Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Come With Me to Town and Good News for Sick Friends

I took this picture in our Albertsons parking lot March 22, 2013.
Yesterday, February 24th, I took this picture in the K-Mart parking lot. Ornamental fruit trees are in bloom all over town, a full month sooner than last year. Birds are singing springtime love songs, our ground-squirrels are awake and sunning themselves in our yard. All signs that spring has arrived in the mountains.
Pretty spring flowers are on sale at K-Mart together with 
lawnmowers for those whose lawns haven't perished in our drought. 
After buying a housewarming gift for my BIL, I drive over to St. Vincent de Paul's thrift store, which I use as my library. I buy surprisingly good books here for a quarter/paperback - dollar/hardcover; after I read them, I return them to the store to sell again. The store supports the homeless in Bakersfield. 

Then I stop at Walgreens to pick up test strips for my diabetes care and buy chocolates (yes, I do know the two don't go together). In the chocolate isle, an elderly man approaches me and shows me a small box he has filled with a variety of goodies. He asks, "do you think these will last me to Texas?" "It would depend on how fast you drive," I answer flippantly. Then I feel bad and ask where he's going in Texas. I forget where, but he says, "I'm going to visit my sister. She's 90 and I haven't seen her for over 30 years. This will be a trip of forgiveness." I think, oh, the things lonely old men will share with you in the chocolate isle. But I say, kindly, "I believe you will need a lot of candy for your trip." And I wish him good luck and go on my way. I will not forget him though. 
Almost done with my chores, I drive to the recycle place and get rid of my magazines and some cardboard boxes. My husband suggested we take the bottles tomorrow, when we both go to town. Great, but it is supposed to rain, which doesn't mean much here, so maybe we will get it done then.
On the way home, I drive by the railroad tracks and see views like this.
The road stretches out empty for many of those 15 miles I mentioned yesterday. 
Some of the dead weeds you see above are Rabbit Brush. It is very invasive and has overtaken the fields in our canyon. And these hardy bushes, among which our Cottontail rabbits live, are dying now, everywhere. 
People in Bakersfield and the San Joaquin Valley gathered recently to pray for rain. They may have been heard, because the forecast calls for another Pineapple Express from Hawaii coming our way with a 60 percent chance of rain from Wednesday this week through the weekend.

Finally, thank you for your prayers and healing thoughts sent to Fran, aka fishducky, who had a mastectomy yesterday and is doing fine. Fran wrote a post called: Ode My Left Breast, which her son posted as soon as he knew she came through the surgery OK. You can read it here.

And blogger friend Roland Yeomans had skin cancer surgery last Monday and is recovering well also. Thank you for thinking of Roland as well. Our blogger community is so caring and kind and I believe all this really helps. Click here: Writing In The Crosshairs to check out Roland's blog.


  1. bless both of your friends with perfect recovery. :)

    a trip of forgiveness... so poignant.

  2. It's so good to hear that your friend Fran had a successful surgery. Too many women suffer breast cancer. Several of my friends have also survived it. Hope she heals well.

    And also nice to see Roland's name mentioned. He's back to work now. It's always better when we have good news, and I think it's the coming together of good will that promotes it. Did you read about the fire next door that greeted him after work?

    Aren't those primulas at the garden spot? Take care Inger, and hi to Samson!

  3. It was lovely to see all those beautiful spring flowers. I am hoping that we will see them soon in my area.

    That story about the elderly gentleman and his sister was so sad. How many people waste their live being angry. The good news is that they are making amends before it is too late.

    I love Fran's poem. Thank you for sending me over to her site.

  4. First of all I am glad that Spring has arrived where you live. Here in New York, we had some flurries today, but I guess it was just the Sun playing hide and seek. Hopefully we will get our Spring in a couple of weeks.
    Also, I am so happy about Fran. Her poem is so funny and she is amazing.
    I shall now visit Roland's sit.

  5. glad to hear a little good news about your friends.. and what a view you have on that drive.the flowering tree is just gorgeous... people do tell us things when they are upset. once i was washing my hands in Penny's rest room, and a lady was standing looking in the mirror, looked to be in her 90's. she looked at me in the mirror and said.. I am dying, only a few more weeks, my husband is waiting on me outside and he is so worried, i have to hurry or he will think something happened. broke my heart to watch them holding hands walking off down through the towels.

