Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Samson's Nose Goes Meandering

Samson Says:  OK, mommy, I saw that fish or duck or person say something that I think was an apology for taking up my blog space. Why wasn't it in English? What kind of language was that?
Mommy: It was Latin, Samson, mea culpa means that it was her mistake, she didn't mean it, and she is sorry. 
Samson: What's Latin?
Mommy: It's a very old language, some may even call it dead.
Samson: Are you telling me I get my apologies in a dead language?!! From a fish or a duck or a ...........  Notice I don't call her an old lady, even though I think that's what she must be, speaking in a dead language and all.
Mommy: Samson, you are supposed to just accept apologies. And Fishducky is a very nice lady who has a blog of her own now, so she won't be posting on ours. See everything works out in the end.
Samson: OK, OK, Fishducky, I accept your mea culpa sorry. And wish you good luck with you blog. Can I tell everyone about my meandering nose now?
Mommy: I thought it was your mind you were going to tell us about.
Samson: A dog's mind is in his nose. Goes to show how much you know. 
Samson Says: Here's how and where my nose meanders, each and every day:
First I wake up and have to go and pee. Angel goes with me, so it's only natural that my nose meanders to where she just went. After that my nose gets such a strong urge to meander to her rear end, well, you know what I mean.
Mommy: I'm not sure I like where this is going.
Samson: OK, but then I smell my breakfast biscuits. I know some dogs get all their food in the morning, but we get it in the afternoon. A leftover habit from when everyone had to rush off to work in the morning. My nose is very attracted to these biscuits. After I'm done with mine, my nose meanders over to the place where Angel had hers; she always leaves a few crumbs behind. Then my nose takes a rest. If we don't go for a walk, it becomes bored, bored, and more bored. 

When we go for a walk, my meandering nose gets very busy. Did you know that a dog gets all the news from his morning walk? Angel calls it reading the news on the ground and she takes a very long time doing it. 

Me, I go from news to news. Yesterday, there was an article about a bird that bit the dust. That means it got killed. And eaten. Only a few feathers and some down was left. Then coyotes and rabbits had walked all around in the night. They left calling cards. Rabbits leave many calling cards, very tiny ones. Coyote cards are more like those us dogs leave behind. 

Every time Angel is finished with an article, she pees on it. I do the same. Angel is kind of like my mommy, my dog mommy. I learn everything I know from her, except sit, stay, come, and all the stuff my person mommy taught me. 

Sometimes I catch a scent in the air. Then my nose comes up and my eyes and ears go to work, like here. I smelled something, but mommy wouldn't let me investigate. It was muddy on the land because of the rain.

At the end of our walk I go with Soldier and daddy. First my meandering nose has to say hello to Soldier and put him in his place. So I have to sniff him, you know where, and he just has to put up with it.  Then we walk and Soldier has to read the news too. Sometimes I get mad when he finds some news I missed. 

After we're done walking, we stay either in the house or the dog yard. I prefer the house. After we play, my nose always meanders into Angel's ear. That's something I've done since I was a puppy. I don't know why. 
In the afternoon all our dog noses meander toward the kitchen, looking for our dinner. After dinner it's back outside to do our business. But then my meandering nose goes to doggie heaven. Daddy is cooking and all these wonderful smells touch my nose and it stops its meandering ways and stays very still. 

Close to the kitchen, where it absorbs the best smells in the whole world. After that it gets tricky. Us dogs are not allowed at the table. Hmmm, I always sort of wiggle over next to daddy because I know that after dinner he may give me a treat. 

While I wait, my nose meanders back to doggie heaven. I don't know how to drool, because I would if I could, but I don't know how.  Just check out that huge pork chop!!
So that's pretty much it. My nose meanders from one thing to the next, all day long. Without it, my life wouldn't be much fun, I don't think. 
Have nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed pup.


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