Monday, February 24, 2014

Demi Tasse & This and That From the Canyon

With nothing much to write about, I hope you will enjoy a few cups from my demi tasse collection. The last two belonged to my maternal grandmother.

My husband (the chef around here) thawed some sushi fish, but since he had a lot of left-over wild rice, which didn't work for sushi, he created this dish. Some of you may not like raw fish, but at our house, we just love it.

I thought these old, rusty, things (whatever they are) were quite handsome. 
It says Drilling Dept. on top. 

Spring has arrived here, at least for now. The other morning, we saw a chipmunk darting across the yard, looking for cover. And I saw two white doves, the kind that flew around us when we buried Angel. Angel, our much loved German shepherd dog, died in May 2012. I have not seen white doves around here since that morning. 

This is the last picture I took of our Angel.

I guess you could say, these are my random thoughts for a Monday morning. I'm off to town to run some errands: 

Donate books to the thrift store; drop off bottles, cans, and cardboard at the recycle place; get some much needed batteries, more needed chocolates, and some milk and fruit at the store. It's 15 miles to the the stores. They are located on the other side of town. Even though our town is small, traffic is never a problem, stores are close together --- I get tired by the time I get back home. So I will catch up with everyone tomorrow, if not today.

Samson Says: Have a nice day, everyone! But don't bother me, you can see I'm busy digging. 


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