Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Day & Good News

While the rest of the country was deep in snow, California was not doing so well I heard on TV last week. Several inches below normal after a couple of dry years. So the snow that came in the night was badly needed. I think we got 6 - 8 inches here at 4,100 feet and a lot more fell in the Sierras. 

If this had happened yesterday, I would have had to postpone my colonoscopy procedure, which after all that horrible prep work would have been really, really bad. 

Fortunately, I was able to go and even better, the doctor came afterward and said, "no polyps, no cancer, no infection." He said something about a spasm that could cause my pain. I see him in a couple of  weeks so I will talk to him about it then. I'm much relieved and now I only have the procedure ordered by my new urologist left on March 22nd. It looks a bit complex and I will find out more about it now that this first one is over and done with. 

I overslept this morning and didn't wake up until eight to find my hubby on his way out the door with Samson. Snow seems to help him get out of bed early.

I ate a quick breakfast, took Soldier, and caught up with them.

Hubby slipped and fell. Samson is not overly concerned. 

Soldier struggled to get up this morning, but after we got outside he played in the snow, like a puppy, and walked with us through deep snow down to the mailboxes, back home, and then up to the barn. 

He was so happy, he didn't want his walk to end.

And neither did the rest of us. Samson truly belongs in the snow. He was having so much fun. He's feeling better too. I bought grain free turkey and sweet potatoes at Costco. Their brand. Samson loves it and it works well for him. 

He's also lost all the weight he put on while on steroids. He is not happy about it; I can tell he is hungry, but, with all his health issues, he just has to stay thin. 

Hopefully, no more posts about health concerns for at least a few weeks. But I will definitely post a lot more snow pictures.  I think I have a few good ones left to share.


  1. sure is pretty! glad to hear your report on your appt. was clear! and hoping your pups both stay strong and healthy!

  2. Brrr. Snow is beautiful look at and to enjoy, for a short time. Lovely photos, Inger!

  3. The snow is so pretty. When I lived in placed where it snowed, I especially liked watching it fall at night. I'm so glad your colonoscopy went well.


  4. Very nice snow shots, Inger. I especially liked #2 and #3 from the top. Glad to hear the tests are going well.

    Hope your hubs is okay, my sister-in-law has broken her arm twice slipping on ice in Saskatoon (Canadian prairies).

  5. Snow pictures are always pretty and your's are gorgeous.

    It is always a good thing to get good news from a doctor, especially after all the anxiety we go through beforehand.

  6. The snow makes wonderful pictures. I always love the stark, quiet looking snow. I'm sure we'll get more snow too but for now, it's only spotty on the ground.
    good news for you that your tests were OK. I've heard that test is not very comfortable to take. I've never had one, in fact I've never had any kind of test.
    Your photos look so serene and cool, in the real meaning of the word. Publish them again for us some time in July when it's 100 degrees. It will make the summer bearable. Ha
    Have a lovely week end

  7. Good news Inger and boy do I love your snow. Hug B

  8. You guys did get a lot of snow. We are supposed to get anywhere from 6-18 inches through tomorrow. I do hope we get a ton of snow as I have missed the blizzards!
    So glad you didn't have to redo that prep work. It is terrible! Also how wonderful to get great news!

  9. Men va snö ni fått!! Är det normalt i de trakterna?? Fina bilder på ert snölandskap

  10. Hi Inger - so pleased for you .. love the photos - what great shots ... and how gorgeous to see you all out and about ..

    Have a lovely weekend with some relief after that lots of results .. cheers Hilary

  11. Wonderful news to go with the wonderful pictures! So glad you were able to make that appointment -- with snow things like appointments are often a casualty. Your desert canyon never ceases to amaze me with its variety and beauty...

  12. It looks very nice with the snow. Great news about your health. Have a lovely Saturday!

  13. Now that is a happy,positive post. Dogs frolicking in the beautiful snow which is also adding to your moisture levels, nasty prep not wasted and great test results. Wow.
    Congrats on all accounts.

  14. so glad to hear your good news about the test. Samson almost disapears in the snow... poor soldier, cold weather is hard on the bones of us old folks. glad you all had a good walk and hope your hubby did not hurt himself.

  15. Glad everything was A-OK. All those commercials tend to scare folks a bit!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  16. An uplifting post--both the snow & your health! So glad you didn't have to go through the colonoscopy enema twice!!

  17. Hi Inger! Good news for you!! Oh that prep for a colonoscopy!! I know what you mean!They are the worst part!
    Samson almost disappears in the snow! Looks like he IS at home, for sure!
    Give Soldier a special easy hug for us. Nice that he got outside in the fresh air.
    Great photos here.

  18. It is so fun for me to see the snow, Inger. We don't live that far from each other, really, but of course as a "flat lander" i don't have any of that beautiful white stuff. :-) I love seeing it, and we do need it! I'm hoping the Sierra's have had a full, deep dusting. I'm so very glad to hear your tests have returned clear. What a lot of worry. Now to just get feeling optimum. Glad you're following through with other appointments. oxo

  19. Look at the white stuff! And look at how your peeps take you for walks Samson! Seriously.. I am being neglected here... Gracie.
    PS Samson, you are looking Good!! Gracie.

  20. Awesome news and awesome pictures! :)

    P.S. We used your slogan for Ruby's campaign. Thanks for helping us :)


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