Friday, January 20, 2012

My Rambling Thoughts and Rachael's Comments on the Deaths in the Canyon

Rachael included a box of Good Earth tea in the Christmas gift basked she gave us. Each tea bag comes with a quote on the little piece of paper that's attached to the string. I always read them and the one this morning said this:
 Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.
How true, I thought. Then my thoughts started to wander across time, to the 1980s when there was a Good Earth restaurant in Westwood. I used have lunch there often with my friends, who worked with me at UCLA. 
Then I started to think about those friends, so many of them gone now, victims of AIDs in the early days when little was known about the disease. I remembered my friend Tony, who was also my boss for a time when I helped him straighten out a big mess in his payroll department. 
Then I remembered how one evening, Tony and I walked on the boulevard in Westwood and ran into Sidney Poitier with his wife and family. And how Mr. Poitier gave Tony a big smile and said hello, didn't even give me a second look, and  leaving me sort of green with envy. 
Then I thought of race in America and how very angry I have been since the GOP presidential campaign landed in South Carolina. For the first time since I arrived here in 1962, did I fear for this country when I heard the audience in that debate agree with this blatantly racist candidate who is running for president of the United States. I won't go into details here, either you heard or you didn't. Either you agree with me or you don't. 
When I got angry, I started to think about my heart rate and BP. Which made me think about the meeting of the Diabetes Support group that I attended yesterday. The meeting was about food. I learned that the food pyramid has now been replaced by a food plate, divided into four sections, with instructions for how much of the four food groups (fruits, vegetables, meat/fish/nuts, and grains) one should eat every day. And a round circle for some low-fat dairy.
That was about it for my thoughts. Then I came in here and found a comment from Rachael on my post about the deaths in the canyon. Rachael and I met when we both worked at the donkey rescue and she lived in a cabin at the rescue. 
Orion, the Great Horned Owl, pictured here with Rachael, has agreed to be interviewed by me for this blog. I hope to interview him and post the interview sometime next week. 
Rachael has, as she mentions in her comment, worked with a wide variety of animals and knows them and understands them well. I know you wouldn't go back and read comments, so I am publishing it here as well:
I concur with the other opinions that it is far more likely that the donkeys were killed by a person. Having spent a lot of time working around a huge variety of animals -- including: bobcats, mountain lions, bears AND donkeys -- I find it really hard to believe that a bear or cat took out 3 donkeys, unless they were picked off one at a time and they were really old and sick (or young), like you stated. IF any animal brought about their demise, I would think a pack of coyotes would be the biggest suspect. Even then, it would take extraordinary circumstances for coyotes to take on donkeys -- the donkeys would have to be half-dead first. Donkeys are some of the most agile and protective animals out there. They are pack animals that stand up for each other. Now, on the other hand: that canyon has had a reputation over the years of mysterious deaths (by people). I've never heard of anyone getting caught for the suspicious deaths, so please be extra careful! You have 3 wonderful protectors with you that will scare off most predators - including the 2-legged kind -- thank God! I pray for your safety and ask the angels to protect you and yours:)

My husband and I saw this foal being born. A circle of jennys (female donkeys) surrounded the mother during the birth. If it had taken place in the wild, they would have defended her. The donkey to the left was a constant companion as the little foal grew up.
Thank you, Rachael. I know of only one other murder in the canyon. When we first moved here, another murder occurred. It was a snitch, just released from prison, who moved in with his girlfriend up somewhere above us in the canyon. Years later, what remained of his bones were found not far from our  north-eastern property line. I don't mean to scare you, we do have a very long, long road to our house and only one way out. So it's difficult to get here and to get away. As long as we have Angel and Soldier, we have guards and protection. However, our young dog, Samson, the Samoyed, oh well, he barks after the others start, but doesn't initiate any guarding or barking on his own. Not the breed for it, I'm afraid.
Isn't it interesting how your thoughts will take you places and most of the time you have no idea where they took you or why?


  1. What an interesting post - in every way! I share your fears for our country, I share your sorrow for the donkeys and outrage that it is likely they were killed by humans. Back in New England, in Kennebunkport, ME, there is a Good EArth pottery store owed by this beautiful husband and wife. We would buy each other pieces from them each Christmas and had a collection. There is something lovely about that name - for a restaurant or a pottery store!

