whole lot of interesting animals and stuff. 

~~~~~ THE END ~~~~~

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup


  1. Samson--You sure lead an interesting life & you tell us about it BEAUTIFULLY! Don't be too hard on your Mommy. She's just a human, like me. We do the best we can!!

  2. Samson, sounds like a great morning adventure to me!

  3. your mommy sounds like a spoilsport. :) i like your rabbit and hare friends. and i like the light on the mountain tops, too. :)

  4. You and your mommy have an wonderful walk in the morning. (Miss Sadie and I would love to join you, as it seems like such a delightful way to begin the day.) There are so many interesting things you can see.

    Being on a lead is a nuisance, I realize. But that way, you don't get bitten by a rattlesnake, or turn into some coyote's breakfast. Though I think you're probably too big for coyote.

    I hope you keep having lots of lovely morning walks with you mom.

    ~ Bear

  5. Great post, Samson! I loved it!
    I have never heard of a kangaroo rat. I'll have to Google that one.

  6. Samson, I loved being taken along and seeing all the cool things in your world that has so much to see!!

  7. Samson/Inger, you have a 'zoo' outside your house and down the road! The terrain is so different from here and therefore the animal-life as well. A kangaroo rat?! Guess that's what makes the world go round!

  8. What an interesting walk! And Samson, sometimes your voice reminds me of Gracie... could it be that she is rubbing off on you? As long as you don't get her attitude! I love the pictures! It is so beautiful there.. I am envious, but I would not do well with snakes. Gracie would be in seventh heaven with all the wildlife. Thanks for sharing this beautiful walk with us!! Love to you from Gracie!

  9. A very enjoyable and interesting walk. We don't have jack rabbits here -- maybe we are too high. Lots of the regular rabbits tho. I've only seen a jack rabbit once -- and it was weird looking.

  10. Good job, Samson, thank you! Lovely walk.

  11. Tucker here, your morning walk sounds wonderful. I took a walk with Gypsy and Dreaming around the campground this morning. I didn't see nearly as many things as you did. I love your bunnies. Bunnies are my favorites too. I found a dead bird and ate it. I wouldn't drop it when Dreaming asked me to do so. You coulda eaten the Kangaroo rat if you hadn't listened! But... I guess you are much better behaved than I am!

  12. Oh Samson .. you do have interesting walks with lots happening don't you - and I can quite see how life out in the desert canyon entertains you.

    Mummy is pretty good taking you out everyday - she must love that sunrise .. She doesn't take bad photos either ..

    Please tell Mummy I'll be doing the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe report back shortly!

    Enjoy the week .. cheers Hilary

  13. Samson, you are so beautiful that if you were mine (don't tell Mommy) I'd take you walking up that other way so we could both see the Jack Rabbit ;-)

  14. now that is my kind of walk, you should be happy you are not on the end of MadSnapper's Leash, because you would be standing still a LOT while I madly much to snap so little time. wow. i love the early morning glow in these photos.

  15. are the best story teller...I would have chased all those things today is one big chase anyway. Looks mighty hot and dry there now....needs some rain? I'll send you some!!
    Sophie Tophie!

  16. Dear Inger, I read your last postings--three I think. And I learned about the fire and the firemen and the canyon and the dogs and air conditioning for Samson and so many things that make up your life right now. The downpour must have been like the biblical manna in the wilderness. I can see myself, like you, wanting to rush out into the rain and do a dance of pure joy. I'm so glad that you and Samson walked together and enjoyed that smell that comes after rain settles the dust and washes it from leaves and branches. And yes, how grateful we need to be to those who fight these fires and to those who keep us safe. Peace.

  17. I am fascinated by roadrunners. I had one drinking out of my pool a few weeks ago. I didn't get a picture of it, but I sure wish I would have.

  18. Ah, the taste of dead rat. Samson, you charmer!

  19. Enjoyed Samson's doggy eye view of the world. Your photos make the desert so beautiful.

  20. You live in beautiful country.

  21. Nice walk. I don't know that I've seen the style of ants nest you have. Ours around here are mounds, or just sort of open holes. Lovely pics of the area, too. (And Samson, sorry, hon, but a tail sticking out of your mouth looks disgusting, gotta go with Mom on this one... Icky...)


  22. Wow what a walk... I am tired now!!

  23. A beautiful morning spent with your sweet mommy. So much to see and you were a good boy, Samson. :)

  24. Samson,
    My kids said they wish you could take them on a guided tour of all these amazing things. My oldest especially LOVES going on adventures ;)

  25. Samson, I sure wish I had you around our place to scare all our ants back into their homes. We have those nasty fire ants here and I never seem to be able to work in flower beds without getting caught up in their activities!

  26. These pictures are so cool!

  27. Vilka härliga bilder från er morgonpromenad, haren var för söt.

  28. What a clever dog and a great storyteller. I just love your photos.


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