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Replies to Some Comments ~ Accompanied by Springtime Pictures

I took these pictures while the Wrangler was rolling, which is why they are a bit crooked. We went down the mountain to Bakersfield yesterday. There, the grass was green, flowers were blooming, and spring was in the air. I had two medical checkups and all was well both with my diabetes and my retinas (diabetes is, of course, a major cause of blindness, so I am much relieved). 

Dear blogger friends, I was really touched by your comments on my post about the high cost of medicine, so I will reply to some of your comments here: 

Karen, now I'm curious about your tricks of the self-employed and uninsured. I love that phrase. When my husband was denied the surgery he needed at two major hospitals and almost died back in 1986, I decided I just had to marry the guy. I worked for the University of California and had excellent health insurance that would cover him as well. Since we've been married for 26 years, it turned out to be a good decision.

Bobbi, I'm glad you found the right kind of insurance for you. We hope Gracie is doing OK. I will go check soon.

Dee, I agree with you, this country has to help not only the poor, but also small business owners who can't afford the high cost of health insurance, and those who work for companies that provide insurance, but don't realize their insurance is not enough. I don't think Obama care is the complete answer, but it is a beginning. I wish those opposed to it would understand that. This is a huge and complex problem, but we have to begin somewhere.

Sandy, I can't even imagine what you went through. Not only did you lose TJ, but then, at this, the worst time of your life, you got all these unfairly high hospital and medical bills to pay. I am so sorry this happened to you. There is something so cruel about it. "Do no harm," does not seem to apply.

D. G., the other day, after I read Janie Junebug's horror story about what actually takes place in a nursing home here, I also read Jim's story about visiting his dad in a Veterans Hospital home for seniors in Canada. The contrast, well, I don't have words for it. You definitely made a wise choice, as far as your medical needs go, when you moved to Canada.

Susan, if you still have that mile long hospital bill, check  the line items after you read the article. I think you would be astonished at the charges. Well, you probably were the first time, but the article shines a spotlight on the problem.

Feral Woman, I'm with you! I really care about this, but feel  helpless. I hope the younger generation will take it on.

Jim, thank you, but president material I am not. I was a fighter for human rights in a small way when I was younger, now I just don't have the energy. But I know for sure that America is at the end of an era and in the next 40 - 50 years, it will be a country of a different color, both in terms of its people and its policies. So I hope the younger generation will take on this complex problem and see it through to a good conclusion.

Rosalind, I heard about the situation in the UK yesterday from my doctor, whose daughter lives there. I was really shocked and, after reading your comment, I am very, very sad to hear that your system is that broken. That's just terrible. 

Lindsjo taxar, you wrote your comment in Swedish, but based on what you said and what I observed during my last visit to Sweden, the socialized Swedish healthcare system seems to be working well, if not perfectly, after all these years. 

Finally, my own take on this: I believe our system is broken and as long as people are quiet and either stay ignorant (me included); as long as people accept that congress listens to lobbyists more than it listens to the people; accept that the CEO of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian makes $5,975,462 per year (and they all make a ton of money, the rest of them too); and that you may be charged $1.50 for one aspirin tablet in a hospital, when you can buy 100 tablets on amazon for $1.49; I believe the system will not be fixed. I believe that half of the population in these United States are so against government and taxes that they will rather suffer all these medical horrors than work for change. While I believe that Obama care will not solve the problem, I hope it will be a first step toward affordable health care for everyone in this country. (And Janie, grammar police, I have no idea if those semicolons belong there or not.)

The article offers some ideas and thoughts on how the system can be fixed, at least to some extent. Maybe this article and the TV and radio programs, where the author was featured and the issues discussed, will make a difference. A beginning of something at least. 

Phew! Thanks for hanging with me, I guess I got on a soap box after all!!


  1. Very well thought out & written--thanks, Inger!!

  2. Good post and my thoughts exactly. If I was younger and healthier I would be right in front. I fear for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    We are going down, the younger ones need to take up the fight or else - we won't be us anymore.

  3. Great photos I'm so ready for spring

  4. looks like there were tons of people on the same soap box, most of America is on it. i heard a few horror stories from two friends from the UK about their system, waiting for months to get needed surgery, and a few other things. don't know what the answer is....

  5. looks like there were tons of people on the same soap box, most of America is on it. i heard a few horror stories from two friends from the UK about their system, waiting for months to get needed surgery, and a few other things. don't know what the answer is....