  2. i believe our pack of coyotes here took a neighbor's calf recently. they've been very active the past few nights and this morning my dogs brought back a skull and spine of a fresh kill. but i agree - they'd be hard-pressed to take out donkeys. but i do hope you don't have any trouble!

  3. Wow... a lot of information here... I will be praying for your safety and for the safety of those (2 legged and 4 legged) around you. Take care Inger!

  4. Wow... a lot of information here... I will be praying for your safety and for the safety of those (2 legged and 4 legged) around you. Take care Inger!

  5. Racism frightens me because it is only practiced by the ignorant--who are sometimes, unfortunately, also the powerful. One horrific example is Nazi Germany.

    I used to eat at times at the Good Earth in Westwood. How come I never saw you there?

  6. Dear Inger,
    Thanks for reprinting that comment from Rachel. I'm so relieved that you have the three dogs even though one doesns't bark a lot, I bet he'd protect you.

    For many, many, many years I ate once a week at the Good Earth in Roseville, Minnesota, right next to St. Paul and Minneapolis. I'm a vegetarian and it was my favorite restaurant because I could always find a wonderful meal there.

    As to the whole debate and what Gingrich said, I replied to your comment on my blog. I'd hate to think that all those Republicans in the audience were racist. Whether they are or not, I, too, fear for our country because the politicians seem to have forgotten that they were elected to serve the people. And so many people have let greed take over their life. They look at the rest of us as if we were the peasants waiting to serve them. It's so discouraging to watch the news at night. Thank heavens for the NewsHour on PBS.


  7. Having lived in the South it seems to me that on the whole, people are more racist there. Or perhaps it was just my community, which used to be very small. It's sad. I worked with some pretty open-minded people, but ran across the polar opposite, both at work and in the community.
    I'm so glad you have the dogs... and big dogs at that. Stay safe!

  8. Good luck! I had no idea donkeys were so protective of one another. Interesting to know!

  9. I love the pictures of the three donkeys. Great post!!!

  10. That new baby is adorable. I worry for his safety. I do hope they find who or what is doing the killings. I know you would feel more secure.
    I do hope you are armed and skilled living so far out.
    Be safe.

  11. No one is safe from the two legged murders. Last year we had a horrific murder where a man just walks into a house and stabs a four year old to death for no reason. Probably high on something. We live in a small town near Tulsa and would have never thought that something like this would happen. The culprit was caught thank goodness. Stay safe and keep us posted if you hear anything.

  12. Take care and be careful. Love the donkey picture...the baby is so cute.

  13. I'm not aware of the specific speech you mentioned, but I was horrified when Sarah Palin went out of her way to stir up racists. I don't understand people, and I never will. I certainly don't understand why someone would kill donkeys. When my daughter celebrated her eighteenth birthday she was in England visiting her boyfriend. His family took her to a donkey sanctuary for her birthday. They understood her very well because it made her very happy to spend a day communing with donkeys.

    Janie Junebug

  14. Donkeys are pretty fierce -- we have one in with our cows and she has tried to kill our dogs if they get in the pasture.

    Stay safe. Weird times. (Yes, I agree that there is blatant racism going on in the current campaign.)

  15. I try not to worry about things I can't control -- just do the best you can to deal with what may come. That's all any of us can do. xoxo

  16. Sophie leans over my shoulder as I read your post today Inger. Her morning calmness makes me feel at ease and safe for some reason. Your world seems a bit untamed still like the wild west...I'm sure I'm just thinking that nothing has changed out there...oh I don't know. I'm sure there are weird stories around these parts too but I just never hear of them, always muting or turning off the TV and radio with death and murder stories...too sensational. The donkey issue seems so unnecessary..can't fathom why anyone would kill a beauty like those donkeys!

  17. Trevligt skrivet. Söt bild på åsnorna. Nu är det lovat 10 cm i natt här i Småland , får se om det blir så. Kram från Småland!!

  18. I know you don't want a 'political' blog Inger, but I think what you said about racism is very important to hear and mention. You did NOT do anything 'bad' by saying what you did. Sometimes it is warranted to stand up and respond to something that is VERY OFFENSIVE like racism. Good for you.

  19. those donkeys in this photo are just beyond sweet to me. how anyone can kill these wonderful animals is a mystery to me. I know my friend has 11 horse and she has a donkey defender to protect her herd of horses and so does her neighbor. they make good guard animals.


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