Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Camera-less Road Trip @ Thanks For Your Comments

The trip down the mountain was gorgeous with verdant hills, dotted with cows, that would have reminded me of Yorkshire if I had ever been there. I have not, but I saw Calendar Girls and read many mysteries by Peter Robinson, so I have an idea of the landscape. Orange flowers still in bud covered the fields and the oak trees were coming alive. Sadly, many of them and many fir trees have died in the drought. 

Looking through my archives, I can't find any pictures of a trip down the mountain in spring. So, instead, I'm posting some I took last year from the west side of our town, where there are oaks and green fields. These were taken later in spring. 

As we drove down the highway, low flying buzzards came sailing down right in front of the jeep. This happened twice and so fast, I wouldn't have been able to capture them with my camera, so I didn't miss out. Instead, I had the opportunity to see, with my own eyes, these large birds close up. And it was quite something to see their faces, the red, that you don't really see as they fly above.

After we finally were done with the Jeep/Chrysler dealer, we were starving and I was throwing a few mini-diabetic hunger fits. So we went to Chili's close by Costco and made a meal of it. We rarely eat out, so we splurged. Hubby had steak and I had salmon, both really good. Then I decided I just had to have some dessert and my hubby wasn't going to be left out: I had cheese cake and my husband (I wish I had assigned my Mr. Anonymous a fitting name, like Buttons: My Hero, and feral woman's: Mr. Forestman, when I started my blog; I really don't like this husband stuff), anyway, he had a huge, warm, chocolate chip cookie, with hot chocolate sauce, topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Dreamy stuff! We ate of each other's goodies and I don't remember when I last ate that much. I could barely move, and kept adding more and more insulin, feeling immensely grateful for my insulin pump. I survived, except for high sugars coming on this morning. Oh, well, sometimes you just have to be bad!

This time at Costco, my husband, full of good food didn't dawdle, he just walked around the store and only picked up what we actually needed. There must be something to this idea of grocery shopping while on a full stomach. 

Finally, thank you so much for your comments on my tired tree. I was especially happy to hear from feral woman, who knows about these things. She said this: That looks to me like a healthy juniper that sprawling - they spread out like that when the going gets tough in order to survive - "dropping" unnecessary branches and promoting the strongest branches in order to catch sunlight for photosynthesis... kinda like us ;)

Thanks for letting me know this, I will now understand my junipers better. I believe that every living thing in the desert must have some tricks to pull out in hard times, in order to survive. The last time we had good precipitation here was three or four years ago and I remember how green the junipers were in the spring that followed.



  1. feral is such a smart (and wise) woman. i like her! :)

    and you were bad but you were prepared for it, too! good for you!

  2. Forgetting the camera has been a bad thing for me lately.

    I call my husband DH, the D can stand for whatever I want and no one is the wiser. I think it is supposed to be Dear or Darling... but it's usually something else... like dingy as when he painted the porch railings orange!

  3. good info from feral woman. i call my hubby that on almost all my post, but sometimes bobby appleseed. when someone doesn't use hubby or husband i wonder if they are married or not, hubby sounds good to me... what a lovely view you had last year, and will have again in a few weeks. or at least i hope so for you..

  4. It's not too late to create a name for your husband. Elvis Aaron Schwarz is a relatively recent addition to my blog, though he's not a husband, of course. At least he's not my husband, and he'd better not be someone else's husband.


  5. Jättefina bilder, trevligt att se hur det är hos dig.
    Ja va försiktig o peta i dig massa gott gott....annars åker sockert upp. Va rädd om dig! Kram!

  6. Hello Inger,

    I came through via your blog. I see it in your Los ASngels be nice weather. Here in the Netherlands it is still cold and frost. Brrrr ....... it is time that the trees are green with us :-)

    Greetings, Helma

  7. Oh Inger he sounds like Your Hero to me. Hugs B

  8. We all HAVE TO be bad, sometime--hope the insulin pump helps!!

  9. It is so nice when we sin food wise that we have someone who sins right along with us, no matter what you call him.
    So glad you have the pump to regulate for you.

  10. I made it out of hibernation, and thought I would come by to say, "Hello." We're facing the threat or spring flooding here; wish I could send something wet your way.

    Seems like you survived the winter, as did your dogs (even though your didn't mention them).

    Blessing sand Bear hugs!

  11. Ah, yes, a splurge now and then is good for the soul.
    As for 'the husband'... I think he should be the 'Man-yon'!

  12. Hi Inger ... a little of what you fancy (or desperately need) occasionally does none of us any harm and we have warm tummies and happy memories!

    Our weather is haywire .. the juniper will survive ... I love the look of your Spring fields ... life evolves and changes ..

    Cheers to you, DH and the dogs .. Happy Easter - Hilary

  13. I don't see why you can't start calling him Hunk right now. You could post up a special 'renaming my husband' blogpost and then we could all join in by comparing our hubby's pet blog names and/or creating new ones for them.

    I love the sound of that chocolate cookie with sauce and everything. Didn't know you had diabetes. Have we discussed this? Maybe I've just forgotten. (an age thing!) Is it Type 1 or 2. My little grandson (only 3) has Type 1 and has recently had a pump fitted. It's not easy!!!

  14. Dear Inger, I'm saying again--you could write poetry. You could start with the juniper and use what you first saw and then what you saw after "Feral Woman" gave you some additional information. There's a metaphor here! Peace.

  15. Hi Inger!

    I'm one of the A-Z Minions and just wanted to stop by to say hello. I'm glad to have found your blog again! I remember your wonderful photos and look forward to following again.
    Good luck with the Challenge. :)


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