Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rain in the Canyon, Finally!

Our patience will achieve more than our force. ~ Edmund Burke 1729-1797

Ah, patience, the one virtue I still have not conquered. If that is what one does with virtues, and I actually have no idea what the other virtues are right now. All I know is that after years, many years, of spiritual study, I thought that I no longer would get as angry as I did about what happened here in the canyon and also about the way Newt Gingrich spoke to Juan Williams, a black man who works for the most conservative TV station in the US. 
I would like to explain my statement on yesterday's post. Why I sort of lost it. I was not that upset about Newt's janitor comments, where he suggested that in poor, i.e., black neighborhoods, the kids should learn the value of work by cleaning the schools, after all the regular janitors, except one or two, were fired. So the mostly poor working grownups would be fired so that kids could learn the value of work! That was just so...... No, I got angry about the way he talked down to that conservative black man. Because I saw the pain. On that conservative black man's face. And I don't care for Juan Williams, but I do care for his pain. I really don't want any politics in my blog. But I just couldn't help myself, so I spoke out.
Enough of that! Thanks for your comments and concern. I lived here alone for five years while my husband worked in Los Angeles and I was never once afraid. Thanks to my German shepherd, my German shepherd mix, and my other dogs. Now my husband is here with me and that's just so great. 
Samson says: So can I get a word in edgewise here or has my blog been overtaken by a fish, a duck, or another old lady? I mean I never heard of a fish to be 73!!

What else? Oh, Samson couldn't keep his New Year's resolution for very long. He was going to stop complaining, remember? Now he wants to know who this Fishducky person is. How come this fish or duck or person gets to post twice on Samson's blog without his permission!! And don't I think his mind is meandering too? Well, I guess I'm in trouble now and will have to work with Samson on a post. 
Since I'm also waiting for some information from this Great Horned owl that I'm supposed to interview for a post here, maybe by next week this blog will be full of opinionated critters and their meandering minds.
Finally, I want to extend a welcome to my new followers. I had planned to visit and start to follow your blogs this morning. If I don't, it's because this rain came with a horrific windstorm that may slow down my satellite. I'm dependent on a satellite dish for my internet connection and it must be twisting in the wind because my computer is doing some weird things as I write this. I will see you soon, for sure. 


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