Monday, January 2, 2012


     Rachael came up for Christmas Day; because of her work, she could only stay a few hours. First, we took the dogs for a walk around the place. Many of you have asked about Soldier and I think this picture speaks louder than words. He is doing very well and, Sharon, if you read this and still have him on your Send Puppy Love list, you can now take him off and let us all send our love to some other sick dog. Thank you though for placing him there and thank you all for good thoughts, love, and prayers that you sent out for him.

     Angel at 13 years, 2 months or so, looking pretty good and ready to walk some more.

     Rachael with Samson, as you can see, he still needs a good brushing....oh, my short-haired Dobermans, where art thou? 

     Then we shared our gifts. When you don't have a lot of money to spend, gift baskets are just wonderful, I think. And we both gave each other that. Here I am with the wild rice that I just love. A friend of Rachael's gave us a huge bag of home-grown oranges. There's nothing better than that! Rachael also gave us black-eyed peas that we ate on New Years. I learned last year from my Southern blogger friends that this is a custom in the South that will bring good luck in the new year. Finally, we got a demo recording of Rachael singing with the band she has joined. I knew Rachael loved music, but I really never heard her sing before. It is a lovely recording; she has a very unique voice and sound. 

     Here is Rachael with her basket, full of some fun and several practical items. Our time together was too short, but filled with love and fun. 
     I just sent this post off to be published when I realized that I didn't mention the meal we shared, lovingly prepared by my hubby. This year he found some money for gumbo, so we had that for starters, followed by turkey with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie for dessert. 
     Samson Says: You're lucky mommy that auntie Rachael didn't report  you to the fur police!!!
     Mommy: Ouch, sorry Samson, soon, real soon, I promise.


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