Monday, March 18, 2013

Fence at Sunrise

I tried to capture the glitter of frost, instead, as I found out later, I captured the gold of the rising sun. 


  1. Not what you were going for, but it turned out really lovely!!

  2. That's beautiful, Inger.


  3. Dear Inger, I hope you're finding something to write about from your life here in the US for fifty years for Q, X, Y, and Z.

    What about your "youthful antics" for Y? Or what about "Younger Sister" for Y and you could write about your sister and how she loved jazz and waited for your mother at the door? That would be a beautiful story. Or how you visited with her when you went back to Sweden for a visit after coming here.

    What about "quantitative analysis" for Q? Perhaps you didn't take that course but the term could lead you into writing about your schooling.

    What about "X-ray" for X? You could write about the first time you had one in the United States.

    What about "zinnia" for Z. I don't know whether that flower grows in Sweden but you could use the word to get into the first gardening you did in the United States or the first time someone sent you some flowers.

    Just some thoughts! I'm so glad to learn that the harness is helping Soldier and freeing you from worry about lifting him and that Samson is eating well. Take care. Peace.

  4. I love the gold as much as the glitter. beautiful capture and lovely place to walk...

  5. Frost and Gold ~~~ very nice.
    Hugs to Samson and Soldier!

    Sophie Doodle

  6. I love surprises when I look at my pics!...:)JP

  7. Great capture, Inger!! It's always fun to get something we weren't expecting.

  8. Very pretty. So we can see the rays of Sun through frost eh?

  9. Nice landscapes....the desert is so beautiful...I´m reading " Desert Solitaire from Edward Abbey...

  10. Gold and silver always look good together.

  11. that makes me think of crisp air to breathe in, and then the warm sun comes like a wave, washing over all of us... love it!

  12. The frosted grass with the golden rays--such a magnificent contrast.


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