Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Silly Samson Post

Samson Says:

Samson: Will you stop taking my picture. I'm not in the mood for flashing lights in my face. I need to rest, it's been a busy day, people coming by and all. 
Mommy: Oh, come on Samson, you are just sooo cute, I can't help myself.

Samson: I'm NOT cute, I'm a boy! And I'm getting mad now!

You better watch it, I'm coming to get you........

and I'll lick that camera til you stop it!
Mommy: Ouch, you're sitting on my lap, it hurts.
Samson: OK, will you stop it?
Mommy: OK, OK, you win, no more pictures at least not today.........

Samson Says: Have a nice day everyone and listen to your dogs or you may be sorry!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog.


  1. Samson talks just like my grandson Sam. What's in a name that makes them so awkward?!! ;-)

  2. Samson, You are soooo adorable. Your mommy has to take pictures of you to share with your fans.


  3. He looks fuzzier than usual almost like he has been blow dried lol.

  4. Mabel and Charlie agree with you entirely Samson. They may only be cats but they too get fed up of those flashing camera lights in their faces every time they decide to look cute.

  5. I have seen that same look many times... dog speak for Stop It Mommie

  6. Tucker here, I am so glad that Samson brought this up. I mean, what is it with our stupid humans wanting to snap pictures of us? Geesh. And I totally agree with the cute thing. We are big, strong, superb examples of our canine species. We are ferocious. We are not cute! You go, Samson!

  7. Samson, you are an irresistible, handsome devil. Love your pre-pounce pose.

  8. Samson you are quite handsome ...and cute too lol

  9. Is Samson having a bad day? We won't tell him how nice he looks if it embarrasses him.

    I'm on Inger's side, just smile and get used to it, big boy (Samson). She's made you famous.

    I'll meet you in that coffee shop on the edge of space, Inger. . .thanks for visiting the Wormhole blogfest!

  10. You TELL her Samson!! Those humans just don't get it!! (Sophie asked me to say this, honest!)

    What a sweet looking boy he is!!

  11. I hear you, Samson ~~~ I was sleeping all over Ron today ~~~ long walk and I was tired not to mention the Time Change still!
    I put a link on my comment for you on recent post.

    Later IngerDoodle

  12. LOL! When Copper wants something he sits on my lap...always in front of others, as if to show off...boys are such hams!...:)JP

  13. What a beautiful dog! His winter coat must be amazing!

  14. Oh, that's such a cute series of pictures! I LOVE that last one, especially. Thanks for the smile.

  15. Pawrents go crazy with the cameras sometimes. A burden all cute dogs must carry - BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  16. I think Samson is VERY cute, but you'd better not tell him, Inger. I don't want to upset him!

  17. Hi Inger .. he certainly looks well and come on give a dog a life ... Samson needs his peace and quiet too - but he does write good blog posts given computing time!?

    Love the photos ... cheers Hilary

  18. I've had this same conversation with our dogs!! :-)

  19. I don't think I'd be sorry if Samson sat on my lap. :)

  20. Samsom you makes me laugh!
    Love seeing your photos!

  21. Samson the puffball! Oh, that is priceless! Looks like Samson and Rudee have much the same opinion about photography. At least, being the subject of, at any rate...


  22. Well said, Samson. And you're not "cute"; you a manly guy!

    Blessings and Bear hugs to you, and mom, and dad!


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