Saturday, March 16, 2013

This & That From The Canyon & A to Z Challenge

About the crazy sky yesterday, yes, we live close to two major airfields, Edward's Air Force base, where sometimes the shuttle used to land, and China Lake, and of course Mojave where they are working on sending paying customers into space. There's a lot of stuff going on out in the desert and military jets are always flying over here, but I have never seen them go in circles, like they did yesterday.

A gorgeous morning in the canyon with clouds wrapped around the mountains and mist in the air. I'm alone here for a few days. Of course, I lived alone here for about four years, while my husband continued to run his business in Los Angeles. But then I had the donkey rescue for my neighbor and there was always someone around. Now there's no one. But I enjoy the peace and quiet. I'm also taking the opportunity to continue to purge my stuff, not his, but he still has a tendency to interfere with mine. 

Since Soldier is very unstable when he gets up, it occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to raise him should he fall down, so I took out the harness and put it on him. So far so good.

 I made some adjustments to it since I took these pictures and he doesn't mind it. 

Samson is doing much better since we bought 

this grain free food from Costco, recommended by the vet. He said chicken, but they didn't have any, so we got turkey meal and sweet potatoes. It's around $30.00 for 35 lbs, much better than the vet's, which is over $70.00 for 32 lbs. Janice recommended the dog food she feeds her Samoyed, but the only store in town that carried it just went out of business. It would have been my backup, but as long as Samson gobbles up this food and can handle it, I'm one happy mommy. 

I noticed that today is March 16 ~ my sister, Ann-Marie, was born on this date in 1947 with the most severe form of Down's syndrome. She was not expected to live much beyond her 20s, but she was 58 when she died in 2005. She could not speak nor look you in the eye, but she could communicate in her own way. She loved to listen to jazz, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, that record was her favorite; she loved her goldfish and would sit for ours and look at it; she didn't know who I was, but she knew I was somebody close when I came to visit her; and she would always go and wait by the door of the place where she stayed when my mom was on her way to visit. I may tell her story some day ~ while it affected our family in a negative way, it is, in the end, a very uplifting story. Simply because she inspired so much love from everyone who got to know her. 

Finally, to the A to Z Challenge, which is the only linky bloggy thingy I participate in. The first two years I just jumped in, didn't prepare a thing ahead of time and it worked out pretty well. In 2011, I wrote about life here in the canyon, in 2012, about my life in Sweden, and this year, my theme will be My 50 Years in America.  I started to prepare my posts ahead of time since the organizers suggested it. This may not have been such a good idea for someone as picky as I am, always fighting against my tendency toward perfectionism, something I can't stand. So after preparing about half the alphabet, I stopped. Now I'm faced with the latter part and all those difficult letters, Q, X, Y, and Z. 

I'm mentioning this for two reasons:

1.  I have decided to tackle this last part of the challenge. So for the next two weeks, I will spare you long posts like this one. I will still come by and visit, but I think I will just post pictures. I'm playing with Picasa and having lots of fun. So I will post mostly pictures, but I will visit you, because I miss you when I don't.

2.  I hope you will come by and read the stories from my 50 years here in America. I'm not exactly a story teller, but I'm working on it and for me that's all that counts. 


  1. you know i'll be by. :)

    glad soldier and samson are doing well!

  2. Thanks for answering that questions about the jets in the sky. Hubs has read lots about Edwards AFB.
    I'll also be stopping by to read your A to Z Challenge this year for sure, Inger. You always manage to interest me in whatever you write.

    I will be visiting some of the blogs in the Challenge as time allows, but I'm NOT participating this year.

    Here's why:
    I've been matched with a mentor for my suspense writing and I've got to focus on that. There aren't that many mentors in the writing org I belong to, so it's a privilege to get this chance.

    I enjoyed the challenge last year, even if it was hectic and I'm a perfectionist, too.

  3. glad you found food for Samson and that is about what we spend for our dog food, it is expensive. i know you have sweet memories of your sister. good luck with the a to z and we will be watching for your photos.

