Friday, March 29, 2013

Soldier Plays, Samson Says & I Wrap It Up BeforeTthe A to Z

This morning, as we were getting ready for our walk, Soldier spotted a tennis ball, picked it up, bounced it around for a while, then grabbed it and took it with him on the walk. 

This would not be a big deal if he were younger and healthier, but it is because every morning I make sure he's still breathing and I turn my head away as he awkwardly gets up. You can see how crooked his hind legs are in the above picture. He's one courageous dog who loves his life. It will soon be six years since my husband rescued him the day before he was to go to the pound, and one year and five months since we thought we would have to end his life after his back was injured. He took his life in his own hands or paws, I should say, that day and showed us he wasn't through. 

Mommy: Samson, you are just one big cloud of fur! I eat it, it's on my clothes, it's in the car, it's on the carpet, on the couch, in my food, on my toothbrush even. And I brush you every day, how can this be?

Mommy: Here you look like Alfalfa, hair sticking up everywhere, matted again, even though I brush and brush.
Samson: Do not!
Mommy: What, do not?
Samson: Brush me, every day.
Mommy: Do so!
Samson: Do not!

Mommy: Just look at this! I brush, I rake, I dematter or whatever it's called, I pull even. Look at it, will you. 
Samson: Mommy, the weather made me do it. It got warm, I can't help it.
Mommy: OK, you are right, it's the weather's fault. I love you my boy and I don't mind the mess.

Our largest tumble weed has not yet tumbled away in the wind storms we have every day.

The A to Z Challenge starts on Monday, April 1, and throughout April I will post according to my Theme ~ My 50 Years in America. The Challenge has gotten so huge now, the organizers even have minions to help out. I think it's great that it has become such a success. I am most definitely not writing a memoir, just little snippets, as we have been asked to keep our posts short, of my life in these United States. Some about my travels, some about a pet or two, some about events that took place during this time. 

Samson: Mommy, mommy, the gopher, the gopher! I saw him, I saw him and I'm soooo MAD now!!!!!

I feel bad that, once again, I won't be able to share how the canyon comes to life in April. Apparently, the gopher just stuck his head out of the ground and drove Samson to distraction. Ground squirrels are chasing each other across the yard, but no babies have appeared yet, strange birds, new to me and the canyon, are singing spring songs. It's a wonderful time already and will only get better. 

I think that my gut pain may have been identified and it's nothing, really. Just a bit embarrassing. Suffice it to say, I, who eat so much fiber naturally, must now eat more. If it's that simple, I'm happy, but also sorry doctors recommend the most expensive diagnostics first, instead of just recommending some Metamusil or whatever that stuff is called. We'll see.

I also plan to have the cystoscopy with a few related exams while I'm at it. I haven't had any new infections, but last year was so difficult and I may as well just get it all done now. 

Finally, I'm so glad that so many took a minute to visit fishducky's blog. She's one funny lady and so talented. And such a good friend to me and my husband.


  1. i just love soldier's resolve to keep enjoying life. bless him!

    and your fur-boy samson, too!

    hope you have a wonderful weekend. am looking forward to your april shares!

  2. love love love all the puppy pics today...especailly the Samsom big yawn... Soldier looks so good but my heart hurts looking at his legs and knowing how he feels...

  3. Brave soldier. They are such wonderful friends and a rescue dog is just so utterly grateful when we give them a good life.

    Sason just looks spoilt. Is he?

    Hope your tum sorts itself out, I have tum troubles now and then, mine are due to radiotherapy in the past. Contrary to you I need to be really careful about eating too much roughage.

  4. Härliga bilder från dig.....
    Kram från ett snöande Småland just nu

  5. Oh goodness - the hair. dont we know it. at this point, I am thinking about the Samoyede people and how they wove clothes out of their Samoyeds...we dont have to weave, all we have to do is brush them and we wear it LOL

    so glad Soldier is soldiering on! what an appropriate name for a dog who wants to carry his own tennis ball for his walk...although i bet half way through he drops it and then mom has to carry it LOL "we all get exercise!" LOL

    So glad your pain can be managed with a simple solution! And yes, I know what you mean about getting that fiber in, so things can 'work out...LOL the simple things in life are very much appreciated at your house and mine!

