Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

When I open my cupboard and see my Fiesta Ware dishes, I smile....

They cheer me up for breakfast,


and dinner....

Two classic cups and some dinner plates..

All the colors go well together and are fun to combine....

The large bowls are great for gumbo at Christmas, the small ones for soup, salads, and icecream too....

A few of my cups, I have too many and I have been giving some of my classic ones away to friends who collect them. We don't use the cups to drink from, they are too thick around the rim for coffee and tea to taste right and a bit difficult to hold when hot. But who cares, I use them to hold our toothbrushes, I put flowers in them, and I just like having them around.....


  1. I know just how you feel! The colors are so vibrant and happy. I have some ice cream bowls from Crate & Barrel that are pretty colors and they just please me no end!

  2. Some people have plate rails and I say, get a cup shelf/ grid cubby and decorate that wall.

    I have a small collection of mugs I get on vacation and I know a cup shelf in in the making.

  3. I have such dull, bland dishes. I guess I just never put much thought into my dishware. Those colors are just beautiful though.

  4. Va snyggt porsilin!! Mycket mordernt just nu...använd dem...

  5. Dear Inger,
    I have two of the plates from when Mom had them back in the '40s or '50s. I don't know when they first were made. But I treasure those plates.


  6. Kara Inger--I also have a set of multicolored dishware (not fiesta ware) that I love. They make me smile! I also have another set of "makes me smile" dishes that a friend had nmade for me in Italy.
    They have my "logo" duck on them. No reason eating shouldn't be fun!

  7. Wow, they really are cheerful aren't they. Think I need to spice up my cupboards with a splash of color.

  8. Those dishes look very inviting. I see that a lot of new designs are also coming in stores and they have a lot of different colours in each design and people are mixing and matching them. Thanks for sharing.

  9. They are a great set of dishes!!! I Love them.

  10. I love the color of Fiesta dishes. You have a lovely collection.

  11. Beautiful! Love the red and orange together!

  12. I think I will go out and get me some colorful plates and bowls :)

  13. Those colours certainly would brighten up anyone's day. Beautiful collection you have there Inger!

  14. I have been collecting the color Persimmon for a while now, I have several interesting pieces, I love the teapots most. I am going to move on to the turqoise color now. They make me happy too.

  15. So pretty. It must be fun to have dishes that are all different colors. A new color for every meal.

    Janie Junebug


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