Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Long View and Desert Weather

My husband cut down the dead cottonwood tree and I find that I now have a long view across the fields, a sought after concept in Scandinavian design. In Scandinavia we believe that a long view in nature will increase your sense of well-being and peace. As will the clean lines of our furniture and the open design of our homes. 

Of course, when you're young and you're from somewhere, you tend to not appreciate the wisdom of that place. I never liked the clean lines of Danish furniture nor kitchens open to  living areas. It wasn't until I walked into my friend Jane's house one day and felt the Zen quality of her dining room, which is furnished in mid-century Scandinavian style, that I got it. The no fuss, the clean lines, the few but beautiful pieces of pottery gave me such a sense of peace. So I got it, finally. I will miss the tree, but it was dead and had to go. And now I look forward to this different view of nature changing with the seasons.

And what does this picture have to do with anything you may wonder. Jim commented on my last post about sweaters in January. Well, it got worse! Yesterday, it was hot here! I had to take my sweater off and put on a T-shirt! Hence, the picture to document it. Two more weeks of this weather they said on the Bakersfield news last night. And they added that December 2011 was the driest December on record. So I guess we're in a desert drought up here in the mountains. I wish for snow, but will settle for rain because this is really bad right now. 


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