Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rockin' and Rolling Through the Clouds of the Pineapple Express

The much awaited Pineapple Express, a storm system from Hawaii, finally arrived in our area Monday morning, just as we set out to drive down the mountain for my eye doctor appointment in Bakersfield. 

Bear Mountain, pictured ahead, is now home to most of the California condors living free in the United States. These are the condors that were brought back from near extinction and released into the wild to fly free in the mountains, away from the dangers of civilization. I guess the birds thought differently and discovered some easy living in the gated community up there on Bear mountain. So far, two condors have drowned in water storage units and homeowners, excited at first, are now unhappy because the birds have proved to be very destructive. I will let you know what happens.

It got a little foggy, driving down the mountain.

It rained on and off, the wind blew so hard, the Jeep rocked and rolled, and we couldn't keep up a conversation. It was that loud inside.

The moonscape looked wet and green grass sprouted at the road side.

On the way home, it cleared up. 

A sign warned of 'Dense Fog' on the mountain.

But it had cleared by the time we got to the pass.

Just clouds hanging low over the mountains,

like cotton candy at the county fair.

Samson Says: And I was left behind, locked in the bedroom. But this time I got the better of them. I messed up all their bedding and made me a big old fort to play in. Heh, heh,........


  1. oh, samson!

    i was hoping you'd get some of that rain at home.

  2. Awesome pictures, especially the ones from the trip home. I love the one with the rolling hills. Simply gorgeous there!

    Samson, you need to stay out of trouble! ;)

  3. Saying prayers. Samson, please be good, not bad.

  4. Heh Heh Heh Samson, you show those bad old humans what is what...
    the sky going home was truly awesome and spectacular. never heard of the Pineapple Express but it sure did look pretty while it was coming in. glad you got home safe and sound without the train running over you.....

  5. Samson is a naughty boy. We get a similar effect with El Nino, creating milder winters.

    Condors come up as far as the Fraser Valley in British Columbia too, to look for afterbirth in the cow fields of the valley. Hubs used to see them on his train route through the valley (near border with Washington).

  6. Härliga bilder du visar på din färd till stan.
    Goa Samson!!

  7. Loved the scenery. Very different from my drives. I will look for your updates on the Condors.

  8. SAmson, loved moms post ~ but even in a locked room you steal the show ! lol

  9. Samson, When it's chilly Harper pulls back the covers on my bed and makes a nest for himself in them. I'm so sorry you were left behind.


  10. There is some awesome photos there - it is just gorgeous. And gee mom Samson has to have some fun. sandie

  11. Wonderful shots. Enjoy the climate...

  12. I loved seeing those beautiful clouds…the rain-full and the puffy and white. Both were beautiful. I am so glad for all the rain, and hope that it added to the snowpack. We didn't see a drop of it come our way, but I was hoping! :-)

  13. Gorgeous skies -- and we get in nature's way, not the other way around. :)

    Naughty Samson.

  14. Oh no, Samson!

    Love these big blue skies.

  15. Lovely photo travelogue! The condors sound like our buzzards. I would be most happy is they went extinct!

  16. Well, you were able to ride out the rough weather, getting to Bakersfield and then home. I hope the ey appointment went well.

    Poor Samson. Abandoned in the bad weather. It's OK, big guy; mom and dad got home safely.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  17. Beautiful pictures Inger!! We are looking at nothing but white stuff here! ugh!
    Gracie says: Way to go Samson! I like how you think (and love how you look) Will you marry me?

  18. What a great photos, Inger! Love road pictures and "on the way home" is my preferred.

    Samson, you always look lovely! Did you know that when my daughter is out to town, her dogs Lisa and Brahma stayed also locked in the bedroom?
    And you messed up all their bedding!! You make me LOL!
    Hope you all have a good weekend.


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