Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Samson Comments on the Dog Show and the Samoyed Dog

Samson Says:

Last week, I watched the big important dog show with mommy and those were the best groomed dogs I've ever seen. But I kind of feel sorry for them, having to be combed and brushed like that just to get on TV. I bet they get baths too, poor things. I helped them judge the show like this:

MOST HANDSOME DOG: (I say handsome, not beautiful, cause I couldn't tell who was a dog and who was a bitch. You can't smell that from the TV.) But I ... what's that word again? ... DIGRESS. I do that a lot, mommy does too.

Me: OK, Samson, tell us who you liked. And also let our blogger friends know we missed the first part of the show, where the herding dogs competed, so we didn't see the German shepherd dogs, did we Samson?

Samson: No, and I wonder whose fault that was?  Me: Next.

Samson: Of what we saw, which wasn't the whole show:

MOST HANDSOME: The Doberman Pinscher.


BEST GROOMED: The Samoyed.

BEST POSTURE: The Wire Fox Terrier. 

He sure deserved to win. 

Here he is, kissing the judge, which is OK, since he'd already won. You're not allowed to kiss on the judges before the show.

Me: Next time we have to make sure to watch the whole show and take some notes, OK. What else did you like about the show?

Samson: I liked when the guy talked about us Samoyeds. He said we were the working dogs of the North. He said we would: Haul, hunt, and herd. But he forgot one thing: Guard! So to make sure he didn't forget anything else, I asked you to look us up on the web. This quote from the Westminster Dog Show site was all about us, but the TV guy didn't have time to read it all:

The Samoyed Dog

"The Samoyed is an ancient working breed developed by the nomadic Samoyed people of Siberia. His jobs included herding reindeer, hunting and hauling sledges and guard work. The Samoyed people depended upon their dogs for survival. Samoyed dogs actually slept in the shelters with their people. Their exceedingly close association with humans helped to imprint a wonderful temperament on the breed with the smiling face, laughing eyes and stunning silver tipped coat. The Samoyed, a working dog, is happiest when he has a job, even if it is just bringing in the daily paper." 

I like this picture of me in the snow, but where has my snow gone? Don't they know I'm from Siberia? I need my snow!

Samson: Mommy, did you know my fur is stunning and silver tipped?

Me: Yes, your fur glitters like diamonds, I saw that and told my friend Madsnapper Sandra. She said it is impossible to capture in a picture. She has tried and she is very, very good. But what I didn't know is that you got your nice personality (most of the time) from your ancestors sleeping with their people. I bet one of their jobs was to keep their people warm. You are very good at that.

Samson: Then why can't I sleep in the bed? 

Me: Never mind.....

Samson: Humans, not fair!

Have a nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog.


  1. Samson, I think you should enter the show, you would definitely win. You are so beautiful.

  2. Well Samson, I think that dog shows are overrated.
    You look like a winner to me and I don't need to go to a dog show to trell you this. I'll take a cyber kiss though.

    You are doing a great job taking care of your mom.


  3. Thank you for educating us about the Samoyed Dogs. We only had Indy (a Husky) as a pet. We had cats, Parakeet and Fish too! None of them had fur that shined like diamonds. That must be very special!

  4. Ha Samson you are so expressive and intelligent , oh and of course BEAUTIFUL ~ oh and a good guard dog :))

  5. Very good review Samson! The photos are amazing!!

  6. Samoyeds are just beautiful!

  7. you look every bit as good and handsome as the one that looks like you that got best groomed. you would have one first place... no wonder you have all that fur, Siberia is like the coldest place on the planet...

  8. We have occasionally watched those dog shows. The Samoyeds are gorgeous; and remind me of the Huskies friends of our used to have. I do like bigger dogs, rather than the little bits.

    Thanks Samson and Inger for summarizing the show for us.

    PS, Inger, don't forget about Feb. 19th, tomorrow.

  9. Oh Samson you would win you would not even have to kiss the judge:) Hug B

  10. You definitely need to be a co-host for next year's Dog Show, Samson. Very well stated, my darling boy. xo

  11. I'm on your side, Samson. You should sleep in the bed. Harper does. Franklin doesn't, but that's because he chooses to sleep on the rug next to the bed. If he wanted to get in the bed, then he'd be welcome.


  12. The Komondor always makes me left. What labor intensive dog.
    Samson would win my heart.

  13. Yes, Samson, you were right on! That "dobie" was handsome indeed and as for that mop on four legs, he is/was the funniest. And although the description of you wasn't perfect, it does your breed proud!...:)JP

  14. samson, you are adorable. enjoyed your views on the dog show (even though you missed some of it!) :)

  15. Hey Samson, you tried! lol
    I didn't know that you were named after a nomadic people. I always learn something here. Tell your mommy thanks for the information.
    I hear you are getting 'hitched' Samson? Set a date yet?

  16. Hi Samson!! ´Du är jättesnygg och skulle få excellent på en utställning.
    Vi ska ha utställning i Kronobergs Taxklubb 30 mars. Jag ska ställa ut Trym , han saknar ett CK och får han det är han utställningschampion.
    Kram M//

  17. What a perfect TV show for such a handsome fellow as yourself. I thought of you when the Sammy strut his stuff. The Sammy smile is contagious.
    You need to lobby harder for bed privileges. You would be a delight on a cold night.

  18. Thanks for teaching me a thing or two!
    While we were waiting in Alabama at the service center I saw another Samoyed. He wasn't nearly as fluffy as you, but he did lots of cute tricks!

  19. Love your commentary on the show, Samson. And even though the Samoyed from the show is gorgeous, he can't hold a candle to you. :)

  20. Samson, you are adorable and look gorgeous! I agree with Denise, if you should enter to the dog show, you would definitely win.
    Did you know that you always make me smile with your witty and funny words?
    I think that the funniest looking is "The Komondor." I've never seen that dog in person.
    Samson, I love the photo of you in the snow! :)

  21. Oh, Samson, not only does your fur sparkle like diamonds, but you are handsome and witty as well! Definitely a winning combination!

  22. Oh Samson, you are just precious! I think you are a beauty all on your own, and I'm sorry you haven't had snow to enjoy. I'm sure you miss that a lot! I am also sorry I didn't watch the dog show. I must make a point of doing so in the future, as I know I would enjoy it! Take care fine fellow! I'm glad you added that you are a good guard...very important role! ox

  23. Thank you, Samson, for your look at the dog show. Good dog!

  24. You look so smart. I love dogs.

  25. Samson is a very handsome and charming host. He should have his own canine talk show! Great photos!


  26. When that judge listed out those H Words about you he missed two off: Hunky and Handsome x

  27. Hello cute samson:))) i guess this is your favorite season also:))

    Jill and Nansen:))


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