Monday, January 9, 2012

Soaps, Laughter and My Friend Fishducky

What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.
Yiddish Proverb

     That big beautiful soap in the middle was in the gift basket I got from Rachael at Christmas and I have so wanted to show it off. But in what context? Then I came upon the proverb, thought about my friend Fran, and decided on this post. So there are the soaps, from Rachael, the Dollar Tree store and those in front are hotel soaps that that people donate to the thrift store in town. And I happily purchase from time to time. 
     The laughter is below, provided courtesy of my friend, Fran, also known on the blogs as Fishducky. Let me tell you, hanging out with Fran is indeed very good for your soul. Fishducky doesn't have a blog of her own, but comments frequently on blogs she enjoys and has developed an admiring bunch of fans and followers based on her comments alone. She has even been asked to contribute true and funny stories from her life to several blogs. I have featured Fran's art on my blog before, and will do so again; some of her funny true stories can be found here later this week, one on the 11th, I believe and one appeared on Melynda's blog last week. 
    Since this post is about laughter, I decided to share Fran's Ode To Being Seventy-Three. Fran is now 77 and going strong. 


My legs are sore.  I need a cane.
My body has gone quite insane.
My breasts were perky as a song.
My bra size now is 40-Long.
I cannot hear.  I cannot see.
I have to pee.  Oh, woe is me!
My body’s fat.  My skin is thin.         
I do not like the shape I’m in.
I cough–I cough until I choke.
I’m going out to have a smoke.
My bones are brittle, I fear my fate.
I’m liable to disintegrate.
My memory now seems to have gone.
Who is that standing on my lawn?
It’s my husband Bud–or is his name Paul?
I thought he died–I can’t recall.
The thermometer says it’s 63.
I don’t know why it lies to me.
I can’t stop sweating–watch me pour.
My body says it’s 104.
My joints creak and pop so bad
I’m like a steel drum from Trinidad.
Leg cramps woke me again last night.
Why’s my skin so loose and my muscles tight?
My health is iffy.  I may not thrive.
But life is good–and I’m still alive!
And yet I wonder more and more
What I’ll be like at seventy-four!
–Fran Fischer



  1. Kolla min hemsida, adress på bloggen så ser du min mailadress så kan du maila mig så ska jag svara på dina frågor du hade.

  2. Oh mg.... Fran, I laughed out loud and as you said, you know what happens when the oldies laugh. I don't know if it's like the saying, "You have to be there, or not." I can relate to it all although if I were 20, probably not. At that age, we never thought we'd get old. I really enjoyed it.

    Inger: Does the 73 mean it's your birthday. I don't think you are that old. Thank you for the wise words you left on my blog and yes, you did cheer me up. You have a wonderful outlook and are such a great person and friend. Love to you both.

  3. So that's what you meant about the soap. Thanks for posting my poem--I love you!

    To Manzi--It's good to see a comment from you. Dee & I were concerned about your health. We haven't heard from you in a long time. The 73--now 77--refers to me, although I'm still about 36 in hy head.

  4. Oh I just read this out loud to my two daughters and they are still giggling! Excellent Inger! Happy new year to you!

  5. Lindsjo taxar: 4 i sangen! Bra att de ar sa sma.
    Manzi: I'm 71, and strangely, I feel like I'm 36 as well. I was concerned about your health. And I'm so glad you are back.
    Fishducky: Yes, that's the soap thing.
    Liesl: I'm so glad your kids could relate to the Ode.

  6. Very nice soap!

    Fran's poetry is a hoot! So I guess my 'real age' must be 73 or more! It sounds like me! Hee Hee!

    Well written, Fran! Thanks for that, Inger, have a most lovely day!

  7. too funny... I feel that way often. Thanks for the laugh Fran and thanks for posting it Inger.

  8. LOL...that is too cute! (And I like the soap)

  9. Talented Fran! Oh the joys of growing older!

  10. I love your work :) You put a smile onto all of our faces!

  11. Dear Inger,

    Thank you for publishing Fran's poem. I am proud to be one of her duckies. Your photos are beautiful. I am following you now. My blog is private, but if you'd like to join, please send me your email address and you'll receive a coveted invitation. Any friend of Fran's and of dogs is a friend of mine. If you ask Fran, I'm pretty sure she'll tell you I'm trustworthy and funny.


    Janie Junebug

  12. Inger, I just found your email address, so I'll send you an invitation very soon. I hope you'll join us. You'll see fishducky there!


    Janie Junebug

  13. Thanks for all your nice comments. Janie Junebug, do send me an invite, I would love to follow your blog.

  14. I have enjoyed Fran's comments and wished she did blog. Thank you for posting her poem. Mercy that is delightful, funny and so true.

  15. HAHA!!! thanks for the laugh...I certainly neededit today :)

  16. LOL!! Oh Fran, you're a hoot! This was great... thanks for sharing this Inger.

  17. What a nice gift :)

    And this poem--I love it. It makes me smile every time. I hope I'll be that awesome when I'm 73 ;)

  18. Oh no! Are you telling me I'll still be too hot when I'm 73? I'm 60, and I thought surely I'd be through the night heat soon!

  19. Inger--I think you'll enjoy Janie Junebug's blog. As she said, she's both trustworthy & funny. She's also a pretty good poet.

  20. Fishducky cracks me up! I love that woman!

  21. Haha! Love Fran's take on 73. Hilarious. :)

  22. I bought myself a gift box of small soaps this year. I knew no one else would get me one and I'm loving using them.

    That poem is hilarious. I've not yet reached that age (not a million miles away, mind you!) but I can identify with so many of those afflictions!

  23. Ha, ha - thats a real good and funny friend you´ve got there Inger!
    Best wishes from your home country!

  24. Hi Inger .. great picture with the gifts and soaps .. they all look good - and 'good old Yardley' I see?!

    Fran's story is just wonderful - really made me laugh .. and I'm sure my time is coming along just nicely .. cheers Hilary

  25. Dear Fran and Inger,
    What a pair you make! You provide the blog, Inger, and Fran provides the poem that speaks to all of us who are aging and discovering that the body has its own story to tell.

    I so enjoyed this poem and I've lived every bit of it--except for having a Bud, or is that Paul, in the picture!

    What a pair you are!


  26. I hoped everyone would enjoy Fran's poem as much as I did and I was not disappointed. I mean, how could I be? Thanks for all your nice comments. That proverb is so true, soap and laughter are both very necessary in our lives.

  27. Yes, soap and laughter - one can never have too much!
    I loved, loved, LOVED Fishducky's poem - I guess because, even though I'm not 'there' yet... I can identify with so much. See our 'frailties' put that way certainly brings some humor to this oldish gal!

  28. Wonderful to read that Poem. I am closing in on those years, and understand the last few lines perfectly.


  29. Oh Inger, this verse is hilarious! Though I must say I twinged a bit since I'm almost 72!! Fortunately, I have NONE of these far. I worked hard at staying fit.

    Thanks for your comment on my recent post that got me over here. I'm interested in meeting all "special"/interesting people on Blogger, and Fishducky aka Fran sounds like one of the special people in Blogger land. Please keep me informed about her. (I have to admit that my memory, at age 71, isn't quite as swift as it once was!) I see you have a link, so I'm going to follow it.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

  30. This is cute. It's good to have a sense of humour about aging though my body doesn't always agree!


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