  4. Looking forward to the series. I remember waking one morning and thinking: Inger's letter for today is Q, what in the world will she find to write about. Then there it was, you did it! That is sweet about your sister. I have just finished reading five books by Pearl S. Buck, with one more ordered and on the way from E-Bay. Also, have reserved at the local library her book The Child Who Never Grew. It is the story of her only child by birth. She had many adopted children. Her daughter had a form of mental retardation, unknown at the time, but today the disease is known as phenylketonuria (PKU), and babies are screened for the disease. Now days with monitoring and a special diet they can have normal mental development. Pearl was a fighter and did much good in the world. I look forward to reading about her daughter who lived to be a little over 70 years old and died of lung cancer. Just throwing that out there in case anyone would be interested.

  5. God bless Ann-Marie. I'm sure she watches over you from Heaven.


  6. Jaha det var flygplan :-)
    Tänk vad bra foder kan göra för våra hundar.
    Hoppas du är ok....hur går det med din nya dator? Verkar bra eller? Då kan du säkert ladda ner Skype vore så kul att säga hej till dig live. Du bestämmer ju själv vem du vill ha som kontakt....

  7. That is a neat harness. I like it better than the one I have for Cody as mine is a lot more complicated.
    I'm glad that dog food works well.

  8. Looks like you have some really cool views there to paint. Glad you have someone to keep you company :)


  9. HI Inger! THANKS for sending the good thoughts in our direction and I'm sending some right back for your boys!

    I look forward to reading your posts--I remember the previous two years, has it been that long already?

  10. Best of luck to Samson and Soldier. So glad the dog food is working out well for Samson.
    Looking forward to your A-Zs!

  11. I won't be participating in the A-Z this year, and will pretty much be taking the month off from blogging, but I'll try to stop by your blog at least a couple times during the month.

    Have fun with it! Oh, and it's really a good idea to get all those posts done ahead of time.

  12. Nice to hear Soldier and Samson are doing well!

  13. Hi Inger .. I wonder if the jets were jetisoning extra fuel - I saw the pics - fun to see.

    Your A-Z will be fun to read - and what a good idea ...

    So pleased the dogs are improving ... or being helped along - having that harness on ... does make a load of sense ..

    Cheers Hilary

  14. That is a pretty good price. I pay $19.00 for 5 pounds for Mighty but it is so worth his no longer having seizures. Thank goodness Mighty is a small dog. So glad you found what works. We do what we have to don't we?
    I loved that first picture. The shades and textures are stunning.

  15. That's really good news about Samson's food. I'm so glad it suits him.

    Your A to Z topic sounds fascinating and, by the way, you're number 320 on the linky list.

    The piece about your sister is very moving and I look forward to reading more about her when you feel you're ready to write it.

  16. Hi Inger... You are so brave to be there all alone. I wish I were more fearless but as it stands... I'm not.
    I would love to read the story about Anne Marie.. My heart melts for Down Syndrome children/adults. There is something so special about them...
    Gracie says to send Samson some (((HUGS)))).

  17. I am really looking forward to your 50 years in America. You have many interesting stories to tell, I'm quite sure! I am always interested in families. If you are ever ready to tell more about Anne Marie, I know we would like to know more about her. It's quite remarkable that she lived so well beyond expectations. You do take wonderful care of your pet companions! I'll look forward to your photos! :-)

  18. pfft - you are a story teller, and a good one too!

    yay Samson! Im so glad that he is feeling better, and hopefully will be all done with the barfy thing. I read about how the grain they use in dog food is so processed that it doesnt even resemble grain any more...the same goes for people who are gluten intolerant - the grains are processed so much that it affects digestion. In europe where they dont process as much as we do in the states, there are less cases of gluten intolerance and in fact some people can eat the bread made there with no side effects as long as the grain (non-hybrid) is grinded without taking anything out like they do YAY SAMSON!

    and what a neat idea for soldier and the occasional weakness; he is still able to enjoy going out knowing you can help him!

    and no matter what, i find your blog interesting and you can do anything you want - ill look and read and like it :)!! xxx


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