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MEMORIES: A Scary Reindeer Encounter

Roros, Norway ~ source:

A while back, ladyfi, a blogger friend from Sweden, posted some photos from the Norwegian mining town of Roros and stirred my memory of a big adventure one summer a long time ago.

When I was ten or eleven, we spent a summer vacation in Tenndalen, now a popular ski resort in north central Sweden, close to the Norwegian border, at the time a small mountain community. We took a trip to Roros that summer and, while I don't remember much about the town, I do remember the excitement of crossing the border to visit a "foreign" country for the first time. 

But something happened that summer, an adventure that I will never forget. My dad and I decided to conquer a nearby mountain and set off one morning with our rucksacks packed with food, water, snacks, and warm clothes. 

This mountain was not as tall as the mountains here in California, but still quite a climb. I smile when I look at these pictures; my first perm, and so tall and skinny at such a young age. 

After I posed for dad's camera, no doubt proud to have reached the summit, we started back down. And that's when it happened! I didn't know what it was, the earth shook as we heard a thundering sound, louder and louder as something came closer. I saw nothing before my dad threw me under an outcropping, a large flat rock with room for us underneath, and covered me with his body. 

Then they were upon us, a stampeding, panicked, herd of reindeer came rushing down the mountain, hundreds upon hundreds of them. Wave upon wave they came, these large deer, with their heavy horns. They ran over the outcropping, flew by us, stumbled as they landed, fell, got up again while earth and rocks flew all around, their huge horns flashing in the sunlight. 

It was over as fast as it began. I know that only the quick thinking of my dad saved our lives. We never saw what had panicked the reindeer and caused them to stampede. And maybe that was for the best. 

Ladyfi lives in Sweden, but writes her blog in English. And I absolutely love her blog. Not only does she show the country of my birth to its very best advantage in her beautiful photos, she adds a few sentences of such beauty and wisdom to each post that she takes my breath away. 
Please check her blog out here, you will not be sorry.


  1. Hej!
    Hittade hit genom Anneli i Finland...
    Vilket fantastiskt minne från en spännande dag i fjällen!
    Nu har jag tittat runt lite här - trevlig läsning och många fina bilder.
    Såg att du ramlat... ajajaj... hoppas du mår bättre nu och att den värsta smärtan dämpat sig...
    Återkommer säkert och ser hur du har det :)
    Hälsningar från Sverige :)

  2. I visited your friend, who has many lovely images on her site. It's great to see photos of another country, one that's farther north than me. . .

    Hope the sore ribs are getting better, too. Are you still reading Roland's novel?

  3. Nice to see your memories...

  4. That experience was crazy, Inger...I felt the ground shake!...:)JP

  5. Gosh! What quick thinking on the part of your father! Did he realize what the sound was -- or did he see them coming? Now I'm off to visit your blogger friend in Sweden!

  6. what an experience! the 'rush' that everyone speaks of - but you had it literally, too!

    and i LOVE ladyfi's blog! such beauty and love of her surroundings (and her pups).

  7. you were tall for your age at that time and what a story... i have heard 7 horses running and boy did they make a thunder, so i can imagine with all those deer running the noise it made. good thing your dad was a quick thinker. isn't it amazing how something can trigger a memory we had forgotten.

  8. Imagine climbing a mountain in a skirt! :) Thanks for the memory Inger xo

  9. Nancy! Not a skirt, those were my rolled up jeans!

  10. Oh, what an adventure! I live in Sweden but am actually British! How strange is that. I loved your story so much. And thank you for the shout out.

  11. It was great fun to see the pictures you put up. Yes, you were a "tall drink of water"!
    I can't begin to imagine a reindeer stampede. I never thought of panicked herds running like that. How scary!

  12. Sounds scary! You were a beautiful young lady Inger!

  13. How frightening, and you told it so well.


  14. What a memory! You captured the whole range of emotions.

    Are you healing??

  15. You captured that memory in words very well. How scary that must have been!

  16. What a memory! And I love the pictures of you!

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  18. What a scary thing to have happened and you were both very lucky there was a place to hide.

  19. Dear Inger, recently I received an e-mail that was a video showing a reindeer crossing of a river, but I never thought, as I watched it, of how the reindeer must have been herded to the river. And to think of all those I saw stampeding is mind-boggling. Thank heavens that your dad was such a quick thinker. And how terrifying all this must have been. I wonder if sharing the story brought back a little of that terror.

    I'll go to your friend's blog now as I'd like to see Sweden in all its beauty. Peace.

  20. Wow, what a fantastic and also scary adventure, Inger!
    You and your Dad was very lucky to can hide and be saved of panicked reindeers.
    Love your photos! You are so beautiful and very charming!
    Thanks for sharing your memories, Inger.

  21. I forgot to say that I visited your friend Lady Fy and loved her blog and her wonderful pictures. She has two lovely dogs too!

  22. Gosh Inger - that must have been one amazing experience .. all I can say is Thor must have been with you that day .. to let the herd lose, when there was a ledge nearby. Love the photos ... and great memories ..

    Cheers Hilary


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