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  7. fogot to say your spring looks fantastic... now i see there are 3 of my comments. the silly thing was stuck

  8. And a fine soap box it is!

    Lovely pictures, and some great responses to your comments. Yes, I did check the line item amounts on that bill, and was flabbergasted at the ridiculous amounts. I realized they were so high because we have insurance. I guess they charge more to the insured to help offset losses incurred to the system by those without insurance... which of course, raises the premiums for the insured. A sorry cycle. Like you say, the system is broken and in need of some serious work.

    Medicare works pretty darned well, though.

  9. i liked that you 'married the guy' to get him some medical coverage. :)

  10. Its funny that you should post this at a time when we are having an issue with the Mayo Lab - my insurance company will pay 60% of the testing, but only if the lab uses the industry coding to bill it - which my insurance company says they didnt, and they cannot pay until they do. Called the Mayo lab billing dept, and they say "tough, thats what WE use, we wont resubmit it and since your insurance wont pay, YOU have to pay the full amount.

    And the sad part is my insurance company said they would pay the 60%, but they have to have the right coding...and only the Mayo Lab can give it to them, which they wont.

    What have I done so far? I talked to my Dr who ordered the tests, and he wrote a electronic letter to Mayo on my behalf with the industry coding...but we havent heard anything yet.

    The bill? Its for $1200. This all makes me tired and sad.


  11. Oh, and I agree with TexWisgirl - marrying "w/benefits" ;) is the best way to go LOL

  12. Halloj!! Vilken lä jag tycker nog vi har bra hälsopolitik i Sverige. Det som är dock skrämmande är lite de missförhållanden som dyker upp på ålderdomshem o service hus som drivs av privata. Men man är väldigt på när det gäller hjärtinfarkter, stroker osv. Cancer vården är långt fram med bra vård.
    Kan nog tycka att vi har det bra faktiskt. Vet de stora kostnaderna ni har och att många slås ut av ert system tyvärr.
    Varma kramar!!

  13. I may be the odd man out here, but I have to say it. I don't know the solution but I really do not believe that socialized medicine and more government involvement is it. So even though we lived without insurance for 20 years, I still am not in favor of Obama care.

  14. And you did a great job Inger getting your opinion out there! That is what I was getting at saying Inger For President'....I hope more Americans get on their own soap box and DEMAND change. I have full confidence with the smart younger generation....there a lot out there, we just don't here from them too often because 'life' hasn't affected them too much yet.
    Just look north and to Sweden for a 'working model' for healthcare from which to build a healthcare system that addresses the concerns of all Americans, not just the rich ones.

    There, over and out!~ Have a great weekend Inger!

  15. Your semicolons are beautiful, and I hope you have a lovely colon, too. I appreciate you speaking out about healthcare. If I have a serious illness, or even a not-so-serious illness, I'll probably be ruined financially. I can't get insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Because of Obamacare, in another year I'm supposed to be able to get insurance, but at what kind of price? I doubt if I'll be able to afford it. I just want a decent job with health insurance. Unfortunately, no one wants to hire the Queen of Grammar.


  16. Healthcare really is broken in this country. My husband carries our healthcare due to the fact that my healthcare option at work is the much, much poorer choice.

  17. Gorgeous photos! I don't remember Bakersfield being so lush. (It has been about 35 years since we visited.)

  18. Bottom line: Health is everything!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  19. I'm touched Inger that you answered each of us. That's the personal touch! I like the way you mentioned protecting your hubs.

    I think you have an extra helping of empathy, too.

    We get queque jumpers here and some specialists who were in on encouraging this. They're being investigated in Alberta currently for fast-tracking patients who had previously paid a hefty 'joining' fee. Can't we trust anyone?

  20. I read that article and it scared me to death. Of course, that may be what the plan is.

    I also was a person who fought against inequality and injustices when I was younger, but like you, I am too tired to fight the fight anymore.

  21. Beautiful pictures and you make so many good points! Thank you!

  22. Hi Inger - I read both past and future posts .. so pleased all is reasonably well for you.

    Generally looking after ourselves is so difficult as money everywhere is so tight ...

    I have to count my blessings that I'm reasonably healthy (I should say very - really!) and things are working out for me ...

    I do what I can for others now ... cheers Hilary

  23. This is definitely a passionate subject for many yet so little seems to be getting done. Like you, if I was younger I would be more active. I am just too old and tired

  24. Dear Inger, just wanted you to know that I found the Time magazine about health in the Hyvee grocery store yesterday. The article is long and I hope to get it read this weekend. Thanks so much for recommending it. Peace.


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