  6. God bless you, Soldier. Our hair situation isn't too bad at the moment. The weather turned chilly again, and two of the Z-Boys have been to the groomer to remove most of winter's fur. But Samson, you shouldn't argue with Mommy.


  7. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA...OH my goodness, I is laughin' so hard at da pikture of Samson...dat was a GREAT shot.
    Ms. Inger, my mum knows all too well bouts findin' hairs everywhere. Her finds 'em in her coffee pot, refrigerator and freezer, in hers food, in her bra (has do idea). It don't matters how much her brushes them long haired blobs...there is always hair.
    I am glad to knows you is okays withs your gut, I knows you is relieved.


  8. Soldier and Samson are very cute. Doesn't Samson get hot with that coat in the desert?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Soldier is so aptly named. He just soldiers on.
    As for Samson's hair, I heard some people use it in making toys and will actually buy the stuff. You would have to Google that to find out for sure.

  11. Soldier is quite the courageous dog. Samson's hair, well what can you say? I know you love him to keep him so well groomed!

  12. My, Samson has fur to spare!!

    Looking forward to reading your posts about your 50 years in USA.

  13. I especially like the picture of Samson explaining about the gopher.

    I'm impressed you have an AtoZ theme.
    I'm "just goin' for it." That will be enough for me.

    I'm glad you have answers for whatever was bothering you . . .
    Be Well, My Friend!
    love & love,

  14. Hope Metamucil helps you--it helped me. Thanks again for the plug--can't wait to see you & your hubby Monday!!!!!

  15. Soldier reminds me of Copper...he carries a stick with him all the time! And Moon sheds almost as much as Sampson!!?..:)JP

  16. We gotta love a guy who is never too old for a ball! Now, on the more personal side . . . mom said to tell you if you don't already do it, to eat All Bran, the Original one not the other ones. It tastes like cardboard but you can add flax seed to give it some flavor. It just might be what you need to set you free!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. So glad to hear that Soldier is soldering on. Good boy. And Samson - what a character.

  18. Glad to hear that Soldier is soldiering on, despite his challenges. And poor Samson, hairball extraordinare!

    I hope to see you on the A - Challenge (or, as we would say in Canada, Eh? to Zed Challenge). I suppose I should get started on something for that.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  19. Happy Easter to you Inger ^_^ Looking forward to read your story.


  20. Hi Inger - well the dogs keep you in check and honest!

    Your stories will be fun to read ..

    Hope the weather improves for April and that you feel better this coming summer .. happy walking - cheers Hilary

  21. Your dogs are lovely.I have a long haired German Shepherd and could brush him all day long and still he would cast hair. I'm doing the A-Z Challenge too so good luck.

  22. I've lived all my life entwined with cat fur, dog hair, rabbit fluff, the lot and it's not done me any harm! Glad to hear your results were a mere embarrassment (I have the same problem!) and looking forward to A to Z :-)

  23. I can just feel spring coming through your post! It is a wonderful time of year!
    I totally understand about the dog hair thing. I brush, too. And then Tucker walks by and leaves clumps... I have no clue how I miss them.
    Soldier is such a wonderful trooper - in all ways! What a neat dog. He is an inspiration.
    I am looking forward to your A to Z challenge.

  24. Dear Inger, Soldier is indeed brave. He has a fiercely loyal heart. And Samson is somewhat of a clown! His dialogues with you are a delight.

    I'm looking forward to your A-Z postings. I hope to read all of them. That's what I'm doing for the challenge! Have a happy Easter and I so hope your physical ills will disappear as Spring takes over in the desert. Peace.

  25. Soldier and Sampson are lucky to have such a full life with you as their mom. Soldier certainly lives up to his name. Wishing you, Inger, and your husband a beautiful Easter.

  26. It is so hard to watch our furry friends grow old. Glad to hear all is fine with your gut :)


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