Saturday, August 4, 2012

L. A. Street Scenes with Commentary

We went to Los Angeles on Thursday for business reasons that required a lot of driving around town. I couldn't stand the traffic and was glad I brought the camera to distract me a bit. Here are a few street scenes, not the best and straight out of the camera, but I still hope you may enjoy them. At least they are a change from my usual country scenery.

Waiting at a traffic light in Hollywood. I was grateful any time we had to stop; riding around town made me a nervous wreck. Hubby was not too pleased. And to think, I used to be so happy living in LA because driving was so easy there compared to what I called "real" cities, like New York and San Francisco. Country living sure has spoiled me.

The big towering, very Hollywood, structure is the back end of the Kodak Theatre, now renamed the Dolby Theatre, where the Academy Awards used to be held. There's a nice little shopping mall in there too. It's located at Highland and Hollywood Boulevard.

At the corner of Highland and Hollywood Boulevard. You can see everything on Hollywood Boulevard. While I believe it has been cleaned up quite a bit from the way it used to be, tourists, local characters, weirdos, prostitutes, drug addicts, run away kids, and dreamers are still part of life on the boulevard.

During the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and early 1990s, this Catholic church held many memorial services. I went to one there for my friend Tony, who was also my boss for a while at UCLA. It was so incredibly sad because the majority of people who attended were dying. And you looked at them, many were young, and you knew they were dying, but you didn't know what to say, you felt so helpless. This happened often. I would run into a guy I hadn't seen for a while at UCLA, and all the signs of AIDS were there. So what do you do? I would stop and say hello and act normal, but things were not normal then. It was an incredibly sad time. 

Further down the street, we came upon something I had not seen before. In one city block, there were three luxury hotels for dogs. I wish I could have stopped and checked them out. Their window displays were gorgeous. I've never seen anything like it. By the time I got my camera out, this was the last hotel, called the POOCH Hotel. Only in Hollywood, I thought. Well, maybe in Manhattan too, to be fair.

Olympic Boulevard is one of the main thoroughfares and longest streets in Los Angeles. It runs from Santa Monica in the west to East Los Angeles and a part of it runs through the neighborhood where we used to live. The name was changed from 10th Street to Olympic Boulevard in honor of the 10th Olympic Summer Games, held in Los Angeles in 1932. Here we're approaching Koreatown.

A strip mall, Koreatown style.

I liked the swaying palm trees with a view of the tall buildings of downtown LA in the background. Another thing I really liked about living in Los Angeles was the fact that tall buildings have their place in certain areas of town and the rest is residential, like one big suburb, but it really is the actual city. We lived one block south of Olympic Boulevard and had both raccoons and opossums as frequent visitors to our backyard. 

An Asian woman, using an umbrella for sun protection.

A bakery in an Hispanic neighborhood.

In LA, you notice the smog when you look toward the mountains. Here I tried to capture the Hollywood Sign. Not an easy feat, but I think you can see it up in the hills in the middle of the picture.

The white building in the hills in the center of this picture is the Griffith Observatory, home to the Samuel Oschin Planetarium that puts on spectacular shows of cosmic explorations. The Griffith Observatory was also the place where the most dramatic parts of the 1955 film, Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean and Natalie Wood, took place. Soon after this, we hit the freeway and were on our way back home. 


  1. i don't blame you for not liking city traffic any longer. i prefer the country, too. :)

  2. Hua, such traffic...would give me the creeps too.

  3. That's my city--thanks for the tour!!

  4. Haven't see LA for a while, so thanks for sharing those glimpses in your photos.

    I think Vancouver is supposed to be second in bad traffic stats to LA, so I sympathize. Seattle had the same problem when we visited there a year ago.

    Why? Not enough safe alternatives and growing populations? Hmm-m.

  5. Skulle ju vara kul att besöka LA såklart. Men du visar det bra med dina bilder. Man är ju lantis o trivs bra med det. Storstan är inget för mig...
    Kram från oss!

  6. I am quivering in my chair just reading and looking at photos of the traffic. tell your hubby he would NOT want me in the car with him. i am so bad, even in our little town, i drive and will not ride with bob in traffice. i am reading a thriller and the PI in it gets in a rage driving in LA traffic, i thought of all the things in the book while i read this.
    check this out, i looke up Pooch hotel and it is for doggy day care of leaving them there for a trip.

  7. Thank you for the tour.


  8. When ever I visit a city, I always feel sorry for the people there who are probably quite happy.
    I does make me appreciate my country setting and tiny town. Shopping is not so hot here but the nerves are never tense.
    Thanks for the tour and glad I could view from the safety of my computer.

  9. I have to drive into LA periodically for work. I hate it. I much prefer the road in your header.

  10. What a good idea to distract your nerves with your camera! These shots all look so familiar. Two of my kids lived in LA for some time, in an apartment in Korea town. One went to USC film school, the other lived there while finishing nursing school. (Thanks for your comment on my blog about Farm Girl, Inger. I'm glad you liked it!)

  11. Great pics, Inger! I finally got internet back at my place, so I'm able to check your blog more regularly - yeah:) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  12. Great photos, Inger!
    I would love to know Los Angeles.

    I have a dear friend that live in LA. Naomi is my blog friend since 2005 and she has a great blog. If you like to visit her, please, click here: Here in the Hills.

    Have a good Sunday!

  13. Great post, Inger! I really enjoyed it.

  14. I know how you felt about the city. The one and only time I have been to Paris, France, as we were driving out and away, I felt so(!) relieved. I told my husband (who was driving) that I felt that I had been to hell and back. I've always been a country girl.

  15. "Country traffic" is so much easier to smile about, Inger! Thanks for showing me LA!!!...:)JP

  16. My daughter is in a L.A. high-rise for another 3 months doing her traveling nurse stuff... Every time she calls I hear sirens, traffic and just general noise pollution. I think I'm spoiled on the country life!

  17. I do not like city traffic!!! especially BIG cities!

  18. Thanks so much for coming to my blog! You were 5 minutes from me when you were on Highland, near the Church....Amazing, isn't it?
    I hope you will come back. I don't have a follower thingy, but you can put me in the Google whatever-it-is-called, which tells you each time I update...I wil be back to see more of your blog, after the Olympics are over! (lol)

  19. Dear Inger, driving in LA would require patience I don't seem to have anymore. As I age, I'm becoming a much more cautious driver and I'm losing that sense of discovery that made any driving an adventure. I feel bad about that, but it's the truth. Peace.

  20. I don't like driving in the city at all. Interesting pictures though.

  21. Wow I have never been. Thank you Inger for taking me along. Buttons

  22. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour, Inger. I think I would have liked living in L.A. in another life... :)


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