Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Morning Reflections

Joyful, joyful, joyful,
as only dogs know how to be happy
with only the autonomy
of their shameless spirit.
~Pablo Neruda

Soldier, Angel, and Princess at play ~ dated 08/25/2009. These three dogs, all gone now, got along so well, loved to run around the ranch, playing, and rolling in dirt and snow. This morning, I was thinking about them; how much I miss them, how safe I felt living alone here for so long with them, and how much I love them and always will. 

Samson Says: But now mommy, now you have me.

Yes, I do, and for that I'm very grateful, my sweet boy.


  1. I would feel safer with a dog for company, Inger. I wonder at your bravery when you stay alone there.

    Take good care of your mommy, Samson! She needs it while she's recuperating.

  2. Yes, big dogs have a way of making one feel secure! Samson sure is a cutey!

  3. we will never stop missing Max and Cooper and dread the day we lose Baby, she will be 13 in April... we loved to watch ours do what yours are doing, playing and chasing and having a good time... Samson will let you know if there is anything amiss out there... Baby is our warning system... Jake is the guarding system...

  4. I don't know about living in the desert canyon by myself but I'm sure I would feel safer with Samson by my side for companionship and to watch over me.

    I hope that your Sunday is beautiful and warm.
    It's cold here today but the sun is shining. It's not bad when we dress warmly.


  5. Ja man saknar alla dem man haft....
    Ha det så fint!
    Kram M/

  6. Our dogs stay with us forever.
    Inger, this is lovely.

  7. Dogs live too short a life. It is so hard to lose them as they give us so much love.

  8. Samson, you are the KING now and just think all that loving you are getting!
    The Trio looked so full of JOY!!!

    Ron and Sophie

  9. I am glad that you have Samson there with you.

  10. Hi Inger .. I know our dogs, cats, horses all remain with us as we travel our own journey ...

    I'm so pleased Samson is with you .. and with your hubby - you feel safe as they care for you and you for them ..

    Beautiful header ... I hope you are feeling better .. I'm off to London again, and the River Thames is on flood alert to the west of London ...

    Cheers and have a great week - Hilary

  11. Beautiful said about Dogs. They are very beautiful and thankful one.

  12. Sorry for your loss. At least they live on in your memory.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  13. Dear Inger, I understand. Peace.

  14. What a sweet photo, Inger. I know you miss them! It must have been hard to lose them one by one, knowing that they were such friends. I am alone at night a lot…and I'm glad to have Zena. I feel so much safer with her here. Samson is a great companion and protector, I am sure!

  15. Aww, I love to watch dogs at play, it's impossible not to smile at their enthusiasm and sheer joy. It's clear this trio was a special bunch, I can understand how you must miss them. So glad you have Samson to snuggle with now. <3


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