Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1. Much needed rain finally arrived in California. Here in the canyon, it began in earnest sometime during the night and it has rained steadily since then. A soft, but still puddle-making, rain. 

2.  I usually wake up between four and five in the morning; today I slept until 8:00. I must have been really tired, but that's all been made up now.  

3.  I just finished reading My Antonia, by Willa Cather, and I thought about our Random 5 host, Nancy, somewhere in Nebraska. I loved this book about the people who settled the Nebraskan prairie, so many of them from Norway. No wonder you have so many red barns in your state. 

4.  Yesterday, when my husband and his brother were having lunch outside, a coyote came by with one of our neighbor's chickens in its mouth. The coyote stopped twice to check out the brothers, then it went on its way, accompanied by an unkindness of Ravens. 
5. Many thanks to those of you who sent good and healing thoughts to our sick blogger friends. As far as I know, they are doing OK.  But yesterday I learned that blogger friend Ron, SophieDoodle's dad, had a heart attack on Tuesday. Jim wrote that he was being evaluated in a hospital in Halifax. Wow, this was a real shock as those guys, with Sophie's help, keep up such a healthy life style. So, if you don't mind, please send good thoughts to Ron. Thank you.

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  1. glad you are getting much-needed rain! i hope the soaking will continue.

    the coyote carrying the chicken made me chuckle at its boldness. :) your neighbor will not be pleased, i am sure.

  2. Glad you got rain, Inger, and will send healing thoughts to your blogger friend. Having a healthy lifestyle doesn't guarantee no problems, it just improves the odds.

    I made hubs get an overall checkup a few years ago (since men don't do doctors well) and we found out he was borderline to being diabetic and had gall bladder trouble. He's tall and slim and has always been able to eat anything. No more, he was getting sick on high fat items. High cholesterol runs in his father's side of the family. Now he has to eat more healthy, like me. (the doctor said that, not me. . .)

  3. Oh, forgot to say, was that coyote named Wiley?

  4. We are getting some of that rain, too!

    Glad you slept in today. Something about a rainy day makes it a nice warm place.

    Another book about Nebraska:
    My Daniel by Pam Conrad. You'll find it on Amazon. Well written, well told, and I was pulled in immediately.

  5. Good finally rain came. Sleep came too and that is wonderful. Coyotes take our neighbours chickens too never a sight I like to see. Ron a fellow Canadian is in my thoughts. Hope Jim is OK too.
    You are such a caring person Inger. HUGS B

  6. Vad skönt att ni fick regn!
    Oj då , visste inte om Ron´s tillstånd.
    Hoppas han friskar på sig!
    Trevlig helg!

  7. Good luck to you and your endeavours. Sorry about your friends conditions.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  8. I have read My Antonia a couple of times. It's beautifully written. I'm very concerned about Ron and I'm praying for him.


  9. My sister lives in LA and they got some MUCH needed rain too!

  10. When I saw rain your way on TWC, I was so glad, Inger...hope you get all you need! Well, with Spring close at hand, I'm sure your neighbor has a plan for coyotes even though it got one so far. Any friends of yours that need thoughts and prayers have mine, Inger,...:)JP

  11. my friend that her husband is on the horse at McDonald's drive through today, woke up yesterday to find coyotes had killed all her chickens..
    glad you are getting much needed rain and hope it is not to much but just what you need...sorry to hear about Ron... i just saw DG comment about was it Wiley... I did love Wiley Coyote...

  12. So glad you are getting that much needed rain. Hope it is the right amount and doesn't cause any damage.
    Will send healing thoughts to your friend Ron.

  13. OMG - I didn't hear about Ron. Will visit Jim and see what's up - thanks. Glad you had some rain. I haven't read Cather in a long time - I bet it's free on the Kindle (many Classics are).

  14. So glad to hear that rain finally arrived!

  15. Glad to hear of the rain, but not of the heart attack! Hope folks stay well.

    Our random two for Friday are two Shelties staying with us for a few days. I've written about them on my blog. I think they might feel intimidated by Samson.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  16. Thank goodness you're getting some rain. The ground there must really be parched... and YOU must have needed that extra sleep. I'm an early riser, too, but every once in a while, it feels really good to snuggle down and stay in bed a little longer.

    So sorry to hear about your blogging pal's heart attack. Sending good thoughts his way.

  17. Listening to the rain, especially when you have needed so much, is soothing. It helps with the sleeping! Nice post.

  18. The rain is just delicious, isn't it! And maybe that lovely sound is what helped you sleep in this morning. It's so good to get extra rest sometimes. Our bodies tell us when we need it, I think! :-) I will definitely say a prayer and hold good thoughts towards your friend Ron. I have had a lot of illness around me lately--good friends with really difficult circumstances. It's made me very aware of how quickly life can change, and I have a soft spot in my heart right now for those who are struggling with ill health. Keep enjoying the rain--and getting rest, Inger. :-) ox

  19. I adored My Antonia. What a great read!

  20. I read My Antonia a long time ago but now I want to read it again.

    I read about Ron on FB and was shocked myself -- I do hope he is okay. xo

  21. I am sorry about Ron and he will be on my positive and good thoughts.

    I am glad you are getting some rain. It's amazing to see coyotes around... but poor chicken...


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