  6. Hi Inger. Do you mean the jack rabbits are dying?

    Your area is beautiful - Love the mountains.

  7. I hope you do indeed get some rain. Hard to believe that your garden centers are stocked already. Bless you for taking a few moments to acknowledge the man in the candy isle. I had an old man try to flirt with me in the tire center. It certainly didn't help him any that he was walking around with his fly unzipped.

  8. So sweet that you were there to listen to that man...poor guilt riddin fellow...and yes, your pix show me Spring is there! That drought out your way is taking it's toll on a lot from what I've seen on TV. Glad to hear your friends are OK now..that is special news!...:)JP

  9. My best friend is struggling with breast cancer. It is frightening when your very body betrays you.

    Those photos are lovely. It is Samuel McCord's favorite kind of landscape. :-)

    I'm off to give my best to Fran!

  10. Vilka härliga bilder! Kul att se lite hur du bor. Vilken härlig himmel så blå. Våren kommer väl snart till oss med...
    Kram M/

  11. So glad your friends are doing well. Enjoyed your trip, thanks for sharing.

  12. I hope the man heading to Texas with chocolates for his sister finds many hugs and forgiveness.

    A special post in many ways, Inger.

  13. I am so grateful that fishducky's surgery went well. How I love that woman! Don't we all? I hope you get rain. I'd love to send you some from my waterlogged backyard. Maybe an airplane could vacuum up all the water in my boggy part of town and then spray it where you need it.


  14. How nice that Spring is already there. We are getting warmer weather but still mountains of snow here.
    What beautiful flowers ready to be planted.

    I have a blogger friend who lives in Bakersfield.
    I read Ode to Mastectomy this morning on Carolyn's blog. She has a great sense of humour, so necessary when one has to go through radical Mastectomy like that. I know all too well.

    I'm sending prayers for both your friends.


  15. Glad to hear your friends are doing well. My husband was enjoying your desert views in this post. That is where he would like to live one day.

  16. Beautiful photos that are quite uplifting after having so much snow here! It was nice of you to be so helpful to that sad man in the chocolate aisle. I LOVE Fishducky's poem, and I'm glad that she and Roland are doing well. Sending lots of good thoughts their way. You are such a thoughtful person Inger, and I hope that you are also doing well.


  17. Good news about both your friends. I read Fran's Ode and plan to share it with my support group. Hoping she is back to the keyboard soon. What a woman.
    How nice Spring is arriving somewhere. Can't wait.

  18. Will keep both of your friends in my thoughts Inger -- loved the story about the "chocolate" man. How sweet.

    Hope you get your rain, but no flooding. :)

  19. Glad your friends are doing better Inger.
    Now I am thinking about that little old mans journey of forgiveness .

  20. Hello Inger! I loved going to town with you... and oh, the pretty flowers! I hope the guy made it safely to Texas and had enough chocolates to last him... and most of all, I hope his 'forgiveness' issue was taken care of. Life is too short to hold grudges.
    Wow, you all really do need rain. I will be praying for that too... as well as continued prayer for Fran. What a great poem that was on her blog! I am so glad she made it through her surgery fine.
    Will also be praying for your other friend.
    Take care and have a good rest of the week! Gracie sends love to Samson.

  21. What a beautiful tree! And those primroses are gorgeous. I hope you got your rain.

  22. Here's hoping that the rain doesn't get too obnoxious, and flood everything. This Oregonian has been praying for California rain for you guys. (Those pictures look a little like southern Oregon, by the by...) Oh, and hugs to your friends, too!


  23. Haven't been by to visit for awhile. I see you are having early Spring compared to much of the country. I can't wait to see the tree blossoms here in another month give or take a week. I'm glad your friends are recovering well.

  24. What gorgeous blue skies! And all those blossoms - so lovely!

  25. Inger, I'm jealous of your flowering trees and the flower pack on sale at the local stores.

    There are times I really miss California (we lived in Sonoma County in N California for 20 years). February was the month of seeing the yellow blooms of mustard seeds and fruit trees starting to bud.

    Hope the rains come in and nourish and not flood. :-)

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  26. Hi Inger .. so pleased Fran has come through .. and I checked in on Roland. Then that 'old boy' - how lovely he's going to see his sister after all that time ... a long drive but it will be so worth it for him .. I don't think I'll forget him either ...

    Cheers Hilary


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