Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Samson Greets the Rising Sun

Samson Says:

     Mommy likes to go outside and watch the sun rise and I like to join her. One morning, mommy told me about this beautiful statue called the Sun Singer by Carl Milles, a famous Swedish sculptor. You can see his sculptures here. Anyway, mommy said the statue shows the god Appollo greeting the sun as he faces east across the water in mommy's hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. It sounded very pretty to me and, being not so bad looking myself, I decided to surprise her with a sun greeting of my own.

     So when mommy went out the other morning to capture the rising sun with her camera, I followed quietly. I thought I saw a little bit of light there over the eastern mountain range.

     So I let out a weak little howl. Not my best (howling isn't as easy as you may think). And mine did absolutely nothing to hurry up the sun. 

     Mommy was surprised but then she figured out what I was doing, smiled to herself and said, "good doggie, Samson."

     OK, thank you mommy. I'll catch my breath and try again.

     Look, I see a little ray of sunshine! But it's very slow and I may lose my patience here. Good I'm not stuck like a statue, I can always leave this slow-moving sunrise anytime I feel like it.

     OK, one more howl. Of course mommy missed it with the camera. The sun's not the only slow one around here. But look! What's that?

     My howl scared a bird off the power pole. He, he, he it's one of my favorite things -- scaring these silly wild critters. I once scared a rabbit so bad it got paralyzed and couldn't move until mommy took me in the house. 

     But look, look, I see the sun coming now! Maybe one more big, real big, howl will do the trick.

     Look at me, do you think someone will make a statue of me too? Samson, the Samoyed Sun Singer! I could be even more famous than I am now. What's that mommy? I should be more humble? Now what good would that do me?

     And then the fun was over, the sun finally made it over the mountain top. Like it does every single day, whether mommy and me are out here to watch it or not. And it shines on everyone, all across the world. Now, isn't that something?
Have a nice day, everyone!

Posted by Samson the Samoyed Pup.

Mommy's PS
 -- If you like sculptures or just want to see some breathtaking images, please click on the link in the first paragraph above to see the work of Carl Milles, a truly great sculptor and one of my favorite artists.


  1. samson, you are a handsome howler. :)

  2. Samson, you definitely have the power to bring forth the sun. Not a small feat. Nice job.

  3. Samson, you know your Mommy so well! And that is one truly amazing statue - so so beautiful!

  4. Beautiful statues, Inger!

    Samson--you just need to practice your howling to make it work faster with the sun. I'm sure Mommy wouldn't mind if you practiced every morning. Try howling louder!

  5. Oh Samson,
    I should send your photography to some one I know who is great in capturing nature and tell him to eat his heart out.
    Oh yes, you can definately pose for a portrait. Staute ? I don't know how the culture works, because in some cultures they do not make a staue of some one who is living. May be in some cultures they do. We have to find out.

  6. I just love a dog that howls. Good job Samson!

  7. Samson the Samoyed Sun Singer... I really like that :-)

  8. Samson -- you are such a good helper and a wonderful singer. :)

  9. Samson .... Your ancestors may have howled at the Moon but with your power, you bring the sun up. They could learn a thing or two from you, sweet dog.

  10. I, too, enjoy watching the sun rise. We have had some mild days and I've been able to sit out on our deck early in the mornings and watch the sun rise. My dogs don't get up that early though.

  11. Good doggie, Samson! Those statues are almost as beautiful as you, but not quite.

  12. Lovely way to start the morning, Samson, just take a bigger breath before you start, next time, would be my guess...

    Lovely pictures!


  13. It's not every dog that can call the sun and make it rise! Nice job, Samson!

  14. It's not every dog that can call the sun and make it rise! Nice job, Samson!

  15. Samson you are a handsome and smart pup that can sing a howling tune. You bring a smiles to my face.

  16. I love coming over here, Inger, to see your beautiful photographs! They brighten my day!!

    And thanks for the links that you put on my post yesterday, links to humorous blogs that I'm bookmarking, which I'll probably drop into frequently because I seem to always need cheering up!

    I appreciate your friendship and support!!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

  17. Samson you are qute...and very early bird....the dachshunds of mine like to stay in bed if they can...

  18. How absolutely darling! I love the howling picture :0)

  19. Dear Samson, the Samoyed Sun Singer,
    You did a fine job of encouraging the sun to shine. I think someone needs to sculpt a statue of you and put it in a lovely valley that awaits the sun each day. Your statue would call the sun from its sleep. What a fine Samoyed you are! And your howl delights me!


  20. So cute. You are an awesome doggie!


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